Singing to Your Pet 1

Tuesday, June 21st


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Restaurants schools. Good Jessie. Pitches. That was Omaha. Sports term. That was the case. Yes he's not here forestry. A which have a plan because we stumbled upon them than earlier this morning. That's going to be a whole lot more fun and what we had plans to attend showed radio goal the yazoo goats terribly. And it all stems from this. Yet and Hugh. Are different in mind should I love you. It. We take a phone call earlier today from a woman who claims that her dad loves his seven cats more than you as a child it was Hillary in Lawrence now right yeah and she she said he ends on street where the ads. And she has to know all those songs that when he travels she can go over and sing to catch some answers and when Amazon and she's. Yet. She yet act. You know who aren't random mom. I love you that. I. And they can't think really is Jack Jack Jack Jack -- we had a good laugh and then he moved. I just we we continued I'm there with Saturday we moved down to whatever business we had scheduled for the next by at the phones are ringing. And people are life. I wanna see this on my. When a senior dishonest in the mind of its cats and dogs it's not or not just going down crazy cat lady Elaine. Out. You know my friend of mine. Who. Oh the sponsor and so here's the phone 40474. And 94 under. If you would like saying on the green and share with us this on the using your hat. Again. If all week it is Jack jacks and that's yeah that's just pretend like Jeff and I are your cat so we are fluffy and you're interesting to us. 4074194. I don't think. And then. From some. Welcome to this organization aiming. Hi how are you the Amy that call literally are very excited that share without your years your song. Yes I have many tacked on staying fat. That I can go ahead and think different ones where you. Last name. What. Yeah what's the catch him you're gonna sing it to us as if we had a cat. My second birth. It. Kitty kitty kitty kitty I want to be any kind of like me yes. I realized CBC he Kyle actually Iraqi. Maybe I act and he. Wants he. I why. Car wash. I'm. The web when I would like. Grant like with one on its side that yet but I can. Look like it's kind of. C would make that song at NC while you were rubbing her in that way. Did you just for the record. I'm a man who loves to count on. Both sides. Amy you'll. You know relationship right now. I'm. I'd be with a human. And. It's amazing and I there's more people going with their cats songs and I think ducks on every line and see some seasoning can't. Smyrna is turnout rose for a Lauren. Are you. Glad you add and. And it's. Farley's your bird's name. But like. I am currently are hot. And I think. I don't know thank you inclined. Clearly our labored gent who's next and I can listen. I sat yesterday. Like three hours yet. And freaking confirmation. With a notepad in front of this idea is that we have offerings and oh yeah without a lot of them. None is gonna say. Literally for three hours trying to organize. Content into stuff people would love respond to engage him like this they love us if we talk about this. Kelly could do since. Welcome to think you can. It Richard cat's name darling. Net Charlie angels Kelly. Needless Charlie's. Angels Alley change yes count. And yet a song. I have seen it coming and singing in this Charlie's Angels. I I handled it got to work anecdotal and that he's settled candy guy it and I hope I handled and then you. They pick you know and crack it goes I handled. I laughed a little while you work I go be a good. To the island wash your face. Being nice and say you're great but we'll see I know I hope and let these. And things startling. If you know relationship. You'd think other married there. Yeah. I'll outline. Yeah enough phone calls that we can keep this go 404. 74. And 94 and it was gonna hear songs for. Alleys. Moms and Steward here that next in and a song to. A cat named Prince Charles. Lots of choices in the morning and tells us we appreciate it's just starting out before once.