Should Jenn Go to Lauren's Performance?

Wednesday, May 11th


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Gen John we go to the. Prince I need to know if I am making the right decision this morning some I need your help here. On Jeff's engine Gemma first got to remind you about some cash 1000 dollars in thirty minutes it's our way of saying thank you. From making the switch we'll give you the word text raid after 7 o'clock this morning. So I am missing my daughter's performance at her school today she does a music class and they are having. And she's three years old. The couple keep that in mind to and so it there here's the reason why because. My husband Nile last week went to a state this performance. At her school. And we were all excited he rearranged his schedule for his work day Irene to rearrange my schedule I work day. We may please be there we're really excited as the big. Spanish performance. Is as her for okay is that went with it. Last speaker we put four Q number was dancing go to my panel now about half. And I had a throat out of dad's goal FF FF FF. So we got there and her three year old blind when she sees mom and dad come to her nursery school. She thinks we're going home so that's what happens is she saw me issues like. Don't go aluminum as a quarter. Performance let's go. And she just. Couldn't figure that out in its own lawsuit and did not want to participate so I went with Erica they were doing a little rehearsal before the performance we went in the rehearsal space. And she would not practice and then she would not go out in front of all of the parents and do things so. My husband iron there and you know we have the baby with us in the we have Florida with us and she's sitting on our lap. Watching. The rest of performance performance of Jesus clock that she should be in days she should have been and it's been practicing for and everything else so. I don't really know if it's a shyness. That comes out when her parents are there I think a lot of parents might agree with me that your children have. Better behavior around other adults right now that they do around you know they sort of get comfortable enough around you to kind of melt now I'm sure. And so anyway we just felt like home maybe maybe if we weren't where she would have performed. And she would have really had a great a better experience about it or maybe we should just like Hyde says she doesn't see us. And then be able I don't know why I from the doorway or something. So this is performance number two is this afternoon in you have. Mutually decided that your vote they're just gonna skip. Writes we're gonna ask the school and see if some beacon found on the phone because we want her to do especially now it's. Spanish isn't as much of a performance thing and the music class is right when your team music yeah near there to do is perform. And so. So we're hoping Mitchell actually participate in do it because if we show up again it's easily meltdown just once in my lap and be shocked I. And she's losing out on to end the year. Performances in Louisiana and the year experiences but I don't know if I'm making the right decision because I also don't wanna be that parent that doesn't show up. Right so it's like it seems logical to us. Not to because we want heard perform but then unlike my passion my horrible parent. For not showing up and not being bad leg when there's there's going to be other parents there aren't. That's not three's you know her apparent. There's a lot of there hasn't. The question I Fiat. I just wonder you know I think I don't know totally your three year old mind believe everybody else's parents are there and you're not there like him we're not there today. Because that war are you worried about being judged by the other parents nobody really don't know and yet. Now the other I mean other parents juggling work schedules and so too so not everybody is that everything. But I'm just wondering I'm making the right decision by. Ads trying staying away social actually perform you do or MIA. Just be tennis scar her for ever heard that she thinks her mom and I don't care about Aaron aren't they aired an aid and showing up just pretends that she's the second child. Because nobody cares about the second parents and go to their performances are anything but their game OK is there anything like that sometimes it totally forget even I have problem. I just don't know for making the right call here and like getting choked up thinking about her what's out there and Mario. You're okay out I had my question is go into a guy. The mustache and doesn't. They're doing now NF fake way in the hat and black they're like in a whole paper that we you can see it and you could videotape it ends well recognized yet. That is a granny did you do that hey look I was I hey Lauren. Yeah my suggestion let's just let it high in the background that ethnic. You pick your hair. Go and hide. How is this set up they can use in the that we could hide in the room that they perform and it's not that big theater space it's not like a high school are you candidates everything and like it's on dark in the audience it's just like. One big open. Room. A Kelsey welcome to the show out. I pay. I am I did what I don't understand and I think I usually try to get your daughter or. Try height. You get. The shot that he would ever hurt people. She's three years old hide until the end. And then some and there are hearing got a professionally at a pre K teacher Hogan's BS and we have some some real talk coming from somebody knows things okay folks out Bonita. And your morning and I'm making a mistake. I don't. You know you don't want to have a meltdown obviously and that's you know that's what's gonna happen sometimes I have parents that want to observe their child. Without being seen I don't know how your child's school look set up but my question actually had windows. Between my conscience and the next class should they just eat bagel in the other room and they can. I've served through the window without that child seeing who they can interrogation reminiscent you. Kinda like that yeah. Regular glasses not quite as Julie but. And then it is a pro I need to ask you do they grow out of it. Almost always see that's why no Q well she will also grow compete and only three you have to think about it she going to enormous search for three years from. And it's scary out there and I'm already starring her back that's left I think and you're not I can't live off my opinion and I'm now at a preschool teacher Janet can you better now but I'm not in my opinion it is that you can lay low that led you donate you did you went to first and it didn't work. Now you don't go to this wedding you see how it goes. If she still hasn't melt down and is totally shine that into it. Then you know that that's the problem. If you are not there and she performs then you know the next one and can you wanna see it Ian via sneaker. Yet but I fake mustache and side and glassy eyes as. You can find brown over code sneak in its inspector gadget it's subtle way get and I think that the I style I like that plan about. Jay you shall we go so.