Shaq Changed JP's Life

Thursday, March 2nd

JP Met Shaq! And apparantly he said something that changed JP's outlook on life forever. 


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm just enjoying shell hole. We needed to know which should you colonial shack and saved it to JP JP says is so powerful that it was a life changing. And I we've anchor we started tells the story there isn't the dove audio. I'll see other now so all together we're gonna learn how JP's life is different. Post Shaq for the rest of your life you'll have. PS. Re Shaq. And any BS before he sure Shaq and NA NA tests to get their BS and asked. That's a tough I PS and asked I asked us not an awesome. Areas as this is gonna sound really silly because I worked in radio but. I have a confession to make like ice still get nervous talking in front of people could be twenty people or could it been like over the weekend. When you're making announcements and hosting an event for Special Olympics Georgia and there's hundreds of people probably a thousand. I saw the pictures here is I mean I can't make you nervous retroactively but there is probably a thousand people GAAP. And so you when you get that microphone you start getting. Anxiety about it it's just wind there's a lot of stuff going on the other is a costume contest going on I'm dressed up as a pirate I've got. I iPad some adding complications. To the hosting duties yeah. We got to explain let's take ten seconds and explain that the eye patch was not part of the pirate cast him no pirate cast him came about. It has JP stabbed himself in the I would assume Roger coated finger. Then head to an I've had ever for a few days laws heels kisses I was so swollen left. Aren't saying so Rebecca from the Special Olympics is giving me the you know the Scripps sure. And if you've got an eye patch on the script is hard to read right. I took the eye patch off and then. I went cross side because that some might was hitting me for about a couple hours while I was there before hand so my vision is completely blurred. And I go Ono disease are panicky yeah. Yes there's that negative voice in the back here had like I trying to keep a positive optimistic state no matter what I'm doing in life great bowl when things go self. And you can't see if somebody says emotions are eating. And I love how do you even pronounce names here like I'm going to be juror clay so you're gonna hate. Mean RD got the State's frightening gone on the nerves I and then you can't see anything and. All of a sudden I see something come out of the corner in my eyes and it looks like a giant Paul Bunyan type of person a it Shaquille O'Neal coming towards backwards beach normal and happen unannounced. Did you look at Heidi ego isn't really Shaq or am I seeing something in my bag plus side maybe ever Matt checked in here syrup her yeah I'm. Yeah and our old building okay. There is no mistaking who that is this man. He's not intimidating. Because. You know he's such a nice guy but it is an imposing presence. There's there's no matter what the Fed checker of that's mighty oil cousins old neighbor Steve it's Shaq. So that thank god my fiance they're what Heidi was their because alms start to get nervous on like if I can't sleep and start a light. Have this thing happened with my chest where I can't talk and there's is no bear arms is our kits. Is that Shaq they're how to sex comes on stage I shake his beat is like his hand is the size of a toilet seat I'm sorry about imagery a but I did and is hughes' own that's the only way you can say it and I got in there with a good handshake. Ages puts it out like a slam I was like hey Jack nice to be Judah JP out of work with Jeff and Jim Jones are 94 won he super cool he took pictures with everybody. It you've never seen JP JP six putts are right this. Say a big guy or talking junior gives dwarfed by Shaq and his and shake kids hands like freezer doors. Yes it. And I and I said 63290. Pounds and I never thought that. Looking at check all the easier on the court and off the cordoned. Once induce funny stuff but anyway a pirate past him when anatomy you know I think apple is really weird. So. There should send everything into a frenzy and there's a lot of police officers there where there is the Dunwoody police officers there as the event where there is act were beach police. So please officers like pork. Just thrown out out there so when things are starting to Gil allowed order the kennel and aren't we need to do the costume contest person too much stuff. In different or because they wanted to make Shaq a guest judge for the custom contest right answer okay Colin. So I'm starting get really panic because they can't read the script every all this commotion happening are because that's what happens when a celebrity shows up unannounced. People start. You know getting anxious I agenda and are very familiar that yes it usually happens where we go. Also cigar but not so I'm Jack can see that I'm visibly. Frazzled. And he he he Lindsay in he leans into me I'm never gonna forget it was checks and amigos. Are missed a radio man. It's perfect it's time to takeover. He's said that to me Alex did Shaq. Am like you got it Shaq so I get on the mugger phone do the event that do the costume contest and introduce everybody's name I don't get any names wrong. It was a fantastic day all because Shaq said that one thing that we were a good 15 words. Our iris. Are mr. radio man. Stunned take over. I guess so he just passed the torch do you. Yeah Yuri charts he night did you do this. In that lucky that and whatever that is gave you the confidence yet in and now that you know I can look in the mirror sometimes and a bomb filled with Sadr whenever from film a little bit. Like I need a little extra boost. So those words say again rejected. All right mr. Newman. Company groove. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.