Scott's Bachelorette Review - June 8, 2016

Wednesday, June 8th


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The line. And now it's gone. This spot your ass from Boston is like drinking cold beer and smoking again as it is and Jana yeah. Doing actually messed up when Jeffords and know what's ought not kid. I. Got for us. This week after the Monday night match at the very. Very special week because if you lapses that it's out of it. I know I have before and classmates at opposite why are you mad. Word of all people. You know eat at the university Georgie plea from the Pittsburgh Steelers yes. And he has viewing parties for the bachelor bachelorette Heinz. Fortunately knows mines. I want him to contact me because I want his main card back. Got a I don't wanna act now I do average NFL guys are watching it because and I just little runner. On the show. AM this electing to watch this I want veered into cartel. Yeah I. Interesting. That we the interest in heights. They called television event again at the bachelorette. This is the cycle war. He kicked me that this guy chat at a well now it's at my father again. And I've already said what I would do this you don't want to take one step further would not gonna get a much of football players when I'm up rollback in the pickup truck with about the amount toward straight jacket on. This guy is dangerous is. Dangerous you know. Is he the guy that I've read this and Twitter right that he wanted to cut out somebody's arms and legs and drop in the pool. Yes yes yes you are threatening last night they had a pool party instead rose ceremony last night sneak through and through pool party and things got really dramatically and with Chad there and judge you had to find out the action the security guard in the house to protect the other guys. From crazy Jack. At this is her artisan guy named Derek. Kind of mock. They're actually because I just could feel like in the vicinity. But stressed that came somebody's announced that quickly lift clean deal. He's healthy can now see anywhere recently he's. I got to go now. As of today. I mean I guess security got the price at thirty camera guys and producers and other people Austin around slowly and intervene that's a total guy. Slight move slowly that I had Datsyuk knowing that you got all your buddies that are not yet been amazed. This is ridiculous I mean it gets down to the point of threatening. One contestants. You wanna join the conversation. Yeah figures who. This is a show. You're safe for now. You go home. Think I can find you if you think I won't go out of my way could you come to your house. It's even got scared and I think he should be. A death. So how was he still on the show I now this this guy saying Jeff wallet. Veins are popping out of his forehead and he looks I'll steer he is on Roy retreat yeah. There's definite work but see here's my problem. With the all the other guys. Except for fuel. Everybody keeps talking about. And if you're trying to win. Seen my daughter over right. One you're talking about. Yourself. And her will wasn't and he resident yeah. Like Alex did a perfect opportunity last night. When they went on a double date Chad now which courses like vinegar and water together to write a number one yeah. And Jo-Jo takes one out you know you walk on the wasn't park and at first I thought he was gonna take. That team it was one apartment shed but no no. A much. Susie and all of his life whether he's feel longtime right. And you gonna talked about action but that could be that Kaiser's strategy to the track Chad guy he just may have taken it too far but see if the problem. Alex is done now. And owns a little bit. And Derek now the only one I haven't seen do yet is look. Lou had the big hot tub that you bring up Chad onetime. New one time you write you write like Luke from the beginning tonight kind of like at this wasn't sure about look at the beginning on. I don't warming up to him Scott Weaver if some nationally now. But I think the most interesting things because of the double date yeah. One rose. Yeah when's it get sent home. Cat. I. Don't think. He'd say I'm. I don't think that relating TV came. And resort to violence is coming at the end of I don't event and other people. You know everybody ha. When she gave the rose Alex everybody's luggage and it was eighth. But I think we're gonna find out this is it really I don't think this. Like I said I do not watch the clips to next week as I don't wanna. Warning them don't wanna know what's coming down I want to bring it to the next morning right yeah yeah. I texted. Producer Dave last night I know he's not done well I'm gonna happen I think he comes back. But it's some gonna have to happen and that's got do you even know about that day and this season show that they do that's like after the rose him something if no. And you correctly and right now and maybe I'll off here and it's a it's I'd share. Private audience. After. It's both. And it's the one. In neighboring all the news back. All the guys are sitting and statement at all. And so he will definitely be back. And maybe back that. This outcome and now it's just too too dramatic the only guy and a vast and and I wanted I'm. But the only guy I'm in an insanity from. That good even though even though. But he. But he couldn't hold on time so I'll. Let the blame them a little bit by you know Evans who we I think we need to send in the sports you know because you know we only put the black and one. And swept and I say it but. I think everything was tightly did Jeff like with picket Kenya. And it all of us. And I. One.