Special Edition of All The Feels

Friday, April 14th

A local 5 year old named Richard is doing something very sweet for all the parents dealing with the traffic-ocalypse


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Cool I like to share that conversation. He continues league championship on FaceBook. Did show don't yeah. We love it when we area of the find a local all the fields stories and we got a good line. Well and very special young man here in Atlanta yet as this is how one and a preschool is responding to the I 85 collapse and traffic so we have a special guest. And just say hello to marry Patrick she's the director of primrose school of peachtree corners and welcome into the show Mary. Take their dad thinks America. Oh I'm sorry you are a school director sound hi miss Mary welcome to the show. Thank you don't know that it just say okay who is so. Mary and her students and teachers are trying to do their best to help parents chill out following the I 85 collapse and they have had. The cute this idea has on making that possible for their parents and their families. They each morning characterized we had to and whenever I'm a little five year old pre K Egypt's Richard. I'm trapped at the construction worker and pretending cutesy diaper it still can act and help their commute. Each morning run a little bit meet urgent need and providing them with you at all I. Speaking ghetto track streets panel. And who Monday morning parade they've always provided a little weak are killed killed. Hands not really until then just a little skill set are prescribed to the appearance to that relieve a little bit stressed that there at their daily commute and the provided analytics and cinnamon rolls so that they can hopefully. Common goal line. Allen Mickey come and roll on its since you've they have a different idea every morning to make parents smile and this little bit better about this being stuck in all that and how did you recruit our Richard to be your ambassador for this. You know when we will labor looking soared to a perfect little four or five year old Richard obviously came to mind you I'm just a well rounded. Two weeks without doing that well leaner and little boy and so we knew he would write it for that job. I understand Richard is right there with you. Hi rich. All cool. So Richard how old are you. Internal. And we understand you've got a very important job we ate all of the parents. Who come by your school in the morning. And you're out there who do at oracle. Didn't. The Irish car can only at first I do jewelry. And this is to help everybody out yeah. Okay and makes a cameo better it's for everybody who's in their in their cars and has to sit in traffic. I'm Richard do you know how to drive a car. Lowell. Are they at least letting you have one or two of this match his fiftieth in payment for all this hard work. You can OK. Richard wish what is your favorite snack oh. Born. This cinnamon rolls yeah goes to be my favorite yeah yeah I like this phrase that goes with them keep common roll on. Won't. Chris if you have a great day. Cool cool. They adjust and change take all my money gigabyte every join. Huge. Well OK I'll look to avoid voices figure all that skirts are gonna buy everything goes so silly if you look. Now for the championship the Arizona where NATO and then you can. Now back to the 01 story nannies or wants.