Sexy Music Makes ANYTHING Sexy

Wednesday, February 14th

Don't believe it? Then you definitely gotta listen because it's also absolutely hysterical. 

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This is unjust and UN HL all star in 94 blind. The theory sexy music can make anything's really. And sexy. As long as there's some sexy music behind damp at the heart is. Can they heard leave him pain. But by nine net British radio show reading a passage. From that fifty shades freer. Bok young and they had this super cool music underneath JP has found that news. And it was sexy because he's got the great voice and wherever and pretty economically campaign right. But then he went I'm afterwards and he kept talking. And they ended ended pretty surges never brought to music down and he was talking lake they'd labs used to doing something else. And then. He. It's it's sounded just as sexy like they were tucked left I think he was talking about how hard it was to go back to is to get back to his intent. OK I'm so MI sounded swank is the music. So I asked. My wife Cali. To find. Five random pass paragraphs of text. Ands. Were. Put them in a stack cat passed them out to you guys I don't know what you have. You don't know what I have used by. How are they complacent sexy music. And read. And see if it's. Okay who would like to gophers. Other averse. Kept yelling cheese you addicts oh hi Swedish we start the music over the ad is Eric title on the page that does it tell you what it is nearly ten minutes. City I think she's necessary. Okay I think we should all just be in the moment see how outfielder and once I get towards the end it says the titles so okay so we'll do it at night and you're ready for your sexy music arm ready to go. Yen us. Syria. Too wet to go out and too cold to play ball. So he sat in the house we did not criminal. So Ali could do was to sit sit sit sit. Weaved in not why can't I wanna win this. And then something went bump. I have. How them bombing in as John we look the only song step on the map we look and we saw him a cat in the hat. The Fed to us why he says they're like that. I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny but we can have lots of good fun and funny. All. Oh yeah yeah. Are you get. I JP and Cheney and aren't that make you mean to hurt I think you. In my. That means something now what are we can. Bridges this music bed up on our website and that people leave this it worked today. Has led to read your app works. Leg if you're an account and employee hand Obama again. I GA video on your next yeah I here's your sexy music. I'd UN tell us what it is first easiest Ari knobs is that. I once again I asked pilot Cali just to pick five random paragraphs. And priming handed about. The theory that. If you play something over sexy music is sounds damn sexy. Here we go. No but I'll tell you. Jim hobbies bio on star 94111 dec. Yeah. She is both be compassionate included. Jenn hobby into popular sports in the manner radio a thousand. Mary's mom two girls aged forty to. Gin joints start trying to pour one for the jet engines show in March 26 annual. March 2016. I hotline and a benefit. Jin has won a Gracie award for her work in radio grace his. That's not all. An Emmy award. Early hours. And TV Georgia public projects. Cheap peavy being. Yeah greatly outpaced dropped a you can only achieve PPM. And a good idea right. He has also served as a hoax Manning needs TV WT CH TV oh yea eat the teach me the and falcons playback on CW affiliate. WUPATV. During football season. Okay. And I heard dozens spirited sexy music make anything sound sexy Jeff Europe got married. I'm. Thank. This is my order. That red lobster. Better for and crawfish. Sweet crawfish tails. Battered and golden tried to perfection. Plus. And on the train. Them to write in shrimp. Is the best way to turn on death. That yeah crispy fried shrimp and broccoli. Costs. In our fiery dragon sauce and then top. With pride chili peppers and being Indians. It's our hottest new trend we've done. In more ways than one night. I. Served. Bryce. How I agree that there aren't ago. Oh come I didn't do as this theory. All you need isn't sexy music to make any paying it sounds sexy and and she I'll star. For a trip and then messes around I mean how it's just not been carrying this morning and. King cam sounds sexy as long easy sexy music going on in the background. Fearless they just a minute ago. Kelly she's got a little Dr. Seuss can happen and you have a look at how historians. JP you read. Jan hobbies bio off the Sony for one web sites. This whole idea and you still fun at the latest on him I think I Pedro is he coming to live there. Yeah. I read you menu items off the red lobster man you and we'll continue to give us a cheesy biscuits. Oh. Is and as making us we give them an ace I'd sell we. Mean these were are just paragraphs. That actually netcast my wife palliative. Just pick out of anywhere and I said you're only goes to make some random. Hi and then I came in and handed over these folded up sheets of paper to everybody in the show. Janine is about to read her passages sexy as possible and it is an MA. Match from the constitution. The United States of America. Make America great again. Then. We the people of these United States. In order to form a more opponents picked union Poland Ireland won it. Net and slot where is the southern ballot is a little things disk. And now. I mean it's my stage voice again OK it just comes out at and that may have told you do it again Charleston girls are sexy bit. You definitely got low drawl Wheldon. Franklin distant family frankly my dear god this is costly just let it out. Today midnight in the garden of good engine and I'm. We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union. As stabbed us justice. In short domestic tranquility. The common defense. Promote the general welfare. And secure the blessings of liberty and ourselves and our posterity. Do ordain and establish this constitution. Well the United States. Politicians somewhere and you're bound. I'm not gonna let you made my Second Amendment news. Gotta love America. Hey it's times like these I would like to take a step back and let's all note that we are getting paid. I this is the last round two tests are. Sexy music makes anything sound sexy theory I Jan you gonna tell us what you've got to read is inspiring and I'll I think you'll figure it out it's like. I'd Jen hobby again sexy. What's gonna happen. Donna nominees are at the. Indian channel your inner vixen. Can you Ericsson and and I erratic game. I I think. Sure. Many. Amid the I don't turn away from new and a yoga in the gun and injuring. He sure Redding. Somebody something some. Dump pretty content. Look at trustee can't. Some pity them spend. It. Company. Hoover and bill Simpson. Frosty the snow. Was it John Lee and his soul. With colon. Hi. Again I know some good. And two wounds. Made Cole he can't see it. Hard black hole. Dusty. Snowman had to hurry on his way. But he waved goodbye and saying. Don't shoot crash. I'll be back. On Christmas Day. Com and I think our wives 'cause any friction between you and Heidi that I think you may have made JP well. That's not a kid. Thanks for making this wedge to adjust and change now one star not before one and it.