Secret Spots for Singles to Mingle

Monday, January 9th


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Shia so all. We're about grocery shouting. We had to talk about this public supermarket in findings and Cumberland both. Which coincidentally or not is where our producer Tunisia. And it's supermarket. Apparently has code. If you are buying bananas. You put them in the part of your art that means you wanna. The top part where it typically a diaper children sits right UPU bananas there right there about it. And you I never about it and he never. Realize that there if hoop by. Where I might chicken as if you'd. Advancements that their before you our band bite you real whenever. He spent an aunt and parenting for real. I think if it does not him and it hasn't sheets and I never wrote I announcer froze German on the hands there. And I realized like on my out. Yeah it's not about your earnings and it's about fecal matter. On over and have some of the Moly and in this. And here for a 4630941. Is our phone number. Did you notice anything weird they're tuning is that your supermarket. I personally I haven't too much hey I've noticed a little bit more. Now that I go back there we talked about the difficulties because it and everybody differently and I know if they ever cut it does go there by themselves as a lot of like expected youthful people in Hamlet. And it really looked. So I. Like it. And I I would -- maybe go there and let them yes a wedding ring in my pocket stroll around for an ego fix. But it readjustment and the baker manager of yeah. Oh look at the triple brownies are in. I can't look at it and let. Aren't there so we want you to share their secret hook up spots and us right yeah 40413. 630941. That's the phone number eight average and show I. I wanted to play right now that that that certainly correct that buying public really is they single public. At that point that it almost the meat market. So. I have half a wound up aren't. End of it is that when I go there a ten minute walk around holding cat inning capped the concrete proof of is not known to meet and well I hello yeah. I Michael public as well and I. As I eight I hit it constantly and banana or not it doesn't really matter Yonhap. It doesn't matter where you pre bananas bills that are. Could buying things historically. Is like a singles not bad right. OK so and everybody needs to eat so the grocery story is a great place for that to happen and it's a safe spot right now. Have you ever met anybody cool. 00. If hypothetically if we for just for research purposes if we were gonna saint Kelly cheese to that. Public's. What would be a good time for her to go big time of day. I'm. Oh I could go on Saturday morning. Sometimes I'm nick and go on Saturday night like if you want wilding creepy. People you might wanna go like on Saturday evening and LG marquee that are like like he did not party animals but if you're party animal bit about. Guys that. I heated up when Saturday morning. I say Saturday morning late late morning light in letting down our probably between ten and eleven. Aren't they are Starbucks and we make every public and hello the end. I wanna see thank you what's your name. Thank you Francis appreciate it. I. Amber welcome to the gym and Ngo. Good morning I. Worry all the good idealists house of our grocery shopping and McDonna. I'd heard that they keep achieve that couple that. Over in the lake area and you may hate her ample in your cursor carton that top part. That means you are eight linger. On and you're available all are you're lucky or others lingered in that area. First of all I'm fascinated how you say that word swinging better swing there and say you wouldn't say America. I have tripled. And then tie it at number one and number two what is your urges me in hand. And hands and body tech Miami and you bought the clothes you bought almost up to you for got up and ample. He's run backing the mine when he grabbed a cart is what you pints of what is. Hope nobody late night. Nobody late pineapple pineapple or get left in the fruit every. Yes it is no honey did Mallon and can't get left behind no anymore and then map that is now oh yeah away there's way more left of Orange and green and there weren't aren't goes urged the Apple's little. Last album she'd Alex Taylor around the edges pineapples like hey you know what would be great witness Nagle and I'm having some mouth sores. Thanks amber appreciated you know well on eight it and I want. Heard about the pineapple before at Andrews and I'll read it which one and that's ads and guide Johns creek Newark that's the lines out there aren't Johns creek rate plan when. Street in. Oh. And you you're in Paris in people and is one where if you put your car keys in the baskets no. You don't get a shopping cart just to the basket and our keys and it. There another one we heard about doctors earn an alum. Inserts detonating a sort of meeting jangled. It. My tires that he's at you and I wouldn't ever engines on one. If it off from. See that it went on their ticket clue Laura. Notice whether you're single or married is you don't wanna get caught doing the wrong thing we've moved down that harder hitting issues a Laura. If you rate rise on U lecture from a lot. I. Think. You know on an even worse what our. The bottom of the goal would terrible community you people. In March and and community trying to politely. Yes we love Laura and Lawrence found her pineapple. She's right it was. Eagle landing came so I'm trying to. Now all right if I can and leave the pineapple out of my fruit cup because they go out I. No one cared he would do it only me aren't well that's I'm worried about it I have the pineapple and enemies of reason the economy I'd want. And Kelly welcome to the Asia. I let's. I didn't want it they had eight straight and an apple or can't partner. I. So fresh right it's going to be friends and I believe on. Always restricted and can't and that also he can't achieve stability. Put. Voted to better use it can't. That you gallery. I think there will be shouting. He's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And spring come a little early enough. Congestion.