A Serial Monogamist Needs Our Help: Part 1

Wednesday, March 8th

A woman is about to move in with her new boyfriend she met only 3 months ago the night of her divorce, and her friend doesn't know what to do!

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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now we're changing direction and needed crowds source that has some advice for a friend of the show here. It is she needs to stop Herbie SF from making a decision that she thinks he could ruin her life. I did situation is this a leash is joining us welcome to the show a leash here. Hello thank you hi sorry you have to follows such intensity. I could take kind of an intense day I got a boost. Think. I where we're gonna cleanse the little bit with the with crowd sourced counseling that's what we column we lead on our. Listeners to help us come up with the with the answers to questions. So yes but that's great hands and the person we're talking about you're a 100% chairs listening right now correct. Our phone number is 4042630941. Listen to a leash is story and then the I hop on the phone with us and help her out Alicia Alicia this is about your best friend right. Yes correct and that's how. Oh my best friend and she come up with a love of her life. She was very young. Christina. And and they gave it and then they got married when she was like 21 really early that you don't mean on the one guy asked them you know and they ordinary girl like fifteen years have been having kids. And unfortunately. Thanks to divorce and then ninety. But really what are we had and the girl's night out we go to the bar and to celebrate her newfound freedom her new alliance. And eat his high. And so don't let him. I know learned one thing leads to another another hour and I would like three months ago and now. We're talking about didn't you come. What what are you doing. Come on guys. It doesn't guy. In the Superman is the actual meat and she thinks that she's just at all on how to bring open that this guy is. And I. And we can't cocker out of it and it's making me crazy because he not met a guy. And it's not him I'm like yeah okay have been going on a guy I don't know what it is that I got red flag dollar remained so. You know he knows about it strictly about this you know your two re bounding and she. Soon got mad at me actually so. But how did Robert opponents and I know she's kind and Corky and finally end. Shouldn't you be playing to its other women see the end and it's just freaking me out. So you don't count me out she won't listen to you at all about snow okay. Low down that maybe take a breather and just be dire so little while. I mean it's only in three much even know how to be yourself and you know. Well wonderful things are out there and life or her she doesn't need a Maynard and her life all the time now has it's read that she needs this. Kind of discover herself now that she's the lead dog and you know. All right so Aaron what you're looking for a than it is our listeners. To. Act as anonymously. Mediators right leg they're hearing their presentation and you just want them to call up. And drop off their two cents. Can I think you know maybe is he would listen to strangers rather than her friend who she thinks are trying to you know run her life. Yeah come on I think somebody's got to experience it says maybe they did that and it didn't go well she can listen about sale of candy and. Only candy endeavor so welcome to the show. I had a good day you have personally experienced in this area are you just a personal right. Do you fan I have refrigerator Perry I wasn't even really been born yet when I got with my house out. I think it all depends on the situation. Obviously issue about her divorce party showed divorces don't. Happen overnight stay kinda take a lot of happens they've been up for awhile. And she got issue recommendations and rebound the last free non rebounds last couple weeks maybe months chops and he lied. I think she finally found happy and so you would curb your relationship why are the addition Edwards and gosh you know pushing it to my attention copy letter B. Around and I don't think that's what I'd been very good now go all right well I'll show was like yeah no yeah I don't want to call I think. I've Samantha welcome to the show. Tried thank you I think she really just starting out I didn't. Wedged I don't engage the floor sounds kinda. And I would much lit yes. What I really capture. We actually it's religion should be output. I thought Eric pure luck. You know I am black and wreck someone and how are there really weren't going very very slow. I don't feel any better her own well being and I think what you really need to do or. Can I didn't. You know slow it down for sure they only ask in Atlanta there's a lot happening in a phone call right. Think he escaped to Mississippi and then some sort of heart monitor went out and shoot a really wind it. If that was all happening. So there's a lot of multitasking going on his. Facing the incoming welcome to this day has some advice. I do good morning I was married at wildwood somewhat from the age of fifteen to forty. Got a divorce immediately got her involved with someone else almost immediately. And while we're married and it's working out whale I will tell you in hindsight I should have taken that try and help the wind must first there is in debt carrying them and knocked back. Got no damage sent words of wisdom some he has been there thank you Susie. Hey Colleen and little girlfriend. Call me. At. I think it could share both here let geared you can tell us how you really film. And mine Mary McNamara theory. And don't think it will land that way today at a train ray I Iranian cleric. And Terrence French and then and needs Erica out and among and it careful. I did in that there as soon and still we're certainly in my kids and finished. I should have cleared that still. She should go out and just enjoy it writes that she really her. Something about people who leave relationships and but they're just come more comfortable in our relationship. So make the next one fit even though it doesn't fit. Well I think if she's willing to talk about it we might recruit Geneen. CU will be his Janine is an admitted serial monogamous. Sheen loves being in a relationship. And I have had a tendency to be like at mile asked him so maybe we give a leash a UNG can give at least show little insights that. Mean to. What. Her friend is thinking and yeah. And maybe kind of breakthrough turn that way and that I think we have Kelly chief will will take some more fun cosmic Kelly she's. Can wrap up this segment. Talking directly to leashes friend selling her on why you need to be singling get out and Kirk I'd out of here that's dumpster and F. I'm. Star in 941.