Sound Smart Tonight

Monday, January 8th

Wanna sound smart during the game tonight, but know less about football than Jeff? Here's everything you need to know!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Highlight is on the Georgia Bulldogs today tonight's. In Atlanta is on fire or on the national stage so even if you. Know nothing about the game. Like Jeff. You can outsmart. We have not studios to Jeff's engine center. He went down Kirby Smart yeah. A bit earlier. Who is the head coach of George Jacobs to be. Make savings. Clustered signed the. Am so because our friend cartel and is from the uneasy I'm games in studio with us this morning I'm mart could see guys like family whom we are in studio together again. I've seen you more in three days I've seen in the past twelve years. So well right and out is its operatives and you'd leave the virtual Byrd has allowed us to talk to anybody who laughed a lot. About a block and a number and I didn't like literally snail mail you how's the family just like a Christmas letter here solar. Apple is everybody doing that now are allowed to talk. Mark is a die hard Georgia fan he comes from generations of Georgia fans anywhere since we're so pretty ghetto you know all about the game tonight he's gonna YouTube. All prepared so no matter if you're watching at home myself we're going to party whatever you can be British about tonight's. Yet so your head down to the game and do crude too quick piece of advice for you number one remember this is a marathon not a sprint it's over your head down there. The game kicks that they're saying kick off an eight let's be honest it's not indicate gospel like 827. So you get down their noon today sir tell gay Harden. I got were here let's go dog its coldest drinks whiskey. You wanna be that guy I think it's in there and the first quarter and you pass out. I got news for him mark AFC you get down there at noon it's not the 27 minutes between eight yeah. I guess having that it's gonna Kelly and strike and it's it's the five hours between two and seven is get the pacers. Yourself because this will also be the longest game of the season. Because this is for like a better term the super bowl of college football right here at home. They sold more TV time do you think TV timeouts are bad when you go to what you know Georgia vs South Carolina while the entire first half is going to be nothing but TV timeouts so can be a long game pace yourself with that where adults now. Takes Mahmud you what you. There's nothing worse than walking around tell gates going how long's aligned to the bathroom. It's strictly a rough says that. It's it's aids gross but it's a lifesaver at the same time reality check reality check was that we're not to anyone anymore guess that's. Go behind the guards don't quite cut it anymore and I Marta going to be a 1000%. Honestly everything that. That I loved about you is gone fell flat yeah. Did you just tell me that when you're 21 year ago poop behind Karstens took it doesn't get that pitch is sometimes and you know you're OK with Jim arrested is fine. And I've got to be warm as well. Judgment. Should judge me all right I soldier if you're into it already had talked directly to me because if I go to a football party tonight I mean I know. The basics Kirby Smart head coach at Georgia or Jake from. Quarterback of Georgia. The guy true freshman he's a true freshmen. You know what that means. He didn't redshirt season they. Pose here's another reporting yeah what was the last time that a true freshman. Was trying to win the national championship. Back in the day yup FF I thought yeah that's my answer back in the Baghdad's I would say when this came up I would be let go back in the day when that happened before hump. You wanna give us we can't have eight is that gonna come out our 1985 and 95 OK so and that was by the way in baby Heisman. To Kirby Smart is the head coach of the University of Georgia he was coached at Alabama assistant coach under nick Sabin they ego speaking I'm Nick Saban he has never lost to a former assistant coach course map regarding money. Mean is. Excuse me when Georgia wins tonight yes. Kirby Smart bonuses. To be one point six million dollars or. Bonus of one point six million dollars you're referring of course to my very dear friend Kirby Smart. Who always except that tab when we go out the worst I wanna house. Who is not blocked you can actually text each other and yes there's an element. One point six million as a bonus the president is coming tonight charges him half the advantages taxes I paid expected to get a residents had to take it day earlier this year there are the Rose Bowl. Yeah his college football playoff semifinal yet which got Georgia to the national championship I do have a question about the rose okay they beat. Oklahoma Sooners are artists and double overtime that's right. And it was the guy who. I won it got it did end zone thing right now that's a tough. Even I'm lost on the aisle when there. I just can't say his name is I'm not a 100% sure how to perhaps whisper. I. And from huge. Sony so you think it's like a little place like please visit us is that Michael Herman shots. Now you notice they shells aha yes. Randy didn't do right. Yes yes yes certainly and and I passed on a pass from Jay from it and we it was and wrecked and jig from game of the odd OK listen mr. territories and I. Is it is a handout technically a really short pass it. The real you really support this company may not be in the air for long okay price a Georgia beat Oklahoma yep in the rose ball very good. 27 million viewers for that game he had third biggest college ball game of all time high class America and by comparison the average episode game throws only has sixteen million viewers. By comparison the average of soda Big Bang theory. Only has eighteen million view bad editing them believe that has nobody watches Big Bang theory that he keeps winning the war I know it's like it's like that other show with Charlie Sheen in the little kid you Two and a Half Men. Yes everybody talked about that chair and nobody watched it they did but seriously why can't. Attention paid my Brothers and young Sheldon they cannot we want Big Bang theory to do well no we don't we can find Sheldon we just want people think it as well because that's from the Everett has respect and have gone ahead. It's so big that young children just got a spin off its like Peter Shelton. Yeah I seriously have finally by comparison yeah gonna date myself here the final episode of golden girls in 1992. Got the same amount of viewers as Georgia and Oklahoma at 27. Million viewers so how you'll be watching tonight I know the tallied up after the game what's that estimation it. It will be huge and that the reality is there is a little bit of SEC anger across a Big Ten and big twelve because I'm from Texas over. Ohio State's not to be Arabs and I in this game Jessica there yeah and Michigan note in coach. Like I just leave out the ACC yeah. It's not love this conversation and Obama and some say they're they're not intercede ACC is still gonna be invested in the game close and still investment since that massive death. So this coach Georgia Tech wecht coach Eric Thompson. Out devils me Curtis there's of course the coach of Michigan. Henry Ford high. Jim Harbaugh not they they're there I mean the wiser by an organ to wash is game one as UCLA what is USC there may be and she did because it's the final four game in the season. But they're not gonna be as invested as here in the deep south so the ratings are going to be huge for Mississippi over from Tennessee town but I don't think this is gonna be. Alexander is not to be too much of a southern valley is and there is and good the truth is as little bit of Alabama fifty something were just tired of seeing Alabama because I mean you know they've won four national titles sixteen national championships right right what else is gonna make it. I came tonight are often aren't Africa everybody's okay I'm. Everybody is talking about Doug Kirby Smart who is the head coach serves you received urgent let's talk about his wife mayor bets more the first lady of Georgia football. Armed. She has made a name for self and math institute she is a star athlete she was named miss Georgia basketball on high school. She remains Georgia's all time leader in three point percentage and minutes played she met Kirby when he was an assistant coach for the dogs back in 2005. They've been married for ten years and they have three kids including twins. Our Ben. That's good that's good little nuggets Lou Dobbs tonight he had to do that when I mean like you know they have twins you know the twins I got a lot it's great how many national championships is album wanna let us know animal lovers. Ed to simply chief sees. Let's get sad thinking I'm you. Here we go from head down there right now and again and it'll plug for your show today. OL mobile live a portrait in 99 game will be live and intimidation attended two with Rick and John live from 10 AM 2 PM stats the rescission leader broadcasting all the way up until kick off. So we're excited you're gonna be down a composite head and say hello it's going to be chilly outside so the warm and one article. I can wait takes you see you guys a CR five years it. Lesson how Lacey got to say it but yeah thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and it.