The Smoke Break Debate

Thursday, November 2nd

Liz was FURIOUS with us after we shared a story on vacation days for non-smokers, and her call sparked a debate for the ages. 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. This story by guys. A Japanese company has an idea and I think it's actually pretty Smart let's. But basically. They are giving non smokers. Extra vacation days. To look out to make up for smokers smoke breaks exactly so smokers spend a ton of time away from work because they're going down furthers their. Smoke break on the loading Decker heard you know next to the dumpsters is a story gotta go now to have a sick. And now but one Japanese company says instead they're gonna reward. Nonsmokers. Rather than punish smokers. They're gonna give them an additional six days of paid vacation. Bottle ten make up for it's a marketing firm they sort of the new benefit last month after a bunch of nonsmokers were complaining. That were working more. Then the smokers are working they're taking all these extra breaks. So if you sort of three cigarette today I doubt senator lunch break or whatever and then that's. And it ruins ten minutes long right or maybe even fifteen at 33045. Finance and you add all that up. Yeah it's james' thinking noise out. So how many total actual vacation is seen as broad. Additional days off is motivation for the other employees to quit about how about it and get healthier because. If I mean maybe if your read on the edge of wanting to sub smoking. You will lead if you're like I'm gonna earn all that extra vacation days so anyway I think it's a great idea we'll share some taste but let's conversation continue there love it. Star in 941. We love it when you call that tell us how much you love buzz and it Janine says and that's where the leaders who wants to dale. Palin is welcome to the Japanese game show. Yeah I don't live here right now. And we see him is. He didn't know. I mean seriously you only. Only a rundown nonsmokers are you seriously I mean. I am so tired I am only I'm here okay unofficially here to give smokers a boy RA I mean. So it. Discrimination. So hold on you get a list if you're given smokers avoid should you be more Horace. You ahead CA exactly. Exactly he's the Donald look stereotyping. That you know. Where just you know totally unhealthy people in we don't consider anybody out. Seriously I mean we'll. Look at my monastery is we get. Is this cup winners has been coming from. As we were just talking about that Japanese company giving their vacation yet you really amazing adding well it on the air. We don't have been at the whole let's say if somebody didn't like coffee. And because that Crittenton like copy you had to go. Oh behind a building by the dumpster where at stake. In order to drink your copy that's what we're all muck about smokers don't like them relegated. To the dumpsters the garbage there is a mean. I'm so tired of it. But I think it. Are you okay so rabid red okay do you know why you they go outside to smoke is. Because like this smell of coffee. Doesn't cause harm to other people. Well you know what I ain't my I mean how bad are not causing harm I'm not gonna get into the hole oh. It secondhand smoke. I don't want anybody stage that I should not be treated like a second hand and then I'm okay and the vacation did you kidding me. OK so. Oh should I get vacation time for our meetings that don't start on time opinion and I can't even and a meeting and you can't sit next whittling your thumb. And looking at eight stock picket the populated meat should we get vacation time for that because we're just. You know waiting for the people that are late. I think I mean and has yet. That action vacation days for nonsmokers makes you mad because. Oh my god yes. So did the error isn't a white anytime somebody goes out to lunch and I don't take lunged that you guys should get more vacation time for that. What about. That you have what about all the extra breaks that you take during the work day. That you know equal time that you're not working. Pray and took a break there on base but they talk to their kids I don't have any kids so all those kids are anytime somebody leaves to go. And I'll let that happen though all of ten minutes early to go pick up my kid. I mean seriously if you're gonna be so like looking at every single thing then had a time clock for every little thing that anybody does. Because I guarantee you that what that that document going to be more than a couple of smoking breaks that I take. I did not. There isn't that. Didn't like the last drop elude the last straw because every time it just every everything is blamed on the smokers that all the smokers stop and it's not. OK so Liz but do you understand it when you talk about people taking like lunge or give your working an eight hour workday like you have to have immediately that's. You need that like you what you're doing the smoking is like a violent but it voluntary. Voluntary thing years you're doing that. Is a voluntary thing to adapt and so I should be penalized. Because that's something that I enjoy so if you are going to leave are going to go to the gym they can you enjoy doing back. Because I did something that I enjoy. That means that I need to ice and the outlook the outlook of hot and something that like oh. No this is like taboo that's. Hey. He's not here you work. Like I enjoy. Taking my dog into the river. And we want and Lou Reed and I want and I like watching them chase the big east. But if I did dad I'll break out in the middle aged now for twenty minutes that's no fair everybody else here. Little player like one minute no one ever take twenty minutes. I'm sorry I don't and I take a few popped and then I come back out. And I and I've never been I have never been written up I have a great worker and so now it's just one other thing it's like. First of all okay. Like another city you can look at your own house so everything you'd like every little thing. Because of the many states you know everybody's like oh would you clear on good. He acts. Yeah I want to highlight. Testing year I say you've punished in general as a smoker 'cause about it they that was actually rewarding nonsmokers not punishing smokers not saying you can't work there if you smoke. But if use. He. But very very getting extra vacation time. Could that mean they're getting that benefit just because that's something I'm doing so basically. And that means that if I stop smoking and that means that everybody is gonna have the same amount of vacation time which usually should be the way. I hole and I need and others though I eat you've got to hold for you called the series we started our analysts say. Yeah Atlanta Sony need to calm down eat it. Or said. This I think. Andy you aren't. Lemonade makers. I don't you elect job I had PDF Harley and he. Felt. I don't how anybody feels like Liz does doubt zero chance read you all and meg Ghana. Oh my gosh they're nicotine's more boring. You know I had no argument to completely off the cop and you're how old Vermont. Smokers take away time from their day to go smoke a cigarette which is one of. Have been highly addictive drug sitters legally disperse. You enjoy. Your. Indeed porn and you can't fifteen. And it takes a mentally incompetent and Alter. And a jerk when we come back and they're not pretty walk by any any links. Scottsdale. Speculation they are not an issue you are being punished quit smoking. That he didn't say and why. Something that I like to do little. Noticed that too you're telling me how to live my lace and I'm so tired. I was so tired of it this is everything everything and it's like a solid all the smokers are another dime Don I am so done. I am king live is anything you'll allow once again because we've got allotted phone lines ring in and we just want to sort through them hero quick. So would you mind holding on for forest just a second error can be the voice are all of the smokers that are listening okay so I'm this kind of caught us off guard so give us. Three minutes we've got to figure out what the with this 730 word is is we got to give we had a chance to have 500 bucks and we got to organize these phone calls. And will be raped adequately is who is very fired up and if I had to. I bet for you personally or about smut and. And she I'll star. Okay Jane so how did you we summarize this and we can really hurt her this morning talking about a Japanese company that's giving nonsmokers. Extra vacation days to reward them. And also as motivation for smokers to quit because they take a lot of breaks during today spend a lot of their work hours outside smoking and so. This company says well we're gonna reward than nonsmokers with six days of extract paid vacation. And and week got a move not. And we got we have and we didn't get that when you say talk about it. It was just send a news story that Jen found yesterday and we didn't get to and I was organizing this this game I mean it was literally one minute yeah. We needed it killed sixty seconds while I got organized for his for the next radio segment idea and that was it but Lee is heard it differently. Aha. I. And I'm proud dad okay I didn't I didn't include. I am and I mean you know we're joking about it but seriously it just added I feel like I've NN and a lot of us. Smokers. Feel liquid second our government and I just it. If it sucks it really does. Did they can't I'd. Do you think you should it. Be allowed to smoke like in front of the building where a defect if I wanted to go outside rate and get some fresh air I would go to the front door. Of our building and and. And that's what we hey I didn't decide where that where they put the ashtray is okay it and if you don't like to think come into the back of the building where the gas trade art that the company that's good a company credit so you know what I'm doing and I am following all the rules. And another also come into the back. Sewing your rule in Europe world. You should be allowed just to stand in front of a building and smoke and make people who are coming in the building breathing in your your stinky dangerous smoke. Because it but if I don't. Right in front of the building but indeed that's what ashtrays that battle of the company could be as strengthening. Have been I'm allowed to go there. It's usually in the back near by now downstairs okay now I. Well that's that's where I didn't. Actually yes. Absolutely rigid part of my issue so you know what do you want do you want me to be in the front yard you wanted to be in the back or basically your world you wanted to be anywhere. Thought. Our staff yeah. Stephanie in Dallas welcome to the show. I hat I'm basically you actually eat that earned that class that is that you are actually putting yourself a Mac category. It's 2017. They are brokered we understand but the thing I'm caught on import and you've compared smoking a cigarette picking up my children. That's crazy I have nothing to do with the bank actually I used to not never got to. I and Gary and I got rocked it. Like it was not that I have no personal judgment you do your own and smoke where you wanna smoke I'm not gonna let me judgment on you but you compare that can't figure to my children. That's not okay kidnapped and and and he's got it not fair to other implementing that can enlighten Americans don't worry your little. Think about it that. Do your own hand. Getting they're getting it exactly and England vacation. Just because they're not doing something. So I'm not doing some things that can that I can get it extra days of vacation but it's something that I'm not doing something that somebody like to do. Amid the public like a fringe and the slippery slope I mean OK go. Oh old during the current and in the in a wheelchair that need to do that and that helped a lot more time going. The bathrooms and I do OK I'm waiting around and because of that do I get to who had extra vacation or away. On hold. Anywhere. In the anywhere anytime I'm on who you are. Yeah. Seriously just compare taking a smoke break to a person who doesn't have the use of their legs using the restroom. Key here Dell. So all trying to illustrate her point that I doing it clearly. I to not rudely right out out well thank you for giving is that other viewpoint as we certainly you appreciate hearing from all all sides. Yet you still don't believe me. So again glad better than. I think what deserted I agree to disagree am and I'm I just can't Syria coming from through all the smoke. Yeah I can just go ahead and and put my butt out Stephen paper oh Megan in Atlanta. And hey I'm a medical professional I was just getting annoy you because there's. Completely discredited that argument that you know whatever it harmful for other than they were about what part of the issue. It's 100% I did issue a twinkle. In medical research. To share that harmful to others. I can't have their hands as if in pain that I just got the blood boiling Brett. I'm not a medical professional and knows it and that's irony in him and I you know it's cool to take three aspirin. I don't. Stephanie Covington. And adding that in the united reading at poker. I think about it see other than any seen incomplete and unclear at. Actually get it will I vacation carnac the net that they got paid vacation let her very nice. I think it point faraway there's no from the calories. I billions more around time then is like the whole medical sign in their right like employers like if you're gonna take to smoke breaks fifty. Fifteen minutes per break. That's thirty minute today. Times five times 52 weeks has a 130 hours a year early I have early hours almost sixfold may well also the health. Part of its look at it if you're if he's it's proven that you're sick more often your require more health care you guys long term and for all of their health care benefits. It's more him. It's more expensive for the company employs a smoker out while how many eggs should these a year does it take wheelchair. Seriously I cannot believe she even said that. Still ahead this morning we just enjoy an okay well I I'm really can not believe she compared it to having disability I was like oh. I hate it knocks the way out of me Obama. Her research on. We'll. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.