Shockingly Attractive

Wednesday, September 14th


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No no need for law and having a conversation and a friend of mine who said you lose really attractive. And so who. Yeah and expecting Knight the Olympics just ended so some amazing athletes are some Hollywood celebrities. Firm up and coming musical superstar. And she is looking at money that you just can't change its Alexander Hamilton the fact I think I think my. Was confused and that's another bill holds not since that's. You thought Alexander Hamilton on a ten dollar a minute ten dollar Bill Stewart she sees this he said I. They can handle because it looked at it in there. A guy Alexander Hamilton. And she's cannot. It's true they necktie is you can again check that out. And so are chiseled features are insight sanctuary soft brow. I say dirt that's on a guy that's gonna shocking. You know it that's shocking that's shocking Hochman says but I brought it out Monday here at the end their radio station and everybody and the show. Has some. But everybody Udonis be embarrassed to say on Everest and it's so hot we got JP. Shocking continents. The pink power ranger from. Back in the day at a name is Amy Jo Johnson and I only find her attractive as the paint IRA. Got a website and you can go on the run. Okay and shall send you a message for fifty bucks but it is too much money remain united and never got the message or had. Audacity to do something like that way you're gonna idea and I've wanted to. Just thank you like a happy birthday message. ABC personalize it yet officials say hey Pete or however she sounds and she's good and character or is the actress she might she might say morphin time you do it. That doesn't that seem like as you've just reached a level of celebrity them that. Don't really want to admit if you're selling. Your selling birthday messages as the pink power ranger and well now I know what I'm getting GP response time. March 16 and. Change is beautiful unexpectedly beautiful do you have them. OK so my eight unexpected hot news comes from his voice and the quality of his voice but physically. He's not really the hottest guy. He's attractive. Little guy yeah terabyte it's definitely him in person or cartoon. Yes all of that voice com. Sam has made you guys. 404741. In 9400 would love to hear your. Shocking hot missed confessions. 40474. When 9400 are injured Tony has one. A pace this is strange only because he's a part. Yeah. I have an. As strange crash are targeting and clean fighting please tell me and Lee as trades and I got. And he's like me Tarzan like oh my god Tony. So I can't. I think about it as early as an hour. I Jane okay is it a whole managers are real person or as if you're now I'm and also it going to see here. To be the most underrated Disney movie of all time. Atlantis. And my day my lifetime crash will always be my love match is like this is tiny blonde guy whenever I think you can link list and you think I tiger affair and he just journeys either earth and he finds Atlantis. And he's all like. He's used his all over the place but whatever he's cheap as the other two. And yeah he's a cartoon but yeah it's time he has a very defined Qing a high end and big round glasses I did NJB. There are many ads as you know I mean you'd ever see. Exciting like that's a strangely attractive team I think that because they're all Smart they drama extremely well. Collection of Bratz dolls. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.