Side Hustles

Thursday, July 20th

Our listeners have some crazy side hustles, from climbing towers to selling "well-worn" shoes and socks for a fascinatingly large amount of money. 


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Going now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. I was eavesdropping on the conversation. Between three people and they're all talking about their side hustled. And who makes the most money from their and I love and how much money they make 11 fan fan and as he shout. As fat had a good time. No I'd estimate that as boring would it Rios says. The other one of them was a driver for a list. That's a good sign inside a phone that third person now. The third person inside and so I was fascinated I mean didn't talk enough about it. These three coming here I bring this up in the studio and JP is like OK I said outside hustle and that I got a friend who who argued that a friend has a crazy is side honestly never heard of so we that's going to be our topic of conversation here. In short. What's your side hustle. While you're talking Lauren and can't Jan I pulled out there's Google's side hustle. That's Columbus CNN money article. Is this 44 million people have cited hustles. And of the people who say they have size houses 86%. Of the make more than 500 dollars a month. Nice lead dancer with their side hustle and say elect Bloomberg and -- driving ultimate side hustle right he says meaning declined to do it and an announcer now about antsy and stuff so when I was just saying I was on the story a second ago let you travel and the these people edit they were all talking about the cider house on one person drove for lift so that's cool side hustle right and the president had an FC champ I don't know what they made or what they did but they've they've got an anti shout that they market to social media and and they did do OK using that and here's an am fascinated by. Person number three. And about a marathon number 4042630941. We would like you to brag about your side. Definitely for a 4630941. And Jens about blow you away. With some machinists got asked. This person. Will use your loud and your credentials. And play certain video games on your behalf to raise. Your profile yards. Adding up and gets paid hundreds. Of dollars to do it. Yup so they play. Like his multiplayer. Games and we shows more of a gamer but they played as multiplayer games where you have to play it for certain amount of time and acquire certain amount of points and certain whatever in order to. Achieve the next level. And people paid her hundreds. Of dollars to log in and hurt their credentials planned their behalf in. Hala. Seriously. If I did just came up as a topic of conversation where she's like yeah I'm really good at such in this game. Incentives like a pay to play forming and then led persons like OK initiatives are still can't yet make him tons of money on it. Okay genius. Society hustles like that is JP. When I he first came to Orlando it was side hustle and on the streets and inside hustler and for the better martyred twelve years I've been a lifeguard delivery driver. Landscaper. Plasma and I don't even know what plasma is they could talk your normal life. I don't care don't get me a minute baby sitter waiter bartender. Snow shovel there. Wedding DJ survey taker taste tester. Idea that I survey taker yeah are you never done that. No photos personal let's please stand in the mall. Yeah and get somebody to take a survey or you're the one who actually. Is answering the question I've done online surveys and then a ball cycled hordes of malls relay. And you there's other things or you can go I know there's one in Buckhead that'll pay you anywhere from like 5250. Bucks need to sit around and though in the late give me a spoonful of peanut butter. And you got to write down what you think about it let them. I'm right you're TV commercial. The play you could clip a radio show are any thing and you just have to give your penny and I had no idea yourself a year as a market researcher Diana how do you know that I'm all my side hustles. We'd be most interest in the food ones have. Have to do on the John Jones show always. Is Jessica and Sandra what's your side hustle. So I resold and designer clothing and restore it in the wake on call upon Smart and make it accurately read. I. The whole line talk to me about is there and your console might be demanding us. The reason yeah yeah. That's a law school and it is good and advocated is more on an. And then make really and I so you'll go window like goodwill and you'll find somebody you don't needed. What does it down and Brian first and murder or whatever and Eileen yeah. Where I sound of the time trying out. Trying to entertain them and I it will buy it and street. So what really. What's your biggest market your biggest wins so far in your resell career. Don't mind it when lane game Armonk. I mean still just 8815 dollars or thankful that for 900. You're kidding me out. Hey Sarah you need 885. Dollars or one transaction. Time takes 20%. But then the rest it on line. Why now all that's incredible what's. Help. Hans Meyer. It's really figuring out a I've had a lot of brand new years day and they are signed and close it when you're out a dollar a quote and quote that it's gone and now. Is bright city start ballet and then they get huh. And they start making money and they're like well I do this at home mom and make my media event. So I can supplement vacationed in the wake I feel like is that you know not. So really yes she's gonna talk some he's. I thank you just. Being alert. Semantic game ten which side hustle. I don't see it shall god why would wow the responsibility that's an important job. Oh well I can't have a they've got a man raiders got it you know. And then they're very weird being fair to make a lot of money doing. All right my Samantha I'm it is a big deal this is comment yeah act originally passed lion rock. Yeah that's CNN CNN. Not. Enough. I don't. Think I. Okay how how long does it take to pack compared shoe in half how much business is there in the rankings and parachutes. Okay well. I had to encourage it sure. Our almost fifteen or so I was kind of dug up and how bad I travel what did what Katrina hit it right national competition and and I impact initiated and a couple of minutes and try to model where that back again you're from a person. Energy you know moderate and maybe you know what message. No it certainly has split that. My parachute I want you to take seven hour superintendent inning. That's crazy Laura in Atlanta. What's your side hustle. I'm moons are shelling you wish. Well Lori lease options. You resell. Use Sox and she used to yeah. Well nor should I mean. King in April where it's not a strategy. Oh so you're not letting. It. You know. I missionary who are watching on it but. I don't Wear cash so I'll. It really does show shark and the Internet and the resolve this option isn't all about it and hurt my. Go 400 dollars like interest rates teach and and move an inch here and they're. Eight. All right lure how much money do you make you criticize us now. Well actually me and I don't know about it on the edge. As much. In the when people find out that they're really excited. It is like. And oh god you're not going to touch. A young age make anywhere from. Undertook out of control. Changing. Where. They're elite Berkshire didn't tell you more aware I'll try to sort pastry. So I'm well. I just don't all right all right I am so we had to visit my lie is can you please hold can you hold on terms for three minutes. OK I just need to take a minute and and formulate my interrogation because I have. So many questions I wanna know she sends her and her daughter's pictures with issues as one of my questions I wanna know how it comes up. With her daughter's life. And I got an idea. My daughter mess Annan. And the quality time together alone isn't some bonding. Heavy agenda and then I think you make a phone calls and Nancy. I ask your mom she's in town I. MI idea patio retired. And they're really good. Yeah you know what kind of phone calls from. What's your crazy guy hustles. I'm running out because I heard a girl tell a story your friends about that are sent us all she makes a ton of money. I'm logging in a video games other. Using other peoples credentials. And runs up the score and their points or whatever so they do better in the game's main the phones are ringing with idea motorcycles on the act we get a girl. Who is selling clothes but finally Louisville times it thrift shops in reselling them on a website for an 800 dollar markup EU. She about a fifteen dollar dress sold for 900. Bucks. Then we got an apparent. Taylor which your side hustle Cleveland Georgia. Machado solo it's. I console. I mean so says common cellphone towers is pregnant when he had packed in parachutes. Yen and then we had a call from Laura. And Laura again explain your side hustle to us. I'm actually so well Warren who used option serious. So you. An eight hour and rush and got word or change it on. Our show is finished finished it tarnishing traditional right yet. I don't certain things but I don't think it just talk she'd better go 88 hold. And are stronger. Reddish a four foot odor and used supply of the drug. Didn't like injury came about. Quite on the safe and and it actually help people on some of their try to Jordan and Ashley and a lot of they are brought to do you find it weird rich guy yeah we did it certainly short and people could have a hard I'm charging someone to date bluish. True. Understand the fish and it is. A little bit and how frustration at how well or Trout. I am I so many questions I erratic. Well question number line. How much the August 1 while question number one his. I heard you correctly that you when your daughter do this is a family see you both sand. She brought. And they always you are worn shoes and socks or do you collect them from your friends neighbors and have him. That ran out of a huge huge. Not a guy. That shot at eight matched our peril. Sheikh where all the attention during tour days. Are right arm how much do you guys make a month much one ends meet. And I'm actually give our aging Alienware shall remove. 200. Yes there were white shirt gray is not happen at all or even a bench with terrible. However there are other bench action and it's oh my god shall be nice and tie and. We are furious shaft which are they dislike about crunch. Brought short list just. Did you I sure don't remember anything. Our pool. My daughter and she can be very usually train station did you AM and there's a lot column shouldn't drink. Yeah solution to any key. I can't see what makes her video like that like have oh. And I know I sound. I I sit here and car and tried and other remark actually. You can be regarded sluggish and don't track on the very first one to 200 dollars an hour I'll do. About general it's just but even. But it appears he. And yeah. This next this expressions that might. Your daughters over eighteen right. Out of Edberg now as a mom. Are you a little creeped out at. Your daughter doing this. Aren't the first to actually talk to them deeper and can read more about it or not I can assure you there there. Garish and what they do care they're fetish. And you sort of moral baggage understand it so well. I know you're iron entrepreneur are so now. I have seen and seen her daughter business partner get your mogul he started misogyny sanity in this mission twinkies if oh yeah. The other to Wear an aberration in Kyrgyzstan and only allowed to retire next. You don't want a shell or bench we're not just me and catalog and without any exemption. I had a good stretch. Jeff sent out there so game. So any other weird sound was happening around the season smash with your feet. Where you name it rebel respond and I did me. Part of me wants to say ask you what the weirdest one NEC and Jack asked by. I don't know what I'd ideally like to be okay is there were no show Laura what's the weirdest thing you've ever and well you're we have. And he ripped into you. Yeah thanks and its passionate players of a seat plane. Should that gender Jose early. Oh. Sure church jumping they should show our solid edge when it ended up I don't know that he doubted our. Yeah you're aware how do you and your daughter had a curious. You know we started a lot there are no I'll move. It to get July. This is. Aged inched. Betray you know and more inject a little more compassion. To clinch the one doctor ordered a great. On that area light and mentally I can able. Only about Clinton. You have a total of how much union Don and earned that this. Still wish I was them. Well. Started out together and who Jewish tradition regulatory our little worried about it. Or more. Indoor and none underwear I guess make Laura. Just. Under. They are. Out there and change at all maybe even. I. Felt like out there are. Fascinating is so fascinating. To grant. With their toes are right this is going to be other weirdest thing ever said out loud I don't know Kelly can you ask whatever interns to go. I add tomato and a twenty. His we got an email yesterday. Two you really pushed the start only for one instant Graham account if you think and I just check my toes are pretty good shape. So instead of Teddy let us just literally took his son conscious now smell lit and Hamlin got a sense so if you can ask an intern to get me twenty and a tomato. I'd better and you. Eyes for you on the starting for one instant and account later and we have the perfect so. Okay yeah. See you don't. And I'm all for ten days. 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