Song for Monica and Pitbull the Cat

Wednesday, July 6th


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Itself. Star in 94 lines Jane do you remember last week we take a phone call from a woman named Monica who as a cat named pit bull how could I forget. Monica and Pitt all our best of friends people is her favorite singer and the name cat. And she wanted us to write a song for people because apparently that's what we do. A friend first said you this the station that writes songs for its. I answered a song for chuck. And said hey. Monica College Station gets on prepare apple. You write once on for a cat valued as an agent that writes songs for cats. I can assure you that nobody's gonna accuses of copying this and. That people have cancer I'm okay I'm Monica is back Alley this little Monica. Yeah. Monica are Errol we aren't great and we have some very good news for you and we have a song for you and prepared well. It then apple. My eyes and feel. Nearby camp can't hear the radio. And catch. Out here than notes that I submitted it to our songwriters and producers about your cat. They replace sleep as any sunbeam will give in the closet before you. Closed the door and you have to check before you close the door she gets dark she is to litter boxes. He'd rather sorry has to litter boxes one for number 11 for number two. Die each he loves to get a shower after you're done taking a Sharon lick the walls. Your boyfriend is named head. Which still fascinates me but it your boyfriend is named Ted and Ted and news that Paul do not like each other. And pit bull loves to be brushed rated this smitten thing that has Brussels on it as an accurate. How many cats do you view of other cans Monica yours is just that ball now and I are you ready. Is Pitt already. Ladies and gentlemen. Here is that are sung. For that cat named. Pitt well. Mr. gold at the end up being seen. Simi Valley got really big with the with the daily dose of meg back. TX the ball but the outlook which she gets. Then the next election no one of these and even. It's anything they didn't get. She's a fair ball. Danielle. And the Manges revenue Edberg now because Paul I don't know. He's an arrest went down she leaves her at all. Food. Yeah well. When you leave here. No that's yeah. True and can. Yeah. Well currently in the Alley. Where it. Our own yeah Wallace. Yeah so it's done in 94 lines.