Should I Disinvite Someone From My Wedding?

Friday, May 27th


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Thanks for being bombarded and jobs so people want to. We love to be of service for our Jeff and tension listeners and we got somebody on the phone at cat if you're and she who's got a question pressing need some advice. How I'm getting married and my couple months. And I had a lot of my coworkers. And friends a lot of movement you know I'm I am what one of time. She recently quit. And a pair me cheese it's really disliked by a lot of the other coworkers like a lot of my friends that work really just like her. Hear that saying how do I and by her and she he she me very excited about the wedding. It comes and we need to collect. Would let. It is I think there's not align the Emily post's book of etiquette about best how to. How far leg are they hit it invites already been mailed. Now yeah. She has one she is coming. But I mean. Scenes. After dress she's RSVP but we've bells and Jeff if this was happening in your callies lending would you invite them. Consistent with this current time doesn't even know how unlike she hits. Lately I mean apparently things she and she should know achieve their flight to say. And I think they really don't like. Some people arson narcissistic they just have no idea that people like adventure. Heads a powerful line. Do you wanna not invite her because. You now dislike her based on this stuff that she's done two year old coworkers and friends or do you why not invite her because. It'll be uncomfortable for other people. I hate it. Mark I don't want to honor. The way. I don't want you know. And I had to kind of quiet and buy it on to people what to expect. Extradite a great friend and I even accountants. And you fighting on the hour. She does seem like a really bad and united about it but I don't want I know people fighting. And I don't want you out of people uncomfortable on track and. You know sometimes when you invite one person for more yeah lethal like fifteen invitation anymore and that I remember feeling that way see you. Food because you really don't wanna theirs is as your days your special moment he won on your co workers have a good time and not be focus on. Her and how much they dislike her. Here you are the ride. Here's why are. Here's my answer and is is so much easier said than done but it she's not a terrific friend of yours and she's only. In invite because she's a coworker. I think you could just say to her. There are many people from the office coming ands. IE don't wanna have work related drama. And is I'm sure you can understand. It's important that I keep them on the guest list because I have to work with them. Better idea yet as about it just have your maid of honor that. Oh yeah. Yeah maybe a modern day eggs would you judge to sentence you don't have to do. He did it at that right it's not for you know. While it's why we can't we did. Possibly. See if anybody calls we did throw this out there and see if anybody. Listening is ever had to do a wedding on invite in you can listen to those ideas and maybe one of those all help maybe. Yeah I love that maybe somebody just as if it happened before and. It changed. And if nobody calls have terrible and happy for you because you're there. 4047419. U 400 if you can help out at who asked him on the invite someone to her landing. You have any advice she's she's opened. Thanks for being a part of it. Gel so I know people want to.