Should Jenn Call Her Friend Out?

Wednesday, June 14th

She found out her friend could be doing something totally not okay, but what should she do?

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For goodness it's. On star now before want to slow you deal if he found that a friend was message that big time. Would you call now for it or would you let it go and make it not your business that's my dilemma here I tendered dilemma and dilemma. Right now for let's sort of beginning how long have you been antenna. And none to Ahmanson. Here's the story goes I was talking to a friend of mine who used to live in Atlanta and we were close along time ago and had a lot of mutual friends and she moved on city. And so we where it's happening catch been on talking about all kinds and she's like eight. I Asus on me she moved away and had a boyfriend when she moved away and went through a pretty big break up. Cash and she'd just come back to Atlanta to visit for like a long week a weekend visit family whenever and she's like I was in a rebound that some on tender. And she's like and I scroll across a French farce. And I'm like oh really. Liking that must be an old account she said I'm not an old accounts. He's on there and this is a friend of ours that Sheen I had from back in the day and who isn't married. And she scrawled across his face. On ten are you my friends with him. Hello what is that. Are you friends with him where you transit the wife is wife or both and he's my I don't know his wife OK I'd I've never met her this is a friend that I would have considered. In my very close circle of friends. A long time ago I'll OK but I would say we probably haven't spoken in the last couple of years so where we were really really site. Now we're just acquaintances. But when you have that kind of history was somebody. I think you always so close to the. In the French friends you have is it in the younger. Earlier years I think. There's a fine yeah I know you're saying there's a connection and a bond there that I could pick up the phone and call him in jackets and be like. And a so my question is what would you do would you call out of friends we think is messing up. Would you point out their mistake Mila what's with that. I hear that all your easy here's our phone number because everybody who listens airship as much smarter than everybody and that's. Yeah 4042630941. His gym and half to pull this guy aside and really dude people are seeing UN tenor Tiki or less and a tell us up for a 14630941. I have the answer I have the infallible. Unflappable perfect answer really yet and I'm gonna save it so I don't pay that allows me to tell more people around. OK so let a lot of people come out but let's fast Kelly she's if she's the expert and I'm like hookups. Connolly and let it. A couple questions. Try to think back thirteen days ago when you're single as the truth. Is it. Is it accurate that Tinder is basically our hookup that yes in France opens oh. He's looking for most likely now for a day. Long term relationship he's dealing personalities and and is it possible. That maybe he was and cinder when he was single. And he just never deactivated the account or something. That that could be true com because your accounts to use ill sale today as Jessica and I think it links to FaceBook automatically woods winner. I JP is not a no war is a three to Heidi day hadn't yet. Santander there was no point in my life where I was single yeah. And yeah I damage or deactivate my counselor is not a balls guy with a beard relay and he's on gender. You actually have LT activated you just dual thing we hold only half an exit out on your phone and just delete and I are found it's technically your profiles not deactivated. So we'll continuously updated however I. I know bumble tells you the most recent times somebody was actually on the bumble don't. Do you know standard as that I'm not short ten or does that I had my perfect solution general still work came. And Dominique culled from Marietta what's up. Maybe getting divorced and announcing to the world she doesn't know back. Well. OK. I can't say too much about what I know about him because I don't want of course I do need to be revealed on your radio. I don't think that's the case OK. Okay. Ranked MET to listen Adibi grand tournament this is the Alexander and games well. Hey guys term growth when it comes to Eric singer. Connect with your FaceBook account right and it actually shows do you. They're they're translate so if you're on FaceBook and one of your friend has no right now. And they're on gender it'll show you go to our ability to actually finding. Someone that no deal is pretty high. And you get caught it you don't just warning you now just like any. Why he won't hinder because. You know it doesn't want to try out the worst way to do it. Because AM. Because I think part of your dilemma. Right is the embarrassment that comes from. You have to call and be like dude everybody knows he's done. What you know about it through five degrees of separation right. All right it the it's the uncomfortable conversation first of it's is any of my business I don't now. I think if I were making big mistakes of any kind I would want my friends to call me out. Eric and dealing hate to get back in line but I don't wanna be the one has found that uncomfortable conversation. And then I also wonder. What if there are range minutes. Allows that allows acts and then. I'm Maggette tissues and your limits and avenues like you don't understand where both on and I don't know. I signed for cancer and those who Mercedes and Lawrence Hill. They went confront hammered out in front. And I. A similar situation. I actually told me that. Her friends all my boy and on it and I had no he added. We have learned our respected. Now apple sloppy. OK so she went on you know whether to tell me and I especially finally told me an anchor and think man. So I'd about it. Yet without a doubt that guy's gonna lie about it that hasn't changed whether you should confront. I will take a few more phone calls. Here and three minutes after seeing it and for a 1463 on nine for one what do you know and then I'll give you beyond fallible perfect answer than. You can see all star. Obligated to call and a friend his message out. My question. I've found out through. One of my girlfriends that's she spotted of one of our mutual guy friends yeah. On tender. Problem is if we are we obligated. Fish and wants to do. We don't know his. Is why price gen YC this side which has trying to decide whether or not she should confront the guy because. Who knows what the circumstances are his private life to ship trying to embarrass herself from Paris and I'm. By. If he's putting something out there that's shady. She can wants to protect him he's a friend also. A good person cancer and is fairly protect him but is as yet again heads out. It is feel like Ambien bonehead I hope you bonehead score on the amount and I just can't and Madonna went through the same exact thing is you. Cannot be. They Jessica. When. The and and and I would actually on them all and I came Concord right. Hand palm. You need and they then again it really on now and I. And that I had in. I can't allow. I'm on the and I I'll let you know man and that the PGA. And weekly diet may. Died there and according to an eight bit but I you can I'm okay but it. They're still there that there's still had to be re now just give but I guarantee for a period of time it was storming in those sees different huh. Few mentally campaign should bring an answer being shut out really. I think landing here it'll pass. To talk about. Welcome to the show Maggie calls from Smart enough. I can't believe nobody yells he's come up with a perfect answer. Jan how giving TF retired Maggie and tank. And I think I think this and that really big bump into them. Out right. Quiet and I would want about at it and paying. You know my husband about it. Our Internet I would be adulterer out they're trying to get away with something you I would wanna blow it away now I think definitely good friend in one way or the other aware. Amanda completely on the opposite side of the street in this demanding games. I. I think he got to mind your business and I'm going to respond that they were more and I'm torn because it's an acquaintance found trying to park how he. The couple pretty well and why can't you don't know what's going on with them. And loads up and it and it and I hear in the middle of it. Amanda I don't want to Amanda my perfect solution can help you as well Rick I I. Mental stemming yeah. And I are both analysts okay listen here are you ready OK okay they amateur winners on Halloween music and right there after this is so brilliant gem sobering. Here's which you do you both. Call the person whose pictures and the beatings case is Jen you collier eared guy friend Amanda you call your girlfriend get a minus Tony I hang. This is really. Awkward yet edging out a race against say this way out and I think I just wanna give you a heads out. A friends. Of ours told me that somebody is using your picture. I had dating now. Laying the I know you are married and you probably don't want that I. Convenient. Amanda honestly answer this question have you ever talked on the phone to somebody more smarts and good. It may say yeah welcome and I go on and try to have a good day that is look so good. And any. Hey genius right I'm yeah. Humble I'm speechless thank you that is a 100% right response to do. I. Or if I tell my girlfriend Kona. On Gasol anyway who's the better friends. I'm the better trend column and another that Kelly she's tough and Smart. I know it hurts you don't tell me just nodded her head no but do I mean isn't it Smart eggs. Have to. Tender hooks of your face so so you don't have to use some of these profile picture in links are actual so well he. All you played. Lay down and can I yeah I am wholly played I don't know I don't know much underwear and trust me Jen plays down really well. I did the it is a great idea it's a player like. I didn't know when I was paying you know. You don't have to Sally you don't do puberty. Okay. I'm gonna do we ask Sam's market it is yours aren't just dollars. Fact it. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.