Shower Food

Thursday, August 9th

Producer Jeannine fills us in on her favorite bathroom routine!

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And young star and 841. I jailers say a birdie or answer to the question of guides you what did you use of real paid comedy gigs. But I'm just I'm having a hard time working past that you were just talking about off the air. While re talking about I miss it. Well testing. Continuation of the talking on the phone and a toilet and then some had not insulate eating and drinking on it well and Els went well that's a problem but in the shower it's awesome. Yeah until isn't quite as I kid you never attache showers and which. And show our standpoint yeah the mic at foggy and snowy and I grabbed me and lakes forever papers argue that unless and so busy. You have so many things happening in Europe world the you'd need to eat a sandwich in the shower no I just take really long showers and I get forward. Good taste. And here next need to think eating like a one handed food if you have a high shelf in your shower doesn't really get wet. It is plainly see it or any food so stunning awesome that's like refreshing what makes a call enjoyable to eat and shower. Not these kids say putting. Anything mentally he's Diddy eaten cold. It's amazing popsicle the best obviously. Well I get popsicle right actually come Immelt all of your hands in the news any news early in the shower is silly you just wash off your hands there it's a good idea. You. This is now. Really happening this is just some tied it fetish page and an adult web sites that appeared by now. My shower obstacles that camera some paying and you ended hitting ten about a month. And a year later today in a weird day quell stand down stuff you know look on time and like this is just some medicine had yeah. I just conversations actually not really happening you just in your medicine has Israel and I'll send you a picture. You get I don't want to see a picture of you eating a sandwich in the shower that I. Yeah REZ that's multitasking. Like. You're taking a picture with a sandwich that you have to keep drying your hands are always when a shower so this thing is soggy you have a watch us any Sharon addressed your earnings. Does he need to do you now that you're back track. I just hope this isn't you're not eating in the shower because you're too busy. You know eating this car because you enjoy the show I started to those holding a sandwich metals like I could go for a shower right now but I can also go for that Sam had to sit and I'm an adult and I can make my own choices so young made this okay chalet. And it was liberating an amazing so dominant IAA. Is. I have some questions and it's a really really call amen to throw it away throw some truth is that there are some of their shower appropriated I know. Located here yesterday outages are right called pizza 100%. And you know I had Chinese food in the cardboard box and now. I toasted bagel with cream cheese. Fishy. Why he's a tune now a salad meal there too much effort okay what anything you have to deadly French Fries and ranch dressing. If he can do to set up and it's just one handed really get the girl is one handed one hand at a chicken wings. Yet hop pocket. At this home pockets but idiot yes burrito. And chemistry warm warm things are also not as good as the hot water like the refreshing cold. Also hot pockets has like 2002 does that look ahead. The thing is yeah. I'm off yeah it won't look I don't know if you had. There's still surviving until yeah diet I'm on Bihac pocket are. Eight so yeah. We welcome back in his second and I do understand it time to think really and look inwardly and see if I still want you to be associated. I wish my name in public. Star in 941.