Sibling Confessions

Monday, June 27th


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And gen shall we go it's. I was raised an only child. I that had day a couple of kids from. It is first marriage we didn't grow up together so I consider myself and only two. TT. It's the so I didn't ahead and that's gonna be a different discussion for a different time. It. Now and I'll say things to people who aren't only children. OCT. Only child off. Because I'll say things to people who are on the each urgently. Katie Jim play for hours by yourself in a closet. Oh. Really to play relatively open the closet that Russian bear. Comes in policy and you feel weak again like you asked that in the plan. As a whole thing's only only children's then yeah real. So I I didn't have no siblings. Grew up with new knows that with Jan and Kelly she's both the head. Your brother's older younger you know I have four Brothers and all three year older one is younger OK in the engine is one Brothers three years and yet let them. And I don't know how we got on this topic. By its. Somehow oh it was the the point was raised and oftentimes in sibling relationships. There things that ones that will do wrong they get pain on one of the other siblings. You can get away with that when your kid it's like true championship of Dalia in you never tell me. Not that you just won the World Series like yeah. Ups which never happens in your 44 Brothers you somebody always knows the secret the fact that I've kept this secret. For almost fifteen years now and I'm about to tell you out there. Of income facets is your brother he didn't answer he's not frank now. I will send an audio. Yeah it's easier later my mom's gonna finance like I thought. I don't think it is Agassi sees things I'm isn't did you hit it on your younger brother when you're older brother my mom pin it on land or rather I just never Internet. And did you rather know that you are the one who did it. I I don't think he knew I. And like sides on openly admitted at one night I don't remember that I don't think as stilted that they don't thinking that. 54047419400. You can not if you don't wanna give you an Amory years your siblings and you don't have to do. This is. To be bragging rights by thieves. Teen years ago. I hit a golf ball through the windshield of my dad's car. And blamed them baby sister thrown rocks and I never again trouble for you always and it was there it is sort of a confessional to. Bragging rights maybe conventional 4047419400. Is the federal take your phone calls right now. And while waiting for those calls to commend Kelly cheese. Take a deep breath. Speaking about things I hope that she was set free at which your brother's name the wrong correct all right talk directly to cry right now. I Craig if you're listening I'm sorry. So fifteen years ago my grandmother. Had as a bird and she had a price for five years it was so I know this bird. Literally proved everywhere so she named it Hooper from the day she got it we all thought for sure she's going to return expert at so Matt. And she never did others who had a pet bird that lives in the house pet bird yet it was in decades. Yes there. And I. Hated this bird it served in it all the time lovers. Now I'm. I'd be freed on the scene you're not alone on the phone lines are live. They currently you guys now. I might mile in this that is. I was at the house ethics at my house members living rooms to rent and and I. But harper also kind of snort like amateur went. That whole life so she also let a thousand times an onslaught at means I'm scared someone claiming. Like fourteen and now I'm scared inspired and eyes when he made a grab an hour. And I heard like yeah. I didn't I didn't intentionally do it but I gave it a it's little eight iron hard of heart attack. And I killed his third game. And lifted that sheet off like a my not a amber about Matt and finale magna for him and I and it now let happen and I Graham and it sounds like. Well what happened to her. Mom can't talk about rough and Medicaid in my stressed out all the ads. Exactly what happened. And at your age. Memorandum and earned him novel I've. Even Bernhard. And means I just on the scared there's you have our clients and a matter. As rather animals latter listening and meet me here at Cooper Cooper I don't know. You do it and know that was in and you just don't match the I had no idea mom mentioned that credit my mistress about how little bird heart and made it hard to take in house. You can consider firm enough to be. He truly scared today how it and I glanced back at Lebanon and I. I. Serial killers when their kids killing animals and into accidents oh yeah lower our. Oh yeah. He can. A full and. Paid NORAD in Atlanta. Welcome page haven't been jam. I. Not great. At your sibling compassion. Back in high school my entire house got old nag him about greens committee do it quickly to get it down. And I like that not for me my agent got into college now without her friend not sure which actually got a lot of it. Scioscia to hit the entire thing by herself and at school the next week my friend like now it out for you I never talk about it. He can't make it. And you know I. I'm aware. There are what your sister's name. As pretty crappy for you view name at least in murder helpless animal coming up at the policy at that don't worry at 404741. 9400 will take more of your phone calls. And hopes you glean something and your sibling. Even critter that. Sound signing a peace or blind.