Smilegrams for Djuan

Thursday, June 1st

Send a smile! Djuan Youmans from Decatur just turned 15 years old, he has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and it only takes a minute to send your support!

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A full time this league you've done this done now. It's my own son show. We would like to put you two and a fantastic mood. And the way we're gonna do that is by giving you the FAA to pay it forward to a young man who is spending some time it's children's health care. Big thing is to line Lehman sees fifteen years old and he is battling leukemia he's brand new patient and children's healthcare of Atlanta and he can use some smiles. So you can literally changed the course of his day in one minute and it's absolutely free by sending him a smile program. We received so many of these from a year. Jeff's engine show star and 41 family when we were in the hospital in patiently threes and it really made such a big difference because. I got to see your names in your positive words and all of these. This good energy and encouragement to just keep pushing because. This is hard and went one's going through is really really hard but it all helps to change energy and truly does. Put a smile on your face so you can do that today. Just into our face on our FaceBook pages instant everything's got links to it. Send it to one humans. I smiled and today could be joked he loves basketball and a basketball duke last tonight right yeah yeah. He's a high Cleveland Cavaliers and let's talk does he loves video games. And he is the sweet sweets he'd go and see his sweet smile. All the doctors and nurses at children's healthcare of Atlanta aren't in love with them they say is so says sweet. And now when I talked to his dad the other day asking people you guys need you need anything and he said we just need immediate matter so let's help them get better. It's up and get the attitude right. That is body he had better that's right and smiled as well. College instead all of our social media has and you know we started the earnings were one Atlanta. Said this mile Graham on this at either. Any forward.