Songs Your Kid Shouldn't Know

Tuesday, January 30th

....but they totally know every word. 

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And she I'll start. I what. Sounds you know your kids should not here but analysts into anyway can I sat on the and it doesn't make you a bad mom. It just age it makes you a progressive com can mean pedestal for a second capsule and I step on the bonnet and kids Bob is the worst thing that ever happen. She music. Ever let down my addition 55. Some soul this drivel. That should not exist in the ears of young minds what is kids bop okay I'm taking us I guess Sarah from my many pedestal you know what kids off is now. It's like they generic watered down version of actual music. It is supposedly like good for kids to hear but yeah. Music and I do market radio I love music I love art as I loved good music and I want my kids to grow up. Loving real. Music so is it like a karaoke version of a Katy Perry's song but it's got Katy Perry singing and it's like. It's little kids singing and it's little kids singing and like safe Lear X. You want your kids hasek sucks your ever living soul. Out of tune. And and I don't want my kids that I want to know the real artists and want them again music and I went and appeal it in there you know in their bones yeah now I'm talking about. Now Jane has. Two daughters of a four year old who's a huge fan of Taylor Swift and oligarchs and yes and a two year old who loves bone thugs and harmony. I fat that's. Ice loves anything our four year old laws that they basically love all the same things I've Christina and Carol and can you sympathize with Jenn hobby is quote friends. Asked interpret. Act quickly I can have little in group. Laughed at each hit extremely inappropriate and the EU it would add onion did on Capitol Hill had a later it let's you and I talked out of out of it I. The. And I don't. Mommy what is Laffy taffy mean how it's a candy iron for a sword isn't there and I'm borrow one if you wanna join this list you guys and hear the song that my daughter and has now by higher than. I checked rehearsing now that she wouldn't let me so this is there a real song Kelly Clarkson. Whole lot of woman and just imagine a four year old Belton salon out mom. Yes because they're usually in honesty love. And things along. The shootings on this saying he had every and the guy in the last few weeks mommy please hole on the line. I want your Kelly Clarkson not me a little odd element. Now you have said before. That one of the most remarkable things about you being a mom and and watching your kids grow up is. How a exorbitant and a car yet and and you have to be careful even if there are in the kitchen coloring. Right and you're in the other room watching TV and you don't think they're paying any attention their soaking it up like a little spongy. In two weeks later they come up with some line that they heard on real housewives and you're like I'm. You know that yes so it's. That is parenting her real right there is ocean so she can tell her teacher that she's a strong man on Don Young sir she probably is singing that's on the life comes at a you advanced here it's don't let the bands as she is that Taylor Swift to. Olivia and yes his sanity in battle and sage and your friend is not alone I'm get asking for front leaning Griffin. I hate when my daughter went between two and three union every single port at a gap at cannon was actually. It is clear that I should that are current state. It's just send and how they met. Her limo right yeah Elena confidence. It was. Kind. You keep eating Mary had a little camera like this. No it's baby got back this past Anaconda don't want non zoomed out. And. Angel and stone mountain held Jens framed feel better. My daughter loved Hilo on the break. It's good. Okay. And marries this loan in the Leary are horrible horrible horrible. Six in a radio virgin and I have that video bursting into the problem her luck. Jan posted this time that they spoke and got a gazillion responses. Yeah from people who do the same thing is Jens friend okay and some arrows. Little daughter knows this one. That's and DelHomme and I'm not only are they LO Tyler she didn't divert us. I had like I make I'll be that an insult tigers daughter's things this time. That was the and again. That was when interest in regular became a woman right that Elmo yeah that was. Or is that the one before that some issues I think you're still innocent when GM I don't know out after losing value and government Aniston. Jennifer are listening and downstream you know. I don't and I was increased school my mother used to let me let me and you a landmark that in the harsh. And thank you all the words can you gonna tell us to curse words bishop return down the music. This adds is that this fast fingers write that lets you belted out. Our rates IE if you wanna join this conversation we'll look into a year ago and have just after walks and and this isn't happening battling which meant to rain and where it's where painfully log them. I'm gonna ask me ask you for your. Now I I Arab or do you think they and I'm so I'm really shouldn't sing along let's let's get listen anyway Janice thanks. Star in 941. I'm a Dicey now. Have your kids student here but she let them listen to it and sing along any way diamond doesn't and show ever made a that's a nice on permissible for a towards his victory on 9401 is on number. Jenna is asking to Asia is a very close friend who coincidentally has come a daughter who is I just under five years old who is also named Lauren. A lot like wince and I know it's crazy and Lorraine your friends Lauren. Not likes Kelly Clarkson as much as you're currently Brad Pitt and if which she has a terrible mom lets her sing this song around the house mom. Oh yeah and I thought I mean my friends or Airpwn. Haven't got all our lines I'm of the year but. I just just like are waiting for that time name. Vet she. Re cycles that song lyric in the conversation. Well at least she doesn't know this on like Rachel's son. So there is some. But I. I literally Larry I. I lees say in San SI has a four year old and their four year old loves the saying what's on. Promiscuous girl plus plus. Somehow that hey yeah that sound Nelly Furtado ray and I think so yeah. Am damn proud proud mosques. Air. I didn't even make it kids Bob version of that. No I don't AKA I don't know maybe I'm telling you it it lacks soul it's it's terrible we bring some in Amara my. It's I his soul sucking I almost I can't. I really am the only person. I spend my money on that Amy in Lawrence and bill made James frank. I feel. Feel some comfort in the fact that she's not the only when he sings nasty words the signs. What do Hancock. I have twins with a double clearly. Need to look at. They would get a carnac the apple long and the tablet market apple product G. Blue yeah. Exactly finale at. So learn. Exactly you know. Those adorable thing during your old saying that that mom. On eBay and unfazed that Wendy Landry says that her kids I am seeing him Bissell and. It's huge jump on my. I know we're judging the parents at the bottom up five year old Singh and that is hilarious right. A little play like five year old late seen and learned her her hair brush yes is that. Bath and George. Yes. What's our we have what's on busier youngsters thing. I think so landmines are much slower here again he would mean are used to XP and you know it seems politically in the bag seat near as they. And Dixie and you know as they can't hurt golf that you don't Nancy. And what they need that mom is actually read it they'd like piano like yeah you're going to go around saying. I. Didn't. Work out as to your shirt off yeah. Flex his muscles. So sweet and innocent they don't even know. Last call Christine Johns creek. Well intentioned by it now pulling it off very well. We're not at all. How old is it easier senator daughter. It's right side and then he's six now that when he went four eared dog eat diet. In tune it to diet greener mart at camp Arnold but the song never quite came out my child. Yeah since then and now that down early. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.