Scott Trask's First Bachelorette Review

Tuesday, May 24th


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It's. Really Tucson is not a nice. It's my friends and show them. Love is in the air. My in the air we need him on ABC television. Hash tags the bachelor Brad and last night as Joseph Joseph tries to find level he served 45 guys. He tries and narrowed down to one that will become her forever. And you know she's not pretty recorded the finale. She just can't see anything right and they already picked her one true love we're just now catching us did you watch last night and yeah I did I watched all the way up until they were all getting. Hammers. And at that point I was like OK I got a good because the formula for the first episode is always the same everybody jumps out of the limos you meet the bachelor or the bachelorette they ongoing house and everybody gets to know each other and I get to know each other. You do get hammered it somebody ends up in the pools some audience of crying it's all about first impressions. So that was last night I did not get to watch but luckily. For all of us yeah. Scott tracked chief engineer Entercom radio Atlanta. Is here. To give us the update. For. I have to say. That means the I can think at grad. Pulled teeth from a shark. As a chewing on my arm yeah. And not have to sit through that it pumps yeah. Or not you do hiring and really don't. I really wanted that. I have no idea. To get a good things whales intact streaming needs an extra money. And ask John Engler now may have just aren't that it's not. This left. You know two hours of time mom like get back and I'm young sell. So what I what I'm hearing news. That we got whatever corporate guys in town and so you need to bring your checkbook. Who's meeting with Scott or boxes and seeing you guys. Good palaces got your first impressions of GO GO first of law. The bachelorette. Seems sweet seems nice caring. Not sure about being on showed try to find love bullet. That's fine and she she seems OK and what you guys were notable the who's out. Well. Some of the ones of course the drunk guys would like dean you'll Xenia neck. They'd they'd act hosted right off the massacre against. It which it was one of those guys wanna gain up in his underwear and yet yeah in Lebanon Speedo and confident that a pools you got that right out of the way but in the first forty minutes OK so that's out of the way. Other notables to me I think they focus a little bit on Jordan. Cash the beginning yeah. In Amman Taj isn't all Latin all that Chad was in the Monica has stood out so you take in Jordan and Chad have potential to go far in the competition yeah I think they do but I don't like Janet at the keys. Which phone would really yet. Which runs Chad what's he do for a living you remember. It's you guys kind of like the body builder and kind of not you know. You wouldn't believe it we get a ticket machine aging. You know what's funny is a good little research he panicked like pro team. To take effect Netflix now face a protein Mohamed. Did I do little research before the show you gonna go one. I want to see with these guys for life. That's out there are way. It's got up front of him all of V bachelorette contestants all that's profile pictures printed out wanna do a fair job you look at their job he's gotten notes judge jotted down obviously notes from watching the show last night which you know I love it. You think about the beginning when they're trying to introduce themselves right yes okay. First impression. Yes most important thing chart I think that goes so you think about south okay what kind of pressure he did. I mean would he give us for fruit for which versions. Well Danny and well when they call. And tonight you feel like you're getting stressed I give you permission to squeeze my. OK so now this first page you asked me to focuses says. Note Jo-Jo my daughter a gap yeah oh yeah Bob sitting behind Joseph jail yeah couple yeah. I don't know I've marina dump button you they're you know we're that dumb right now is that you have back. Sitting by and okay the minute that happens yeah we're just getting him off the property I can't stop a guy hey I'm here is that he attacks and so then. You know we had that. Brandon whose suppose it. Hips to the tag. Okay now I've done my homework. You think he would have done his old guys are saying some cheesy things I actually itself. And it was an Al does Cooley. Brandon is a hipster. I just have them all labeled as awful approaches so let's see if this and frank and some guys just don't have much to say at all I don't moss moss isn't. No idea how much. I had me how did you come on the show I took me a woman yeah and you don't know recount none 00. Hit it or not so hip he's gone he's got a yank you only should be out sitting in my life because somehow. He ended up with a. I'd say the one guy I was impressed with last night and Scott I was saddened and others off the air the marine DJ we represented ray a pretty well yeah. I was that is really about it who means well wells I got in Basra there. Sergio. All for one don't slam your own mind. It was not hinder his and well okay. You couldn't ask it was an. And if you come I was quite a while not a hugger and you got let go through sheer. And Basra. Hey do. All those. Not so big move right there and I assume wells is lead the pack right now with and who can compete with that that was at the band that was really offer allows you also want when he steps out. I'm out introduces himself and then introduces them and they sing for her on commodity NCAA and know. My first impression when a guy told me he doesn't like pizza. Now that's. He's made some points because of how we enter well a bit his name is awesome wells yet to really spend your forever and well that's a cool. Though it is so cool hi this is wells he's an athlete needs housing related gymnastics yeah. Really cool I sort of southern last name his first name and then of course you had Jonathan come pop in and business. This for the kills I'm half Chinese and half Scottish yeah but luckily for me I'm half Scottish below the waist because of mean it's open for interpretation of I mean malleable and they've also. OK so. Yeah thanks for. So again we yellen passport that's contradict how would that. So there's no doubt if Joseph Joseph is your god yeah who'd you pick right now. As. The guy suitable the guy's guy or guys most suitable to spend time at. And UB three back okay. I'm missing wells yeah he's he's disappointed me right now yeah Imus a loop. Okay he's won the game and on the wars yeah and he's southern got farmers right yet and believe it or not I kind of like Galileo little. Okay of that okay Alley just need to do with his eyebrows yet victory was not terribly you know. He got playing the piano sort skeletons Haywood serenading yeah I was romantic NCAA got it wrong yeah a little bit of cash. But so those go. Let's say those are definitely will find out over the next couple weeks bullet though. I guess I can win 500 dollars and a scratch out later this week and nothing more made me happier. This contrast picking its three finalists for the match there right now it feels a lot of really great time and they. We felt that tango and then we appreciate it. One. And Jesse.