Shot of Britney

Friday, August 26th


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We've just been here and it. Among selling 94 line. Carpal karaoke machines cordon was last night and the big question was which really. It was Britney Spears and seeing an industry or would it just beatings and take Angela James. It's interesting towed to listen to him. And it appears. This is the team organized that first time she. Does seem to be saying during hoops today. I James Curran did ask her hey what if that's a mean. You know Il sung oops I did it. What about. What's it really about. Yeah justice. He's I think every time I go to everyone every time my older dominance. Today again. I don't hang out at him and there. I've yeah ambiguous and I had talked to where. I pretty could be fun to be around drilling. And is Britney tell you about eight is too simple. It's not a whole lot there. I don't wanna be rude bit now. It may seem like. I think that's that would be fun about. Be hired now. And I am just saying if you missed it in oh Seung oops I did it yeah. A giggle. I get there as me army veteran woody lap that's on me you've seen in the regular gig you know he it you can and better. Maybe he's just an would be OK we'll give that an answer you know oh song oops I did it. Both sides about. What's it really about. The justice. Is I think every time I go route at like. I mean it. Then they get under conversation about. James his family when she's asking him being polite. And and he talked to her about hers. And. It's the last part. When she talks about her she doesn't want a man and if there's one thing that you'd do with a guy that. It should be tasted. What he was my. Jay you want you wanna you wanna have more kids. 30. You're gonna go straight out phony have to find the right guys tires and it out. Tell him that he's about to become so. Excellence is a little things how. So when you say you need to find the right mind Zito if he would not be what are you looking forward regarding what he won the suit like what are you owns a look like we don't just feel like what you. Or might not ever go to name and never did hold. Any tired get married and had just done right now. You'll say you wanna be with anyone ever in the rest of the yeah I think French kiss some kind of show. I'm going to me. Mean apparently they've here I mean you would make the right thing of using your group now is it she said she got edited anybody else. But and I would definitely ranks kids. Maybe even maybe even Burt these these mean. She is sweet couple of Louisiana he has. Patience. But you cannot deny. The number of it and I've got an idea I want around by you after you play a does have a million hits that happened and everybody UNC. And just do. It. While we're. You have any good right smiling happy and is now. Everybody. Is. It every day we shot. Shop. And shop. Holes on because then our cost. Of the search team I. But if we just sixty sec I I I I I hate. Real quick we circled back on the Brittany spears. In the little it's in the loop and ran this at the flag pole I'd just been India has also acts. Little red tape Kiki in the loop on anyway so it's a whole song but what do we just 62 shot. Opponents. And for that week. Many emirates India and wants of that terrible years value one rate. It's just beat it at that making dance and it just our quick shot shattered race. And I hit for a week or just rains spit on Jeff it's on the walls the let's stick to. I'd get it rains or bad idea I've I going to shake out I'm not opposed. I think what's what's the best. There's like there's so many camera if they hit me maybe or time. Do you can who stated again stated who say they end. He shot amber okay as maybe our maybe it's just block and bad news we just you need a shot. You really think her libraries like Ebert and like I mean we heard all of hate about ideas I didn't know they're an Omaha tactics I there's there's no bad ideas OK it's not a bad idea. I just it's got some making gone forever. Thanks for making this switch to adjust this show a certain age girl and.