Sorry Not Sorry

Thursday, July 14th


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There's Jesse James shell sell our. Friend of mine. Did something that Costner with 300 dollars. Eight seconds. There aren't re entry on seven I thought. She made a mistake she clicked. You know now just purchased now and she didn't mean to him. 300 dollars second intentionally. Yeah. If he 181000 dollars and an. It's not sprite. We they retreated. She eventually cost her more than that she is a huge. And it Britney Spears. A tank gigantic ready street and here friend going with this if you would like to join Asia for a 47419400. She told me that story and she ended. Sorry ass she end. So if you have made a purchase this side and used them there. Brag about it for a 47414. She. Is huge fan of Brittany spears Britney is performing it in Las Vegas and a couple years ownership. Britney as meet and greet opportunities before Asia. You can buy your way and it's and you can you picture taken with Britney Spears. The meat and treat for two people. These three. Thousand dollars block. 3000. Jobs. And obscene amount and she buys two tickets one for her one for him. To go and meet Brittany spears. She says the entire is your friend mega rich and parents not their usage he does rate. Says she works hard for that 3000. She spent. A thousand now. All the things you could spend 3000 dollars on. And she slated to meet Brittany spears I mean they haven't dinner together now. This listen and cheap for a foursome 4194 and it's nice that's cool that's fun because I got confused that's money. She implies cheated by a couple of plane tickets to game today institutions and Rouse and Troutman. And she had to get a hotel room she's in. Pain while you're in another city you can't talk like he got to go to the restaurant actually she's got dollar meals. Inane and now that it's it's the experience we. House that that culture to start three and before heard this heat before this happened. Should estimate her right she was like I don't know and they cedar I don't know anyone of comparable to like it it might be me greatly. If she does these before we show you might have. Time have a conversation achieved I think should cattle call line up here I stand here smile here arms here OK pretty picture okay thank you very much. And. Ten current or mom can even get you get one picture per person. So lake she stepped out Hyde told Britney Brittany that she's a pretty. Britney said thank you. They turned pose for a picture one picture and she moved out that her mom stepped up. I posed for pictures move down they say can we get a picture that we're in this together they said now. Anything other and that Catherine in Villa reckoned sorry not sorry you spent money on what. In angry at. It was war that shows you are natural to remain here in the this year and it's coming up an audience that I 400 dollar. You buy me take it you get my picture taken with them and it really hit it about five. Yeah totally we're. Whole week now 400 dollars to stand there and him your picture taken facing a hundred dollars a second. Yeah Egypt and Pakistan. And and that would. Really. Work. Can't think of anything I am that big of a we have. That I would spend that kind of money on what about a thing what about thanks for the call Catherine thank what do cats and his is that I'm not sorry this period and had to be an experience. Can also be a purse. That's true enough but they're 5000. Dollar purses right. Save your pennies and right side. Thousand dollar effort a lot of pennies that's all longtime aide to one year on your birthday you buy it 500 dollars shoes yeah that was the only thing I can say hash tags are not sorry about is that I bought a pair of Christian movement times you walk on those Jane I know there. Underground but they blasted me for years and years of work and like every. Big job in big even gotten my way out of them so I feel ache. So are not are innocent and I thought it was best. This is your opportunity to write 4047419400. Year calls sorry that's sorry I bought the line. And the jet engine and influence did she usually show. Sock.