Should Mary Throw Her Mentor Under the Bus?

Thursday, July 14th


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It's Jesse James shell. So off. I marry they're trying to recapture story here tonight. Thirty seconds or last bad I'd do without bias and I view and update Jan and Mary you're both correct me if you have on. I'd marry works for a company shares a woman that she considers her mentor. Mary's mentor and his said that hurt you not ever. Talk about having kids around the Mel executives beacons and in the back of their mind this woman effort. A year period of time any I don't ever bring it up well I'm Mary is a newlywed. Mention an executive that she's excited I am. And found out on the same time found out that her mentor. Who never. Seen. Oh they're both up for promotion. Mary's has been things that she needs to push the mentor bustle of in order C. Even doing you know even the playing field because that's exactly what marries mentors and manipulating. And disagrees Mary. Is that he tells me. Or. Accurate hold prominent neatly in a bunch jag take some time plead my case here. Your case. Well I just think that it's. A woman coach you don't talk about people's personal business to. Their bosses or co workers. Hey the. Wilbur. I didn't what do you think. Well. It. Chief acknowledged. That she. And change. Completion EU EU and the end here. The extra money. I. Can tell you. OK now I did a great I have a question for Dina and effort for Jan and dean check engine guys toward Michael. My question for you guys is. If. The reason. Marries mentor let's give Mary's mentor and to get me into. Let's color management and account Mary advanced after I. Is attempting the even the playing field with the executive man. And gave Mary the same ice but Mary is doing the same exact thing now she's actually. She's. My mentor and that's not cool. Our man that an Atlanta. Talk some sense and did you fare. What you think right now actually executive. Working. Reach out I was promoted. While having an electorate that just. A man. America with a little bit and once you get it. Number you if you have valuable skills. Integrity and good mind. Your company is going to promote. About you but I can tell you you were at the table and you were rolling and back in and click on I would. That they are way. Well or. Not the decade you know America. That you have to play your plane. That not a fair play. Great advice Amanda thank you. Know in no time Christina and Atlanta. You got some advice from Mary. I do quite frankly I think that or how the conversation after that I had the I'm a woman in corporate America getting it is typical that is we're not seen. With respect and that your I congregation about the happy for them at but literally and it isn't an or try to fight her. Which. Honestly is an honest question which you think the theme thing if it weighs a man during the same. Oh man. Yeah. I. Not right. Yeah I mean I'd now because. It would be an issue it would be cart issue we were talking about the source I. Don't tell anybody packet it would never happen. But if you take the kids out of it if it's a completely separate that you can't take it kids out of it that's what this whole thing is about as both of them are trying to be competitive for a job and have families. All right let's let's say I'm confident let's. Let's say. Let's say that there is a job that requires. A lot of travel. And me and another guy or opt for right yeah another guy and I were both up for that for that. Hands. Were both equally well I would vote and I really want and I am all for it I I'm cool with the travel but I find out that this guy. Right there's other dude has a phobia has an issue has something. He's like I'm now an American travel and do it like one side ones. When I get the job and execute the job I'm gonna tell them. I'm not going to be able to travel for humans every year for six months because it seasonal travel disorder. Okay right and I find that out Han. Why can't I even playing field. I. I think it actually makes you look what he's lying about it to the executive let's figure that out I don't think that's up for you. To share about someone else and I think I agree with Amanda who said if he said something like that in a job interview or use that information. In your corporate culture she would never hungry she's using him she's actually yeah but I think in that environment there's no place that I'd I would agree and that analogy with you on the travel I think that you look worse. I bring an end. Willard and keep keep that phone calls coming. It's because I've yet to fines and I was gonna say at scorecard here I got the Amanda Christina on my side and over here with Mary's husband there's just 4047. World line that. If you don't get any any reason he reminds me. Hall he can't. And show. Dawn ready for a one.