Songs You Wont Hear At Jeffs Wedding

Tuesday, September 6th


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He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little girl enough. The jet engines you know on snow or no need for a lawyer and. So the wedding is why a 45 is only six week. On the court throws I've. It's gonna prayer out of our faith. In Canada dance floor of cancer of voters are your other. Mean that's the best part about a wedding is open bar and the chancellor. I'm nanometers stance not a dancer though. You know that. And if you advancing things against. Them weren't made that that's important everybody and dj. As this little list of songs that we don't want play it is everybody's got one that needs to be bans I haven't. I refute that need to be. Back. Toro for our 741. And 9400. Would love your thoughts. You are suggestions and songs they absolutely should not be played. And it went I have it now the whole category of signs. That I had no interest in place is that the group dance category. Yeah. Be on the dance floor right now and when. Little kids granny ball. Yeah I'll get into. Borrow 47419400. Ads in the list. And it's an upcoming. Shots are real smooth. Now. It gets to it so. Gonna give it away why let the identities of some fun because it's late it's like. Do you worry if they go to a wedding and serving pizza. The fifty feet above and minority. Choreographed dance now here's the original rap group dance. Indian and Atlantic where do you move. Or Idaho because being out. Hokey pokey make it kinda like in turn. If you are. British now. Good morning to spell it my wedding I did not let them play the unhappy because they had been so over played that I can not hearing any more guys like told them they complete. Don't like I understand that. Had a major brands are ball gas that's with the kids that sun goes one of those sons that every radio station was playing for. For that one whole summer was Q3 camera and a path to get that. This is not exactly a group dance it's still now. There's still question. Music. And great music that the end. Over hipster either easy overheads are your wedding and make it like all means no reason or heard at song I management's opinions there are millions is on you can look who apparently don't you have to add. At a million suns the people have. Heard that aren't this. Are you guys anti YMCA PSA on gun electric slide gone you've been jumbled on none of that. Now it's so it's easy way out. Now yield and Cali are Canadiens anyway he said you're not doing your first dance and we enacted in effort not gonna do for now. Lately. This bounced back and get married and 4047419400. So if you are going to be on the dance floor at all yeah okay now so advanced shoe on the other hand. Shockingly one of the songs that came up. They've posted this question and basement a couple of days ago one of the songs that came out. So. Frequently. Like who doesn't. And it away. They get the joke may. Why that would be on anybody's. Wedding DJ left. Happy marriage kids if Maggie welcome to the show. They're our guys get richer sound. Of something by some of the one look. Again now why is that. I get knocked down but I get up again. I don't think that they wanna sign your marriage. He's very seriously doubt. Eric what you got. I did it all for the mood you owe them this. Yeah I. That's right here. Periods and have this an early and at this and gone off the list. There again. So content. They are right to get up and you've. It's not hit it terrible fondue is there's like there's there are terrible sign that there. That that is terrible song the problem with that is it that you've done it every single way. It's much and that's why did everything elect. Everybody can do its base. You have to cover them and Kimberly and Sandy Springs we got. Well leading by journal. But see now I got. I'm I would take issue I don't have a problem. Isn't it great sing along everybody and the dance floors. And it's not an organized thing you know much. You know just like I parenting them. Do you think the suns overrated him earlier you just been found at a wedding is hovering over rated. I know wedding I am a caterer. At freeway. Paints at the end of built into them with that and everybody did very handy aired on involved you know. Could mean that song. He's overrated and I agree with Finland's. They. Obviously great to. Libya mean and Carter when he got. Gold digger about time you land a lie. And that's the thing about it is terrible. Marriage than. I think. Now quiet there. Did you request this orange and yeah. Janice literally dancing in here who. And looking around he did this is anybody's game. I'm getting into Kyle islands with Katherine. And no one's done that should not be inflated any wedding reception. Unlike our team off. Actually it to a wedding where they played the forty GM theory on the way. Nevada athletic. And that is the case. When the in Atlanta. I actually course. Did you let wonderful and I admire our. Phones hated though not yet if you look at little leery now I'm getting a little tricky one company began had little. Why didn't like yeah good old ones like. In and it. Gary eight. And out and now and as the lyrics that were there what is your you should. And I even in hotel owner Sheila wonderful but I live event that the story of the hour but I am all about that are on hold. Direct and I. They each went on our Internet at the UY at some. And you know ethical I work on Shannon's and then I know when he got to get all of you. But isn't that wave a white his supposed today yeah hey. Hey I. And this isn't news. So far so it is slow dance high school staff arms and shoulders unfriendly and that's where it. I love your team. And receiving around. Marina. Who are richer sound. Definitely look shaggy it let let me. It's. And it's. On the. Fair enough. Should that be played at Atlantic. You can jump star ready for a one.