A Single Mother Can't Go To A Father-Daughter Dance? Part 1

Wednesday, March 29th

Amy's daughter's school wouldn't let her accompany her daughter to the father-daughter dance. Amy's on with us to tell us all about it. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all net. Originally saw this story are made channels to our home of Brad events Nancy minutes. They covered a story about a woman. Who wanted to take her daughter. To the father daughter stands. By it there's no pops in the picture. This is now outrage in Henry county yes and so mom tells Gracie that's her daughter. That she way to be heard dates to then six show Grey's. She would be her date that can't one hour before the dance happens she gets a phone call from the principal of a locust grove. As a MITRE got Eric yeah locust grove elementary school saying you can't come. This is a father daughter dance. You're not a father there is another dance a sweetheart stamps where any parent can escort any child but we have one father daughter dance. We have one mother Sundance. You don't fit into this category C can't come and Gracie was really excited there's pictures of them she is all dressed Dublin looking adorable mommy him put on make up about her face it there's a fake beard. In dressed like to do they jazz it up flannel shirt and a cap. Look at the part she got in no way it. And I just think it's on us mom I move we posted our and our FaceBook page. This story we talked about it literally yesterday percent of FaceBook page story and we're about to have mom I'm aware this Amy Peterson is is surname so we'll get. The story of how it kind of played out great read from her perspective but I got her FaceBook page people had a lot to say he. And they and they were all over the board on their opinions yet they had we had once they've really. Dramatic moms think grass to the mound for trying to make a stand I would do anything like this red daughter try me trying. And then. A whole. Spiel comments on things had she not just to the man they wouldn't let her come to school district allows any guest and then going through these whole. The rules at the school apparently hats and and then arguing back and forth on whether or not it was OK and then couple people saying. I side with the school rules are rules is that accurate Amy is it was there ruled that you were announcements to dress like command. That I don't know about Aaron I just do you know that if I would assume that as a woman they would delay immediate. And from what I understand that Clinton the board of education decision this was the school's decision. So just the principal's decision to say I'm sorry Amy you cannot come and escort your daughter. I wondered if it was about. And I'm not clear that unedited state ex father seeing year well our I am a father figure and and you know it and I know a lot of people are saying he can't be you're not in Maine and now you can. You you do now. Like I drew that in industry in your situation and I'll demeanor dot meet I got lucky day. But I do know that matters you have to get in ten times and you know they had to take them I didn't teach it how to ride bikes and throw the ball and that's what I'm Daryn. We Gracie I mean have done an air each. Unit. I don't regret that one minute you're tired this year. She is my biggest accomplishment in life and act or somebody one particular person. Don't hurt like any Kuerten T and I'm like you know I'm not the only lumber entering the he's not the only child born period. And now warning that student to become my goal to change this not to link he would ditch their girl. Did you literally get the phone call an hour before the party was to began. Short 68 PR and Ryan Howard chipped it to schori that day yeah. So how did they hear that you would be coming. I'd say probably senate Gracie trained we're talking about it mania teacher I ever heard it again. And probably got Trent landlady you're great. Didn't think it was a big deal that mommy let's get Internet it's it was both of our idea. You know be kicked out shirt and hat the hat lets her eight and she wanna meet you grab bag tag and I'm like OK you know. I don't know if this is that I don't of this is that I'm complementing Jiri insulting you do you look at raid as a man. I do what I I mean when I search story after CNN channel two I found and the agency website in the first picture was Gracie. And mom in costume and I was like I have must be the man that ended up taken out of the bands and then at their grandma I know it's not you know especially. And it sounded utterly insulting your hero I thought. Question for you there was a pretty strong comment on our FaceBook page and I wondered if you would respond to it wouldn't be okay I I read it CO OK this is from a woman named Stacy who posted. Why shouldn't use this as a life lesson sometimes life has disappointment. You don't always win the race she could have made a special night for earned her daughter some other way. We didn't always get to go to the father daughter dances I turned out just fine. Well I mean I'm I'm glad she turned out there aren't. But I mean personally my experience and my daughter. Too cruel steps for their little girl. And she's always ask me it's didn't try to died several several lights turned it. She doesn't understand. Why are. So easy section to the roar like she did it has a debt. Can explain it to Cheryl what happened to lush like right now I'm really not ready to go that way with our. Certain things happened. Yet it would have been alleged lifeless and it had been a life lesson I heard it you don't Ali it would you then you're relying. But when you know the situation is wrong it's okay to CNET and tight short. And in this situation was world I am her peer. Period mother and father doesn't matter until appear in I had the right to take my daughter Turks are seen. There are a lot of people who don't share the same period idea about this and another a lot of being prepared to do. And I'm content and sites and they don't even those kids in even the people that. And that's mainly pedigree religious and it's inevitable trying to be these kids were linked but it's not clear just screamed in particular actually liked it. Did you know that he didn't do the trends asserted in Arabic. I'm just curious if the principal. When he or she called you gave any. Elaborated off on the reasoning why you would would it have made other people uncomfortable what I did at what was his reasoning or her reasoning. And you not being allowed to attend. Her reading lanes and beach head there is sweethearts ate at an academic tuned in to act. And I told her accurate yes it's wrong note that she'd been out also known it to October. And fortunately Internet trauma that sweetheart and she was in the hospital. She hadn't been directory specialist interpreter longtime material relic Colin all the problems and yes usually asthmatic and we know that you know I. Abilene unique and that its stay two children are out sick the unit includes the assumption. That Hannity and it. So. She couldn't cabinet can't outlet and able to take her that they had it been a lot of comments about acts that. That is why she can endlessly arts it. It to a little girl into the little boy ate it sees another cerner son or daughter in that cheating no. Each and they don't have either and heart ailment in a maintain your culture you know they understood it a little bit better unfortunately right Bruce. A lot of curve ball to to get these state but she. The issue you don't understand lifeless enter into. Right now I would agree with you on that I I just don't think it would have hurt anything. To allow you to escort her to the dance and I don't think you'll get away from anyone else's X. Parents they Imus met again in scenario say ahead Amy. Amy. And eight will cool idea I mean honestly I think you're darned lucky to have you as a mom but I'm often being a mom and I I didn't I do agree that coli I'd just now. You go into it and it would kind of then like the talk of the paint and took away from other dads and daughters like it being dubbed the NAND. And I can't think like that their moms don't they say what I what I think about eight year old daughter and are we attain the same situation. Calling to thank chairman inherited some things. Outside of the bar are they had to make as specialized as are hurt. Ten out of my opinion on I mean obviously and then everyone has their own opinions they wish assuming it also needed. Our whole group of gold and. Thanks Reagan verdict. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.