Singing to Your Pet 2

Tuesday, June 21st


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how close we can't do it without you it's. From world war 74. He 400 thanks for making less crucial or not before one that. Can't believe you're gonna start any for one they said. Radio station just filled with crazy cat ladies and so people lewis' signing for once and every friend. Edit one. When general won the crazy cat ladies go ahead Jeff enjoyment to switch. Man. Jan. You get to particularly. Song for the dog named sushi vote song for the dog named Sully okay song for the dog named Ernie. Or song for the cat named Prince Charles who's forced. And I am going and sun for. Her is it dog named Sully. Page. Let's hear your song for Sully easing up there for a yeah what's your song for Sally. It my sorry I think government say. I love you Ali idiot idea. Only in our league and we do not plan to meet you. I'm lands. I love the end. That's ninety. That's accused. And ago that the like tiger. In another one. And it yemenis on Tuesday the four. He. Dog named Ernie yeah they. Jeff indicator welcome addition. Hey can I clarify this is my parents thought I'd not anger look at it needed thanks for your thing. Yes good outline. Administered. Applied thank you by the way that these Jules. Exactly re. It's it's basically walking. Think. In a long haired the united short haired guy out here all pared down 18 am iron. And tired out seen short haired you know long haired Dhabi name. Learn means. I'd love. All everything about that the dog's name if fact it's a long haired Dachshund. And in fact there's decline in the and today about them and I Alley has a dog that she calls sushi. Alley thing is the son laid out names. You know. Their name and then let me how art actually writing for her kids. And I thought process but she called it cheap it's only it can get. Mean she can she writes it utility. Area. They'd say yes it alerts when does it it's only got a couple lines that Exxon. And feel right. I do we need to develop this and apparently he's remarkable we need to put the year who let and the phone with the girl had super long song and then you guys who were countless second verse he's getting on yeah. I'd expect thanks for the column I say this is really things and fifth. Eleven. Abby and alana you can be our last call let's hear the song that you think here can't. I hate our Friday night at me and Karl. Then I don't think. A lot I don't know I think it. Now here we go. OK okay she's like bracing herself. Is. It. She. You know. And you and may exceed its. Yeah yeah yeah. And PGQ. Can. Now. There. Again. Thank you for making this its today Japanese yen shall always telling people watch.