Should They Break Up For A Year?

Thursday, September 28th

Should she let her serial monogamist boyfriend be free for a year before they commit?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. Yeah. They've been dating for about six months. And she thinks he might be either one. Problem is he's thirty years old he's made few girlfriends. She thinks. That is a recipe for disaster. Kerry will be on this in just a second Jackie Disney movie theater of this story she's already got an opinion form. Hey Jack you up on the shaft. Say yeah I end without her eight years working married in about a week. I had no boy relegated before he had only one girlfriend or that and actually met it was sort of Turkey and weak and perfect 10%. I don't care which are ready here you'll trades on the radio off is if you re on the dots in your head but what's your value here is scary seeing. Bet given her experience that's a recipe for disaster. Because one or both of you is gonna stray usually had. One seed in the northern Iraqis. Especially carjacking. A problem you again thanks for that. Jack Kerry welcome to the show. We are well we're gonna try to get choose them. Input from the jet engine and show family I'll remind everybody that a phone numbers for a 4263094. Line. Let's hear your story carry. Now. I don't think that's fantastic. And I come. And continue to create and celebrate every tactic. And yeah. Didn't really hear they like they're. Cash. I am not really wanted and they put her there and see a little. We're both at forty years on and let treatment aren't losing. You're at it we don't really know what we're looking everywhere let jump in and carrying its market it. That I wonder I'm not at all. So when you say that you're narrowly won for relationships does that mean. They you've never had a boyfriend or does that mean that you had lots of boyfriends. But no relationships. I don't actually and it and it continent and a lot of parents and our right well so it's yeah. To my age and you know and it did that go into a particular. Has he said anything ever about like not really having that single lifestyle or has he talked about potentially having cheated on his previous partners. Well yeah pop up. So eat whole little cooler relationship and I am. It was and it didn't enter my. It at all about their relationship. Ended badly there wouldn't tell me which people who looked around I don't want that happened because it happened Chad the steering it. I think and this is just speaking from my personal sense I think infidelity since we have patterned my when you meet somebody that's been in relationship after relationship and I tell you liked. That and then that 'cause I cheat at our age she added it tends to be a town armed. But people also love to be in relationships who are faithful and committed thumb was unlike you I love to have you know the daily lifestyle. Ours is just one a long relationship. So it's different for us because we never really been that way of maybe he is just the type that likes to you know being his bare K with is. And now they are just cannon silliness hanging out and not really with all of though partying and that kind of that kind of seeing could be a really good thing. They act. And I expect it to carry out low and I really can't lanky and particularly. They're now. It. You have one at what is it that you. Are hitting her you proposed it to him or are you thinking about proposing this to go. Let me hit I hit it I'm not I can't cut it again let's meet at but I don't make it a bad injured on the play and you're. They want and here. We pray opt for a year that solid year and he can eat and I can read it. Monopoly and we can you share that you're well we went to the slogan right there earlier in markets around I don't. Air campaign. A year so further proof they've only been together six months. I sell for the next twelve months you want a practice not dating any line while he goes out. And loves whoever wants to let him back. I eat and that's all act I I feel a little bit my and then it. I don't you ever done that now I don't want an area where we're at a later time a lot about our life. I use an analogy to earth so this guy. Is used to a you know eating healthy. And you're saying hey go out there hasn't junk food yeah so is starting cookie dough ice cream and baked in he might not come back. That's yeah we were hurt when what should go fast food you don't go back and virginity thing. That is true you're giving in that's option and they are also attempting yourself too because now you're single again so. Like if I don't I feel like you're putting yourself and a dangerous situation and hey. Sarah and Sandy Springs. Welcome to the Japanese yen champ. Hi I now only got this could mean this fit a 100% I never heard from that particular. It would do anything about it I could. Read about and and then I inevitably turn to your program that was Robert temple bar. With cheaper not to eat and then it shouldn't debentures and to get together and don't break. What's the what's the term that the Amish people use when they came the grumbled cells can or whatever. The kids in these Amish country go to the big city for a year to see if you have to go back and churn the butter for the rest as life. Child my hunch that's that's existing you never did when this period Tre Sarah. Crumbs left promise you never had a it's everything she wants a relationship from spring. All right so that I thank you Sam. Night of baseball but it seems to have a consensus Kelly she's we'll share that way this year and this is I can't and Kerry phones rang and off the hook so high. I'll we have got lots of opinions for you will come back here I'm in three mantra if it Katy Perry. We'll sort through all these get him organized they remain on the small company. You cannot admit he can. Star in 941. If you're just joining these gentlemen Jay and Joseph we're trying to get help for Kerry he she is a listener. Who has met a wonderful man. Been dating him six months. When he put his own company girlfriend's at the end is alleged praying Harrington. He's had to society's thirty years old right. All of you on the other hands octane is simply to field. Yeah yeah. What's the look outside of high school what's the longest relationship you've been and. My guy apparently he runs and I think I'm thinking well it hit her at a granite you're really here at play. So your question and it is. Because you really late this dude should you dump him for the next twelve months and let him go have a little round springer. Have a little adventure. You tell me go out there and you do what you gotta do and then come back to me you'll be practicing. What they need monogamy casualty with them and meet. I'm cannot defeat by yourself on their feet and then he'll be playing all the other fees and then in a year you get back together. Yeah better. Yeah baby I didn't I don't I don't I hit Eric crazier things that are in the late yeah yeah yeah I would. While lots of support coming in for you April in Roswell thinks this is actually a brilliant idea hey April. Girl it's great that dumb idea I have an. God in my entire life she hadn't heard about Britain Baxter. And I happen. Here gonna get married to someone else and here we're gonna have another segment that one got away its star in her. It's I. Or I liked. It. I mean seriously. I picked up Toronto I'm Rachel and the mad Donna completely agrees who did Kerry wants to give their full support ratio. I fully support her going to therapy systems. And I've ever heard she looked great and destroy it that she. Was first out now what I'm. Some. Keep it around but apparently. Ashley and Buford a 100% on your side Karrie she thinks. You are brilliant hey Ashley. Well why. It. I'm here I'll be. Out in the. Why do you weigh when you tell just wait a couple weeks and he'll be available on the good and for holier until you get back. He's got a. And yeah. Epic. I get firm makes. So through though like you have a great guy like that they Iran to give up for a year and you have all these women who are calling in saying you're just projecting your fear essentially on them. Which is may just got a scare him off from you anyway Eminem point man in the world are girls going to escape from China. And is there wouldn't be hard as you met a guy like that and you've beat new study is really didn't really she did what T oh yeah I don't know come here baby yeah. Very take care use what's face what's that face a consensus I. I mean everyone is just saying that Don T this is the worst idea literally have all of the comments there is not one in the supporting Kerry's idea at all and then I. Eighty don't make him pay for what you're worried about. I am I am a strategy that I can shock and then I can be linked or rip on that I didn't. Cruel and integrity immediately. I think I didn't I am glad I can't do exactly that patient because there I didn't and that aren't there. Burger let me. All right well here's the thing Kerry. What. A lot of people are saying is that you are projecting who you are on him and not everybody needs. The variety the unique we all know that person who every day of their adult lives woke up in the morning and had a bowl I'm a Christian area and say that they're totally cool that yeah. Even though we did you never threw an endless must Amex. If members regardless of some areas around me is right you never or how about yogurt c'mon you're a younger when right now our interest every day since I was nineteen. That's it doesn't make them wrong because just went to who they know that they want. IR Kerry if you can hold out for just two more minutes. Geneen this talking to a one man who. Know someone who did this. And it worked. So I mean we are going sue. Pick out Sarah here. Andre or get back from maroon five's and she's actually going to encourage you to do this all out OK okay but it ain't young. Upton and young star already forewarned. That carries Canadian guy for about six months she's in love with him she thinks he's the one but he has also been a serial monogamists only ever had to. Real relationships. So she's wondering before they take that big seven should she break I would Embry are so you go out. These single give that out of this system and then making it back together for a whole year just on these. Well now everybody is saying no no no no no. I. FaceBook phone calls everybody in this studio don't do it Jerry. And namely we do about to wrap it up and move on where their lives and Sarah has to colonists. Sarah has fit collars with the story of how this worked successfully for someone. Hey Sarah. Hey all right why was the guy's story hooted and having two in what was the story what was the outcome. Okay yeah a little pressure but that's my limit colleagues. Parent. It. And I don't want to. End at a year here. After they graduate current. And they've been married her thirty year except all of her children. I'd be MPL. A little bit I mean anything like curt yeah about four year contract and they've made it. Yeah it. I guarantee you there to cheer go out here art because I think I get trapped. Little bit. I'm not aware that mature so fascinating to him only tear gas. I'm glad they made the decision together right. Who I don't know I don't know how it is what I could open and that they were right there are out there where. Why can't Eric still. Each other recollect I take. It very never hacked. Started bad. But I I don't really content and I'm tired. I don't you hit a tight relationship and. Right and that's why and that's what Kerry needs understands. Is that it's just because Kerry just because you like eating at about Faye. Doesn't mean that somebody else might not just like having the same sandwich every day for the rest of. Yeah I don't know. All Blake he'd try. And I think in my mind that they're opening it now. You know why I. I went and bad that Conner like sheep and that they murdered at a college tour de college worked very OK you have all week. It did in very many in the Indus try it. And I admit I like everybody and they're like well at all and I go to work and I'm turning it only media. Well we continue our thank you Kerry we continue conversations like this. All the time I met face bucks a year or more than welcome to your face a dash com slash Jeff enjoy Ngo. And leave your comments clear messages that will make sure she heads over their two. And and reads them. Blame everybody in this situation I guess he's just gonna hold on and there's no one last column I was en route I wanted to hear every. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.