Selfie on a First Date

Wednesday, July 27th


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Obviously she's on this dog got. Well we're gonna call this and that case in the first day itself. Perhaps. You know the story. Are you doing I have to just those three words first big self your thoughts are in line with 100%. Everybody. Our phone number is 40474194. And please see that in your phone because we've we but there should be that super interactive. And we love the random phone calls. About whatever. And real talk sad and we needed rain in the morning this news means it. Whenever. He hunts and now for a 474194. And if you want to weigh in on it it is but I think it's all gonna all. Where you'd get me. And my. Right and while. Having a great time on Sunday evenings fantastic. Day did. It early drinks at the error during a night and it turned into full blown dinner at different restaurants not in your tests and now. Well happy you're not gonna waste time on dinner anything after it drinks don't go. Happy errors and easy now. Easy isn't easy app dinners. Or yeah so vain. There have in the holder and things are going great and and there's Weiner drinks there's something in that things are getting a little bit. Looser. And me. Realize. That there's I have some commonality there. John Roberts school there's some connection. From way back where they would have mutual friends OK but not real mutual friends that these. She says. Or giving in let's take a picture. He refused. Is a. Anatomy of. Oakland is the picture and we'll send it to our mutual friend person as what she was thinking. That's Jews think he's the other's personal think it's funny that we're on state senator she never good enough she never said it ever said that. That. I was eighties and then he's like non Nat and SE she says wanted to add that subsequent. It. And it it immediately he refused. And meet immediately became so uncomfortable and awkward that she said it almost turned into like a mini site. As much as you can get into an argument first eight somebody chart it turning that it would you be both. With solved he's on anything it's helped me is and I think it's weird and do so feast on yourself. And she could not even Avant couldn't even process there are some people who don't understand the boundary. A privacy issue is one of those people that tried post everything has no filter doesn't even think twice when she hits share right. And he's somebody who probably protective predators. And in any. Well here's the deal. It got so awkward at big eight handed in their clearly won't be another date that ended that awkwardly. And my first reaction my gut wise. Well this is obviously dating somebody else may be married he's got something going on where he doesn't want his business out of here. So he was late new itself. Did everybody else in the conversation said no way she was out of. She was that I outline first date. I mean I understand where you were thrown out the red flag. The potential Mary red flag or the potential and another relationship red flag that would be. That's kind of a jump to conclusion. I feel like that's jump to conclusion more than it's like just etiquette just earn. I got what it felt they producer Kelly she's just walked in the studio. That there are now. It's an experience. I have. And not just me my friends have two guys I just don't wanna take pictures and don't want them online. Whether you're married or is -- somebody you're with some money in year your travel and less you just don't have. And here are your job specifically Ricky lake and cover something like that he's not undercover cop then what's the big deal. What about this theory is now I'm gonna argue the other side. Yeah I'm just get it they were divorcing me. What is he just doesn't want it out there and tagged whatever and all of his friends and right. Woody's doesn't want. I just have a feeling he might be. Somebody who doesn't wanna put it all online. Especially first day east and figure out is. As a apnea though diversity al-Qaeda event but he was so adamant that this plan. I I side with him like it's tired. 4047419400. Cast Katherine in that wreck. We have out. Well I agree with you Jeff I think it also eighty that he wouldn't take a picture I mean. People are trying to show our but at the picture it with him. And it's almost like I mean like you bet that I did like take a picture that that it doesn't want a certain. Hurt and making certain people that yeah 88 team of people that don't want them to know that he's dating others. Any thing she's you. Keeping it on first alpha. If you tell him you. No I know usually on our any you do feel the kind of letting you'll go OKQ you're about to look at the picture won't take it. Why can't. You think. She. Big red carpet look ahead narrow forest 74 line at 9400 phone lines are ringing. And yeah. Still aren't ready for a one.