A Serial Monogamist Needs Our Help: Part 2

Wednesday, March 8th

A woman is about to move in with her new boyfriend she met only 3 months ago the night of her divorce, and her friend doesn't know what to do!

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Then she all star and cares how the next five minutes of the Sheraton ago a leisure world give us a 32 recap of the predicament she's saying. Where is her serial monogamist friend. Kirby SF we just got divorced and Jan Asia mean we'll try to explain to leash in the psychology of a serial monogamist. Don't think of much of rogue house. And at the end Kelly cheese will give for a lack of a better explanation may. Campaign speech stump speech he's talking directly to unleash his friend about the benefits. Of chest. B and I thought. Com thought well just trying to what do you from our reports from yesterday. Did you coming up close. I just think that year in liberal with your dating. O'Bannon and a senator I can't comment out of a hundred. She's an equal opportunity Dieter the CEO us. And this is today is about ending gender determination jab so to would you have said the same thing to a single man now. You wanna call him a play SO I'd like you to realign and say Kelly cheese is gonna give us are single girls stump speech about Vienna player go. Happy international women's day. Not talk with Kelly. I just before he got gauged. We used to call JP thought boy. That's right. You column that you need nobody can Simi burning holes through you with my stare right now leadership for anybody just now tuning in to give like a 32. Recap of the situation here and we do your best friend. Okay and so she married a lot of her right yeah and while her sweetheart and it's good an early age with two major. They're married for 21 years no kids she gets to divorce the night of her divorce we go out he meets this guy at this bar. They hook up and now they're talking about engagement moving them together and I think it's great to act I think that it hurt you know the guys is she just. It's great eight. So. She literally met the guy that night that she sang her divorce papers yeah literal and came view in all of your friends think that she's not. Absolutely and and she is asking our listeners to. Kind of things drop some knowledge on her from from their experience. And we'll start the second segment is serial monogamists. Jenn hobby. And Janine right. My I could down a little bit of a tangent now I would I would. Like Geneen to talk about being a serial monogamists yeah apps okay got my actress Sutton is the reason why eighth this man feels perfect is because he has all of the qualities that she found. Her first husband did not have so she saw something in him that the first man didn't have even though and the most part they're probably kind of similar people. But it. That usually leads to oh my gosh this is the relationship this is what I was looking for the whole time and now I feel it and it's strong and it's there. And it's very much this is the relationship I was really looking for I think serial monogamists have this idea. At business relationships that they really want in their heads and they know because they know themselves they know what they want. There's strong about it they know they can be a good person in a relationship. And they're just looking for NASA they see someone and they get to know them so well they know that's the perfect relationship. So they force it to fit it's like when years. You're gonna jigsaw puzzle you know it doesn't go in the Arab leadership and you know what. You find a piece that looks like kind of two feet away looks like it would fit. Perfectly and you're like oh my gosh I totally summit p.s I'm not giving an a look at the other fifty pieces that are kind of similar to actually. A news item got two series. On this one I think that a lot of women. Will fall in love with the greatest potential of a man it and but not the man himself thank. So hopefully that fact and I can't. I think his serial monogamist do this because they're comfortable in a relationship setting a more comfortable. For whatever reason but they don't fall in love with that man there optimists and they fall in love with the greatest potential of that in game I've made that mistake many times in my. Past relationships it's like him timer Irish bright sign enemy command Reich is the main line to be today not that oh he's gonna be dancing someday I'll IC has been a song now he is who he says he is. Today. So that's one of the greatest lessons I feel like ever learned in my life and then the second thing takes it down a little bit of a tangent but I think it's about the and I wanna beat your efforts I know people are listening with kids in the car but I think when you take your relationship to an intimate level. Women feel more of a commitment to make that relationship work for a longer. Yes because of these stigma. Around women and sexuality. Some extent are you reading between lines American religious so wanna go Super Bowl with kids listening but if you are they are in a relationship like well because I went pear. I should make this into something more meaningful and may be an actually it's what you do it got to keep. Well I think it. Yeah and I think we were all raised that if you feel that way about someone must mean they're very important to you yeah. And there's a lot of things even though that are not and I think they also love having people like that person is my purse and instead of having a large friend group. I. Kelly tees by the way is actually making notes. Similarly I can't think our love for her speech yeah. For her days in an emotional roller for example yeah there's the English. It's Kelly Jesus player campaigns. Coming up in just as I am out Margaret welcome militia. Hey I'll tell it dumpster fire but I. You don't go to the bag that's going to happen and they're calling eight guidance and that she doesn't drop that she absolutely going to leader Trent got a gonna happen. Variety. Yes he's got to stop it from happening I have to use dumpster fire and a sentence later to. I love her yeah. Katie it would stagnate. The morning. I. Great OK so what I was thinking why is in no way I agree that it's a terrible idea but I think at her friend that. Like like the previous caller said it's gonna happen. And I think as your friend you should be there for her. Tom when it and land it does. Turning into a dumpster or. Oh my god is there a potential. Sorry it's wherever enrichment that Cheney do you think well let's brainstorm as a show here here now you've just been deputized as a producer of the show. Is this is there a segment that we can do it's just Telus merger dumpster fire. No it's happening. Tell us about your dumpster fire near like listen. I'm gonna go into work this week I'm deleting every hard drive and that I'm quitting in a spectacular Jerry Maguire fashion taking a page out of the tank and storming out of there. That's your dumpster I guess there's going to be a dumpsters who's governed with me. Now would be therapeutic so all of the colors. Great. Thank you Katie you're now. Pretty served this year. Well I do I do call it about once a week our. I don't think you Kate Moss and Coretta got all. Red hair Katie means necessities and she thought out and have emotion commented countries and pay Lindsay in Camden but up. Hey. I'm wind out of bed until that Huckabee being hash tag dumped or try. Pilot captain saying he's stacked. And did they don't remember I think and lady her red flag and by broad candidate she quietly Dan laden relies. I mean and that data entry and obviously so they may or may not actually her true love her life and Urlacher better church neither do you do my mind and my butt out how. There are good but there's no she met this guy her first guy she met him in high school there's never any red flags as well as a puppy. That. I'm okay Sabrina encryption Harry you. William and Harry all. Her friends. Well I am actually a girlfriend of a I had hundred similar situation a preference. And or kicking and super slow we are just now Blake. Five months into it nearly barely mentioning it really EB possibly the idea clothing and a but you know you never know when you need to write one like I would put it one night and and it turned into your relationship. You've never. Does it make you question if he's ready or not. I'm in the beginning and I'm not L I I would always like it did at lunch aren't you eating out now they're I am a monogamous serial monogamy curtain while. Oh when he was like no I really wanna relationship I feel regarded. I concede that he actually serious and I think he is ready because the old woman who was not good for him at all. If there's such things as serial monogamist is it possible that there are also cereal when nights Anderson. Korb as proud of it sure and I don't think so hey Rebecca and Lawrence noble and the show. Paid. I didn't say that let this girl does not realize that the honeymoon straight at an end at some point just like her marriage and. And I'm marking the agency that she did I was going to hurt the worst categories. And and knowing decade I love Mike here at bay planet it's not always a walk in the cart so he's and it experience agreement that. That that English she can't afford. Do you wish you had some more alone time in between. Fry immaterial monogamous and does like to. I am a puppet let it go and and and I did they did a couple of guys in the clean. And then my current clerics say it's very persistent and he did lose everything Olympics has tended not. So. Either I tell forum and I can affect and so let let him play it's you know it's the same struggled prepared to play any others. Don't feel like I'm. Eavesdropping on an addiction group like she's likely. My name is Rebecca and I know honey this is Illini I'm from. And I am a serial monogamist I ripped Baghdad yeah. No no this is finite. 814 and one of them is the thought. Well I'm I'm trying to totally like back in my younger you're twenty nearly twenty they're like he need not always thought it was a character that always have late friend. And I only had some acute lying. You're right I can't put it next but I. I got circles to. They space. Debris around IA I do if it makes you feel better I do about them a serial monogamist. I mean Nigerians. So it's always comes back to match. Kelly she's been preparing a statement. For a just friends who is listening right now. And that all. Serial monogamists listening right now right yes especially if you file like you guys so like you're always in our relationship working just got out of one in here. Looking at John backhand and other hear me out here these aren't OK ladies and gentlemen Kelli geez your polygamy coach. And there's a lights out you know so here's my thing is when you're and a marriage. That ends or when you're in a really long relationship and it ends. You had all these expectations on the sides. And those extras expectations don't work out on either hand because a lot of times you just set the bar a little too high or like you said you've fallen in love with the idea of what this person can be in not who they actually are. So there's pressure on you and that person to be perfect to live happily ever after and that's just not realistic so. When you finally get out of this relationship that wasn't good warriors no longer in it for you it's your time to be selfish as your time tonight. Take a break from being serious like figure out what you want not just in your dating my foot at work I can't tell you how many my friends and I. Preached to this you that go and bust their butt at large and finally gets a promotion because that's where their mind is our vs like I had to get off work. To go back to my wife from my boyfriend my girlfriend because that's what my mind is always on finally its focus on market. And you can figure out what you want and why you do that you're going on good days you're going on bad days and your figuring out like. Man I used to date and pick all the wrong people and mountain. Finally realizing hey this is a good date I never dated this type of guy or girl before. Exploit your sexuality like don't be ashamed of lighthouse on little promiscuous if you've. Been dating the same person since you're sixteen galore like. Naked up girl. How can I might Wear pressure levels your story you know like how some fun and don't have honey and Cheerios and lucky charms and yeah. Aren't all of end your outing on fan but you gotta go into all of this with zero expectations. Understanding that every day isn't going to be the best understanding that because you had a couple really good days are the first three months you're on the honeymoon phase. Perfect you might find out later this guy's got a kiddies ever told you about you know you might find out later this girl's got a boyfriend my hugest. You have not got to go into with those experts are with zero expectations because and it takes all the pressure off. Of you know if you find out that it's not a good situation are. May be trying to that is great and you've gone into an open mind and so my advises don't mumble swipe right. Have some impressionable minds and go out and enjoy yourself it'll I trust me every so are you bet it's so much fun. Being singled ends up. Ladies I don't know man. Lachey and. They they are great again. I I think in addition to the dumpster a fair bit I think we may Kelly she's somebody's. I was serial monogamists. We made her their coach. Their buddy embraced this cycle yes and brilliant radio or watch on. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.