She Doesn't Have a Say in Naming her Baby

Wednesday, February 22nd

Jenn's friend says she doesn't have any say in her baby's name. Is that okay?


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Thanks for making this wedge to adjust adjust one star not before one site whereabouts is talk to Janus. She's actually. Doing a photo issue right now with all of the balloons then gene and Kelly she's been here and that the studio. But we're about to view a photo or. Tell a story of a friend that gem hands. Who. Is it a bit of a predicament involving her soon to be born child. Reno as a boy or girl yet a girl a guy. So she's having a baby girl. And had is no naming rights to this little kronor. When explain. Yeah IAA. Have I have friends too is expecting a baby. Not a couple months left to go in which is time we the other day. That she got named their first child so it was her choice and it's. Her first child daughter urge father was like it's its value or whatever but now that she can't name the first baby he fully gets it name the second day now is good here's the trouble is that she doesn't like the names that he's picking. I'd at at all really actually can knots the heat and the names that he is speaking out so she's trying to convince him. You know a little what do you think about this about music note I want it to be what I wanna speak. It because you got the chance to make it what you wanna be but she felt like on the first baby it was a compromise this compromise but there. Believe ran it by hand and he likes the names and so. Wasn't like she was naming. Their first child and and he didn't like is just she got to pick yet and he said yes. And then now with this one he's like on don't know you about the first on I get the second one and now it's all these names she doesn't like so Mike how was it even fair to your. That's healthy and relationship my way or the highway right way and homeland she entered into an agreement. And the agreement was you get the name number one Haggans name number two. Right but when she got named number one and she made sure he also liked it. Bites he you know he he agreed in and he liked and he was okay yeah I like that if he didn't like it. I don't know that she would have been such a bulldozer and pushed through all of her favorite. Name ever wanna be part of a gag and can he if he didn't agree. Now she feels like he's bulldozing and name through that she doesn't like and also I'm wondering if people actually did this have you ever. Well first malls or any advice her on what to say because they seem to be an impasse here but he's picked out a name she does not like so did you have a baby whose name. You'd tell my peak I'm Michelle welcome to the shall. I have to miss out happy birthday and my daughter is keen to do. Happy birthday to your daughter what's her name. Her name is Matt LA and Matty. I'm Manny Manny birthday Mattie Mattie is 2929. Minus thirteen and Janice Tony I'm Russell. Exactly and may everyday Colleen and happy about Albert handing her baby because I named my first daughter. And I had and I was very strange and I had to push push push for all the way to end the pregnancy and tell our second utterly boring and it Dominique. Can you tell the name Catalan and the funny thing about that is win when my bat and got married. The night when he got a little four year old flower girl name battle and I thought it was the most unfortunate bowl yeah. So I ask how we named your child and I just. Such a strange name and some I had an adult it's. My turn I get it TV and I that okay yes we can call me daddy. We'll tell that I had it just like you let me name my boring Abby. Actually speech. And what's funny is we can't turn daddy run the world and we didn't Ers great she can't look at that. And our body it not matter and we. Not only her audience are calling her out of that they that I do not embrace and about your colleague and battle and you the most precious child I love her may end up going back to Eddie and Alex. Yeah I love that she had. Natalie Natalie that hard at her she got about a lot to you and mark Arnold may well. You love it a little bit more. One comment about how she hate aimed at all I kept poured water and with my daughter I bet her daughter I'll meet you got out and eat eat and handle like I it's horrible I I don't care is might. Urged outright he. I like page going to be HD. And I. Events the love and video that's a possibility and happy birthday to Manny. I'm pretty happy. Sierra welcome to the jet engine shop Ariel. You get happy birthday began laying Sarah fifth. So any. I had then my husband and I had that same deal he named our first eighty it was a boy ain't and shadow in the second beta came along I got naming right. And then our little girl though. We had that same deal by. We actually about the greed likely to have the conversation and indirect aim it there out I was like all right can't comment on sale. I bet it I'd totally under humor should come from what you have to agree. Yeah that's got to honor that deal has she doesn't she honored the deal but now she's getting stuck with a name she really doesn't lie. Thank you Sarah. Turner come around then when baby born to do this hot. She's due crap OK so there's a couple of months left. I keep telling her I'm like yeah it's as bad even I think I. Can do that. Think I got Lilly. Awful pair Boehner or maybe like a grounder battered. Yeah or be like hey you know if we have a next one is going to be named dirt and he's not one I didn't say what the names are Kazan when it bears her or him that. He's got one it's like wait too long and doesn't flow you get it saying that you know. Like Zhang you don't get voted at all. About like names that go together errors Seaman and I even have flows in and of flows that your last name. All these names picked out they just choppy in long at. Now we're gonna come back here in in three minutes after Bruno Mars and Lacey Afghanistan is right Abby we're gonna talk to you in three minutes. Yeah your Childs. Got names because of a loss to bats on now. That accurate. All right we're gonna come back deal in three minutes and then Tony MI correct that you think. All main should have exclusive naming rights because it's a binding thing. Yes I Arianna true it's true yeah that's all right but yeah very. And she I'll still are ready for one.