Scott Trask's Bachelorette Review - Episode 2

Tuesday, May 31st


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It. Is switches on this dog. So this. I know two people are watching the match for a last night. Achieve engineers contrast is one of Rome world talking him and his second. Giving a news recap via an out another way it was Jen hobby who posted a very philosophical week trying to. Understand why people watch. The bad you're trying to get out therapist Diana and I'm just the minds. Keep watching. And happened there. That's edited out like he beat Watson and that's the question and I'm. And then what's your philosophy. As I got dumber. Well watching. But. I watch it because you think it's in mind. Please. Addicted to match. It. Detect if we even spark. Which. She cannot but contreras bark you're waiting for a train wreck that desperate act. You you're watching to. Okay you go out of 75 he's seen the fire ridges on the other side hoping it's dead bodies yeah. And ran that. I. And it's. It. I've seen it okay if we see spark if we can see real chemistry. In recognize. And exactly which. She. Means. Is maybe even better. She's. Them. The mindset of the viewers. And and when got to limit finally agree there. I. Let him out there every you know. Am I said god man. Page if we're watching we're watching for the it's like when you see smoke in the distance and you drive audio and weigh in on the TV you five what you counsel Pharmacia. And rolling around 75. That's all I was at parts of Italy intends. I don't put a body parts and I way. What did you think last night's episode. I improvement which. Easily tool yeah. Last week he told talk about him a little bit of a cat just it's just yet beginning she's not suitcase. There's. Three yeah three of us. Legal and Germany comparisons like the military so it's. Six analysts. That's to our parents. Want me. Okay we need to find him. Go work out on to. Paris yes. I'm not worried about it yet to have any talks the guy to. They're gonna lift each. To do work out in the or so. Which point one taxes on the one. Wanted to meet me I'm right obvious some cafe had to trigger line as we excellent Parisian women. Let the guys liked to see mr. Obama worked out proteins. That you know. Eagle eyed slightly. Limo lot. For the for the yeah and they get the thing that car is set on fire purpose. No one. To include a firefighter. While running deceit in places. It is true. That was at all now and again. Back to the tree. On fire at church. What is this what happened in the him. And it's umpire. And it's it's about to introduce group date and go act like firefighters into the fire training schools and even the firefighters that had been. I brought back. And like. National. You. Started there should. Stage at new. American communities of reality television. Staged. Reality and anyway it is I agree with with the weird thing. Out of our radio DJ friend and and group. Test fire pars. And some problems actually work out. Where. Did you almost eight. Date. On the land. This guy is not cut out for our job a little planning 8000 years. That's why he's a radioed. You're ready get ready radio DJ pilot warden Tom the job he's had to suffer. I'll look over here and wells is struggle and this guy is not cut out for our job a little planning eight pounds a year. He's very pale these these kind of phone. Cinematic take a look. Well I start laying out there. Let's get out of here. I'm worried about him he's looking a little light headed and. Relaxed. Is always a pleasure to have you talked to me. And our game are working. We also bad form until he started having one will be tempted to it's CT. Scott does that sound like any other medium radio DJ you might know that somebody who can manipulate a situation find an easy way out as a bunch of them yeah. Well done well list is too long ago I. Abbott you know he's got that one on one time that's good that if you play in the game yet isn't perfect. It's much now. Not when in March. You know. At Mika barely picked up the acts he could run stuff on you know so. But he got the when I went amateur one as an out Williamson who knows who who got a fight. I actual fight. If this fight all the guys aren't yet tired Chan is actually he's lifting of themselves and talking about eat nothing but proteins. Food. Things like that and finally Alex the former marine stepped up yes. You're just. Do all types who. Their lives they tell you probably need to let's move and it's probably yeah. She's probably engines out. And I'm Kerry different time and quick and just cut us pleasant and the right. Just do what needs just what I'm doing that for you you it's like getting weird that he is a hammer out there to around the corner. Old drinking Beers do whatever you have. This area and called for a cool program you just don't go there. So what's ego and you say creeping around when now and let other blades like he's like whether it's if you spend time with Joseph trio the app lets you got five minutes yeah. He's coming in a cut in at three. Got so you'll lose those who got it and Alex is that and a on the advantage does the right before the rose. Presentation. Is sitting outside weeding future. So course. That's scuttled tax free because he can be the first one that season toxic things got do you realize you're having this conversation and a he had. And notable about the transmitters and prepare him. Now season usually is a villain and making you sad is counselor athlete at the ballot because you know in the second group. Eight. Five guys go to ESP and yeah and there with Max Kellerman and Marcellus. While a guy and they do this thing and of course you know talking about what you gonna do so. Idea proposed to judge on the put him through a couple of tests and he comes up with one good ward. Last season she didn't get the proposal this is a big proposal misses yeah. Done. You may get there but a simple when you marry me and I love how did you love announced. And I'm only show I know that I'm now I don't worry that cash not a yeah and I Baghdad and you tell you all the things I love Hillary and having a fight Gruntal and it. We'll Maggie here. She wants a man she doesn't want somebody you. Than trying to make easy like I'm. And now we got to bring up the big issue of the day that's come out of all this guy marries someone who snags at all. I don't know I am. NBA even seem very happy about it. If you ask can tell you all the things I love about you late night. I don't know yet. I mean these guys don't tell you all the different things that they love about you and they study the value on TV or whatever when we don't know yet you can get leveler. Please tell me that he McEnroe all of course he's got a rose. But. He's also the last one. So it is good I am bird is going to be the enemy is I don't know and don't. This show they got a head island. Hang around for quite such ads can indeed going to be talking dad and me it's fair yeah yeah and as he is the villain. He can already see it in and he's just. Some perspectives. On this equipment and more player. We go forward and right. Yeah I'd say colleges bag. Comedy give them a second day she'll audience. All surprised. None. Now. Starring 841.