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Wednesday, September 14th


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Morrow sure huh here they come. OK okay here's a look is at least that. I at least who began. Hey act that he went heavily pregnant at night and that job a little leaden weight. I'm not as safe. OK I don't know it's. It's the root. Any picture of what general of things he attractive. I might sort it. I don't they. African American writer track and that's Sidney. And eight. Like grounded to be an adorable and Annie. So he you like the the black guy voice on the white guy that Pat White guys. I did that what I thought. I didn't meet Arafat. He's white and enjoy that. As anyone else UN and so I definitely. Asian. Palestinian Aaron. And near Austin who do you find attractive. OK I have always had this weird thing for Abraham Lincoln. Lack go to these. I that I think Alan Bennett. Together. I don't I then may I believe and I can't help that I did of the Whitney or I almost wanna. Ask if you -- joking but at that that if you felt from that. If we think you're joking and it's a right answer correct answer is the deeply embarrassed to admit friend that you're actually earlier attracted to jail I actually got a hate Kelly I got a text message. From somebody who is saying the same person you are so you're not the only one. I Hoosier guy. I'm my Adrian Brodie. On the same and she called eyes I said that I have pulled up on my kind of lives all. Eating dude and even like the 08 yeah yeah and my inebriated like summer in Adrien Brody. Ian. Hi. I. And I went slowly let me I knew that I. MacKenzie welcome to this year. Here on rue RU NC. Okay I have this weird name for the hot it mania while they believed hot bit. Something about yeah. I love you maybe. A build up back in. Bill back. Yeah. I'm. I know I know weird little ads here you mean it's weird but you know I'll let anger and. Trying so hard not to me that you're gonna make him and say go do it now. I fired the hell out of a. I. I know. Her. Sorry he welcomed. Okay we got oh. I love making it. And let me let me. I hate the I'm the better. I'm half. Is it his sense of humor is that lettuce is and. Think it's. Oh they do I love how he hadn't. It's thank you smiling right at Q. If you imagine your first conversation with them if you met him how what ago. Well I thought I brought it back I got all of that I pushed it. I don't at all. They are great guys who are. I thank you for the academy. I met Mary Kay caddies and it's already got Kathy. Today and I am in love with Jack Black. A whole. Lot of no bunny I hysterical about what may relate you holiday. I gotta be honest with you I'm a little taken aback that people are calling out with jerky people that have the same body type as I'd look at. Jack Black. Kevin James Denton and response. We don't want that off ball. Cindy welcome this year. I'm the same way here I am. Hard court Jack Black Chris Farley and Jonah Hill. I've seen it's I Erik yeah dad body. A late hit but not so attractive to me I have back confident that now like cocky back there like I. You know like even more people like us. Thankfully I'll Johnny held by the way. I'm really a little diva every time manager did not expect and on a nine man McCain knew that. Go to you with yen was at. I oh. I. And hide that's right remember that our Brooke welcomed the show. Hey I asked me like Al laugh at that. I'm glad they aren't crazy and he. Animal expert. Yeah. I and locating an especially during an agent. And Mary that he hit it. It's. I just see him on TV they do a talk charged on they'll definitely Pozen. Watch him hold its maker whatever he's doing. Again I am. And that play out more bloody idiot in the way he eighteen I bet and had aggregate all of that you are and he now lake LA bring him into the expire at and I and our first opponent. Anyway he's just an outlet that had to wait out and day out as. If I'm nice and thick. Columbus and Brooke he's he's basically. The man in the yellow hat from Curious George in human. And it. Probably that he can't an outlet that he. Out Berry in New York that we have a doubt at all. A case that Brooke you're married to somebody else. Yeah. We bouncing him yet. He had and he thinks you do we. We can I continue this based again threatening absolutely. Can ask me good money wisely and don't really have one because I never thought about it and goal. Just now why he's being so shallow like supermodels. Played it but he. More now higher. Nothing that we've gotten Abe Lincoln. For God's sakes I like aerial though Little Mermaid but obviously after she isn't human form as amended and parts. And and it. Just like a human area and and jasmine. There actually hop. I there are cartoons you we heard Hamlet and hot cards and yeah vodka it's going to be out of you being a Disney World new ground in the right. We. Yes in fact it accounts and I'm out of Kenya at the camera you can. They get out of shafted the army and I Kelli leading dealer producer counties in. Mind. I love bill knives and hello so. It's kind of I zionism like in and we like enemies and you know. What do you like about him disease and thirty year he says samarra and all you've got dart around here he's an older man now and and I have friends that person Elton Brown for the same reason. I client's death now than him. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.