Secret Competition

Friday, September 9th


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All over the T yeah. Justin and she OnStar in the eyes yesterday morning and a shadow. We we're talking about. Either column life tax Hitler will leave things like and we ask people brag about you brag about how lazy you are and you get away at that we had. I call out Lou. These kids to school and whoever. He calls for his children. Com. You guys we multiple people who multiple high featured toilet trained pets. Yes taxes and I am not going to deal with the cat litter out now. Yeah a guy who keeps hearing in his bathroom near shower. So he can just immediately get up. And while showering make himself a cup of coffee and loves Allen making food in the bathroom that's the right way. And I think my favorite is the woman who showers and gets dressed for work the night before. And sleep on her. Her work. Sushi get up and get to. She's like I'll do is brush my teeth and rest my hair and I hit there and passed a so I so that got to. Detect an interesting turn when we got a phone call from a woman named Heatley. Poll like head start on my that that competition and swallow when I'm in tropic I get up and and that there's doubt. And had everybody out of 1000. I like they get 20000 or 101000 because I'm really. Got them. Would it 1000 actually it but I like Fredricka I think that a guy like 22. I love that. Turkey but. So there at the that it storyline that Jen wants to take from that is. About competition. And being in a competition that other people don't even gathering. That's a perfect fit. Group doesn't know that she secretly competing players though and you're secretly competing. 4047419400. What competition are you currently in. And that person the other person the other competitor he has no idea that there even. I have a friend who lives in Florida who is in one of these right now I'm used Mandy tank and I want to say what city sailors and she is an a secret competition with her neighbor. You have. The best yard in the neighborhood because they were happen like their little mommy happy hour everybody's drinking wine and all the other ladies in the neighborhood were complementing. Her next door neighbor. On her yard. So then Maine he's competitive spirit kicks and she's like. OK. Now is not kind of answered that she starts giving into it. And at this point now they both have great yards and everybody compliments both of them at the mommy line nights on who has a great yard but the thing is is Mandy hate gardening. She hates being in the yard. She hates planting she hates so oil she hates the whole process of habit she devotes hours and hours of time every weekend. To make sure that her yard is a. To par or better than her neighbors her goal to ultimately made people stop talking about the neighbors yeah it only time. And only talk about errors and she'd only suspect. I hate pleasing especially roses and 840474194. And is number I am and a friend who took a job. And the only reason. She took this job is because it came with a company car. A beautiful luxury. Automobile. Nice she can drive for work and personal use as long as she. Was employed by this company. And she it's okay and added. We age one and she went to college and now they live here. She took this job just to have a nicer car. Out of a field that to us via part of it's not in a it's not in her giant reader yeah it's super career path but it's not a bad at it pays well and she gets herself a beamer. Six doctor lecture wheels in the driveway. I Nicole welcome to the jet engines you know who are you eating way. Com. How do it another look like eight. Have no idea and I kind of think he could competition. Where I am I eight page and you can't you. I'm. I guess it's all of the need children we have. And I like my eight everyday I go to highlight how well and I had a little competition we get away because I. All of their might let though it each other and. The other. Stuff it's no idea. And you'll never like anything on her page because that would give it to about. I like. For a thousand thank you for admitting that. Earl Warren 741 and 9400 will take more of your phone calls. I'm who you are secretly competing with hate cam welcome to the jet's engine and show will. Are you any secret competition width. Out this way back and I still won't I don't know what my brother and we actually would both try to get the last drop out of the toothpaste before I headed Heller on that we get by anyone about the whole time people didn't know what you're doing. I mention that if you'd back to him and I think you know exactly date it's ready to elect the the pilot skill. So I'm eating secretly get a bell if you bet. And what what is it leaves their reasons for others for that. I don't know if the secret. Who can get out the competition we're very competitive sport and make that evident. And Meghann welcomes the Japanese and show her you're competing. I'm gonna be my best friend and we had to get her very well and eat there are only three days of hard. And it been like as a kid they're going up what's their marina now by this season so it doesn't hurt like my back and smiled art and it like. Is upset about that and then by her child by walking Barry and talking are at like eight we ally but I'll. And it like my my son potty trained like a year earlier than her out at the deadline. They had an I iPod Atrix like. It hot but it's like it. But as Billy competition because they're different but it does look like man I got away. And you know other all gonna even out by like the ages of six right. I totally there and I don't even think as she think that that competition but I totally unlike I got spike in the light went. I would. I'll bet that she thinks it's a competition like my gut. She's in the same. A lot of Mondale like you can't help but compare other kicking kids I actually think like diet and. I thought every green and I think that's ever mommy blogs arts is like. I don't compare blocked I'm. Imagine. I I don't wanna you know encourage competition between children. Rick Alice whose child is more physically attractive. I Nicole welcome to the jet engine should be competing. Well me and my back and actually all the bad as lightweight and issue a beautiful blonde hair I'd like Lula. I Ali thank you pictured it short by a little bit tighter hair. I. Are trying to. Yeah I guess subconsciously can beings learn to change her hair styles your boyfriend. Like your head more than hers. Yeah and it acts Heyward hit this summer particularly well prepared. Kurt and you look amazing but now I don't want her to. And she has no idea that this is. Diabolical plan now he held out so hot installation of Tyre have a and I did it now. And does your boyfriend no other secret competition. Not a the public on loving you I like hearing about it I like it got a. I. Nice work well. Thank you so. It. On what scale of crazy Nicole ball. That. But if you try. And. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.