Sexy Readings

Friday, February 16th

Smooth jazz and a movie theater whisper can make anything sound sexy...or something like that.

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So are in 941. Last week carry a couple days ago actually was Valentine's Day I think we all read like random passages Geneen it was. The first paragraph of the constitution and I read a couple menu items off a red lobster menu I had frosty the snowman the lyrics somebody pump. But we couldn't help but look I mean we laughed and hard through days. Is that so. We're gonna just try this again of who works well the first time we'll try again seated some that we can bring back and regularly amateur. Okay so everybody's guide com. A a piece of paper right with your script. And instead of us reading multiple different things I figure we would just all read like a story. OK so I think Kelly you were wind cheating you're too. You are three Jan JP year four rate does it for next your name on them and then I'll go last zeile. I'll hear Kelly script I forgot to get a team. So this is just something ran them. But it will sound sexy you know very sexy music city totally grant I'm sure our random I'm totally with you don't know man behind the scenes right before on this jet engine marked on the hot oil mysterious like I don't know a best fellas gone on yeah. Radio. My heart felt good. He had daddy. Can Ammann certified meteorologist. Brad Smith joined Debian speed TV Kelly. You can do that so much better then act you're talking about. Boy my best friend admit my beautiful yes. It crush on him is nets. As of us very crass about it did. He has ready candidates onion and Thomas. I mean you should be visualized his wife Amy while you read this maintenance dollars us like a really bad forecasts. There's just. Envisioned and I had a plan like. On the weather is and this. I. Am. This class look like they're fifty shades. Yeah. This isn't about Brad Stein and this is our ought to read a paragraph from brands bio. Seriously team perfect and I. And that's sort of meteorologist. Brad nets. Joined NT SBTV. In January 2006. Us. Still better and this forecast can be seen on weekdays on channel two action news. How do you like your forecast. And whenever severe weather breaks you can count the this. Brand has received numerous awards for his work as a meteorologist. Recently. Brad received Emmy nomination. Sparks. Yeah. What are your theories is looking for specific. Not abandoned or hold off all those same talent and Emmy nominations. I have come through. Our coverage of the historic floods of 2009. In metro Atlanta. And everything's all blacks. And for continuing coverage have been downtown. Atlanta tornado in 2000 many. I think downtown and fifth. He also won and this weather report. From the Associated Press for his work covering the historic flooding. And another best weather reporting award for us. For coverage and metro Atlanta tornado. We continue to read right through premises biography off to VS BTV. Jeanine as a bag and I think the very does sexy music I didn't sound sexy. Blue 2009. Brad won that excellent so. The Atlanta chapter of the American meteorological. Society. For outstanding. And innovative. Lab team cuff things. Either way. Corporate media coverage. Could land. Later gene gives a little thousands of young men have Bryant might have had unless ladies center. Yeah I'd seen coverage Brad. Zoo in Glenn burns and Caron Maine and how much I did not gotten favors. Hey I might turn nag him. Around stepped music goes of this if this is a realtor came any. Brad nets who graduated. From Florida State University. With a degree in mediocrity. He holds the assertive. And it. Broadcast. Meteorologist. Day Diggnation. From the mayor and meteorological. Since 10 AM mass baiting. Brad is one of the first nine. I wrote this maintenance. You can count on there. To bring you seem months. And carrying. Dip dependable. Weather forecasts during. And severe left. Or sunshine. Everything in between me. O way hey. Yeah. I hope. That you guys have created I guess I get an imagine. Then Brandon and his nobody like that nobody is Limited Brands not listening but people who know him. So it means somebody somebody is going to be a person to tell him about this. Million head were you resident says it's it's his starting for one is going to now I was. It does whatever it okay well. How they got weird this. Right now we're on the stand JJ. Hulu the prior to joining WS BTV. Brad forecast the weather and BC news. Brad has worked much of his early career forecast hurricanes. And tornadoes. And category five. In case. Time to take tough act to. Let's go down home now. To the basement. Well keep TC. I was servers. Guys don't mind. Forecast hurricanes. Tornadoes. And as helpful I DNA. Stations and poor Amanda. Put them below him oilman. And I am. I'm certain it's sexy music make anything sound sexy including. Brad mrs. bias so Burr and then. Who is a private. Pilot's. License to thrill. Yeah. Had the Apogee fly with the navy's blue angels and he said it was incredible. It was fun. And they gave him an appreciation. For the extraordinary. Scale. And ability. Other navy pilot. They need. Brandon. And his wife. He need. Arise when native. And it can ease now. And lucky. Put their two daughters yeah. And things yeah. And everybody Brad and I. I go low minutes yeah. Star in 941.