Friday, February 17th

In honor of all the single ladies on Valentine's Day, Jeff reads some great #SinglegGirlProblems

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and side the name of this segment that we've done in the past is past vague girl problems is you. Understand what it's like to be a woman there are so many. Things that we go through every day and as we go through but the weak mind works it's just more complex than a man's. Multi facet. So eighty many layers you unravel and so we get Jeff to reenact girl problems. That he gets it. Hash tag girl from Amman is. In our money in the same improve because today is all about love. Oh man. Gloria yeah. By the members night. But they ASE. Who is in honor of the women go who don't have anyone. Fundraiser for live. Our single ladies because you have got. Today any data would love and cards and paintings that. Mean you mean we walk into the studio and she's decorated the studio. Jimmy just close all things holiday he had just so cute she decorated little hard decorations everywhere and posters and happy Valentine's Day in crab cake pops Bryant's. Brought us food treats. Them which is great for all of us who have someone to buy it for Kelly chief content. Others Paris snub. It. All she realizes there's. 5 o'clock in the morning black things avatar and in my studio to have pharmaceuticals I think. Savaged our relation is crying single tear him. So we don't have the renewing your heart it's this because you have. I'm so we're Gannett take that as they go browns are gonna make it. Hash tag a single girl problems. Time. Hash today guess general problems. Didn't hear him. Does she love it when you wake up feeling pretty skinny and love and Valentine's Day. Al am hey I know I had a gamma ray adds a single go round. The only reason I'm excited about Valentine's Day is because chocolates or 50% off tomorrow hash tag figure. At this SX group. When you're having a good cleavage day. We have now and they share a wave had to take. I was sag to flat has sagged on CNN he. I was examining what he does not yeah. Oh me. Using body lotion to smooth down your leg hair to make it less visible even though no and we'll see it has takes up about. Work out you think I'm the N I mean I'm happy I got these weights in an Italian level hair. It's. Activity did visualize your legs and I don't know I don't. I'm debating what to Wear for Valentine's Day. My pick jam those are my one seed. Coma and has tagged but the ice cream and he did. The only boyfriend I have is a style of genes come pet snakes are good about. Those are the most comfortable sheen's violent. When you go for a family dinner and all of your siblings are married hash tag where's my cat has take. I'm just I. Making a crock pot of shrewd sure is easy. And tell you I'm day seven of left. I've kind of silly last all week. But again their reddish hair and. I was keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for special occasions. They announced late Tuesday. Hash tags or go to problem loans as I Valentine's Day is to say he can't. I Ballard's. Com and I love goes I love dozing off and not getting bothered by cute goodnight texts from anyone. I'm I'm on. Thought they'd wake up to a happy Valentine's Day text from someone and I sure did. My phone automatically updated last night cashed a similar. How Santana percent think the only time you know as guns and Ted tells you he hit a thoughts on. You like to share hash days ago conclave to news news. Twitter and you're alone today ladies. And we've got isn't going to. Yeah you can always go to our I've presentation of the page you can share your has six single girl problems do canola. AV OK final promised a lifestyle then yeah I'll play that many valentines as she wants to handicap at all of them and I think that you. N shall start. For our.