She Doesn't Have a Say In Naming Her Baby? Part 2

Wednesday, February 22nd

Jenn's friend says she doesn't have any say in her baby's name. Is that okay?


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Star in 941. I have a good friendship is expecting her second child right now she Kathy writes to name their first. And now the child's father her boyfriend gets a name for herself again but she. And hates the names he's picking now. Abby actually named crazier senator Dodd grammys. I'll have a total of Hawaii and today both the Jews are bad for both of them. I'm dead and injured and even bat an agreement on my husband says. Guy and I had been Patrick got married that we name our first sang Jackson's final words and I am. Back then we went through years of trying and had a daughter and then it's on another friendly and they're to Jack well I like I'm either running I don't have to agree that spending large and I. Out that we found out I was I guess I guess you're not I want your career having twins and they were polite and look like. The bounce ideas that lightening and thunder and I light bulbs. I totally out of reclining and I think they'll like I literally have the believer in the hospital and you'd like Alter your kid I watched. And I would knock it on the particular guy. And shoes and there's like he came back then yet. No you intriguing got to get on here and you bike related note here it's my longer adding I Doris felt my son are. Conor Lee lightning. And Qaeda and Michael under Blake literally on the burn through. OK. How bad as any patent law hobby they loyalty. I was late to be best friends and your husband is the fact that made you go through that is out of may think that time. There's many good when you ask me or did on the birther regulate my parent that has character staring at my daughter's bike and all I watched and I like and I believe it. And that burning heat do you agree I agree it's been my daughter Reilly alone and I'm so you want to leaning out that showed that out of over the summer to be spread regain hurricane may just. As that they're at lake immediately. And then my daughter is the work or how little girl that is that you are at risk. Think he's a left I have that in my office right now I look at it every day are you meet is is that your little daughter tsunami. Or is that your senator 'cause an earthquake center path that it begs the car I mean I. And made that call people protecting like you have to call them and. I'm not there to support. That's fantastic. I am really interested to talk to Tony. Because Tony's philosophy of I understand their rights is that. Main issue edicts have exclusive naming rights to the baby. For. Binding purposes. Welcome to the show touting. Good morning. Hey Tony okay I'm interested in this theory. Yeah and it's really arm. You know I don't think that would legitimacy of naming the baby I mean they do they get about what that while it's in the womb all that time and you know naming it really is a good way for gas to make a connection. I mean. I I've been married for ten years and we've had four children and I've got to name all four. Really so your wife did not have a say in naming any of the forecasts. It's forming she did try a little bit you know what the first one but armed but you know I was like really put my input it was like now we are really needs you are in the of these children and think she's always gone along with Gooden has been fine what is. Now did you pick some crazy names like you got to meet founders are lightning now there copa. Now I got some good names here Gaidar a nine year old Dylan and seven year old Ali Shah Tiffany for that ticket to. Yeah Simon all the names you know I mean cheaper and a little bit and put but I was right on art you know the final say so and she always went along with it and I just really feel like it was you know a good connection with me and and I am curious seem to be finally a that is the kind of too weird I don't know. It's an interesting to spin on it have to say look this healthy Brian with the kids and so yeah. Yeah I just really be a mutual decision I think when you look at your child you should love the name that you all of them. And is song is you know it's uneasy both love that I think the data had more of an influence because he felt like Allen make him on to think at Columbia. It could be okay compromised. I don't know I would have such a hard time leaving without something I hate. She seemed like a lot of names may be that that's something. Do well if you will. If you ever affiliate KD you shouldn't try to name it's not rocket and see how the heck I asked well I mean. Hey Tony a question and Jane give back me up on this. If she's spying and and amusing air course of fine with this ha I'm a guy if I hear my fiancee Heidi saying she's fine ride aid she ain't fine ride your Sears is usually the word weasel we don't when it not time is doing yeah which. It's easy where. I think she would definitely I mean it's just US and finally that I'm sure she probably wouldn't let me know enough that it probably would have mattered anyway. That's fine don't know our linemen I think that's. Where I takes the Kyle thanks you guys have agreement ET I. I hate at all. I got out of the meeting at my side and Michael Jack patents. I shall. So why do that right got right back into it without. I got. A lot of blue okay my extra pay about our champs. And it's no he that would not luckily I really like I am. And yeah at. Well I know we're gonna go at Jack and within an act split Immelt may eat and I know I don't know or not this. And I are kept at it this. And then our actors and content I don't try to blunt I'd like comic actress you know he Egypt yelling that. Like every country can't act and come here. I know aren't like you get my ego. What about call and what are you kidding Michael Cole does sound like Michael bar yeah. Nominating I had read them on AM and we now have Michael patch or this. You can care patent and deeply immediate and there's help like act at a Michael culture. Our Michael Keaton I mean you can just go. Oh my god chief I'll. Can you imagine getting mad indicated. I don't forget her but I. Now voters should can really get relayed. Hey. My opinion that I got through although the hours that I got me laborer. Is really named banking. Yeah but it's a bonding thing can't be good to me it's like she's doing all the hard work Karina baby and go one hour. Yeah how did an awful glucose test created during that sugary sweet awful things isn't it that recently and I'd assume that. You and a symptom that's pregnancy in the dwelling and the pain and elegant that either writing this. That's. And jumpstart. It before one.