Send Tyler A Smilegram!

Friday, December 1st

We need your help! Tyler is fighting to beat cancer at CHOA and two minutes of your time could go a long way. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. It's free it's Casey about three minutes to do and it's guaranteed to make a child in the hospital smile. It's called smile grams and we have a new ghetto to enter. DC two today. This guy's name is Tyler and he is eighteen age her. Who is battling brain cancer. He is a Marriott are high school graduated and all he wants. It is some company and you can provide that company for him by sending him a smile Graham why his I mean. By the people who told us about Tyler said that one of the things he lives tourism making other people happy. So can't we all just come together and put a bunch of smiles on his face possible and cleanup and it only takes two minutes. I you've got to do is head over to our FaceBook page Jeff finch and show you'll see a picture of Tyler right there are ten to the top of the page and a link to send him a smile program. This program is a message that will be delivered directly to his hospital around. And it's a note for me here that says hey Tyler you don't count me but I think it's your great and you're gonna get through this and sent him some encouragement some inspiration some positive any any sentiment joked animal know that somebody is thinking about him and wants to make him. I'll today yet he that things that we know about Tyler Aram he's originally from New Orleans so I feel like good round on the same suppliers. Hi and then the other thing I that he wrote big bid maybe a lap why is he loves the music. Even elevator music so obviously the guys. Got a sense of you. So finding what he is a fighter and we need to give him some extra motivation today. Please be a part of this. And I'm just gonna say hey teachers this be great thing to do and class today is the Friday put everybody in a good mood smile and having your entire class send us my program from. To Tyler even find it right now on mine. FaceBook dot com slash Jack contention and all I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.