Send Tyler A Smilegram

Thursday, December 7th

UPDATE: We learned that Tyler's condition has worsened, and we want to give him all the support we can. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. We need your help. Last week as we do at the beginning of every month that we introduce you to a new kiddo who's fighting cancer and in the hospital and needs some cheering so we encourage. The Jeff intention apparently to sense my programs so we introduce you to our friend Tyler who is a teenager he's battling brain cancer at children's Scottish rite campus. And he's just got such a great attitude he's so funny. He's risen from New Orleans visa Marietta high school graduate I know I cinema bunch of saints and falcons jokes. And so we were just asking everybody you know send him some day that will lift his spirits because as we know. That's 00 really important thing to have lawyer in the hospital and there's a lot of waiting time there's a lot of down time and so we just thought let's fill of that hospital room with programs from all of you. Urges lifting him up. Especially around this time of year. Because it's the holidays everybody celebrating with friends and family. Might many times I during the winter our minds the hospital wall lock down. These floors the children's hospitals will lock down the florists. Where patients might have become vulnerable immune systems in the camps or slurs certainly one of those. And not only do you get the look and social media tell your friends and family celebrating. But you can't have them come visit you because they might bring journalists and then it may. And your neighbors say. Well I'm a week it learned about Tyler's through his former master teacher and Marion high school she's still close to him enclosed with the family. And so I'm she reached out to me after this my programs and said that his mom Terri. Wanted to snow how much she appreciated the support and how this program to really make him smile she also wanted to let us know that Tyler's condition. Has taken a turn for the workers. And so those messages of encouragement and love and support from his running community are gonna mean even more right now. I'm his math teacher says that Tyler's not doing well at all. If he's allowed to leave the hospital and it will be to go to process. So this is the situation at that. You know is it is an update for our different engine family that may be hard to hear rate now lawyer on the way to school or work this morning but just know that those messages. And those smiled rams means so much. To Tyler and also to his mom. Terry we have moved the information and how does and Tyler as my ramp back up to the top of our FaceBook page normally this is something that we do our first show of every month. Because Tyler made such an impact fans to people who know him and it because is he did take a little bit returned. For the worst we want to make sure he knows and is feeling all the love so even if you sell one before. If you get sent another when that would be great if you could share the link can encourage tell your friends and family to send them. It's that the holidays this month. It. Hit his his health taking a turn pro worse than him being such a special Ed we really wanna make sure he's on the left from from the definition of family in the Atlantic communities that beat you guys may be awesome yet easy to find faced a tough contest and Jan Schaub. How can you and young star already forewarned.