Scott Trask's Bachelorette Recap: We're Down to 2!

Tuesday, July 26th


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Strong. This is not your ass from Boston. Like three game called DN smoky C gas and and shouted out yeah. Joined bachelorette stuff when Jeff and jagged note was stored on chip. You see the light at the end of the tunnel yes. Well yes I am close. It's the rose at the end of the tunnel closed obviously everybody I don't know off a hostile yeah. You know I'd it subject just but that's the right back to see you know. In the bachelorette wrongly war for eleven of them and in the actually we're 31. Unless you weigh or find out of action. Okay percent it's not gonna work percentage wise the bachelorette does matter so does a better Georgia could find. No no no I. With all this drama going on now clear to those guys that lefties think yeah got to know about Scott it is and he is we recap last night's episode of the bachelorette. I did not watch more than ten minutes of any real ship let alone bachelor bachelor. Up until we asked you are a few minutes a survivor right yet ten minutes and I won yet this is and so viruses social survival. Among and so he's. He's a beer drinking and cigar smoke and army veteran he's the chief engineer here at the radio station he's got every day he's got his. Arms up in a ceiling down a floor fix. It means. At least now. Great place. Each red meat easy to walk without punches that unconscious and balls they got to eat. He's got his broken ninety due to its products and now well it's it's the problem. Your vote and they'd go. All sports. And on both side now. I. A so of course we start last night with the you know as a week yet Luke. Having the last minute this bush and yes Joseph Joseph had indicated that she didn't eliminate Luke. No surprise. Easily eliminated last nineteen you know eking find out. Yeah. Italy. Let's wanted to play that I had known that I cannot. I know well the thing you know I find that I consciously I thought the Marlins and as I thought that the times that we had taken. Yeah it was feel like fast. We're not done that you will. You did it. Didn't want couldn't. I. Are cells not meet with. It's done. I think I had more fun and Afghanistan that he did last night and tell you don't dog is your military yesterday and you know better at the at a better time in Afghanistan I don't Amman he was shell shocked he could you remove any muscles in his face it now believed it was and could not believe it and you know issues Wayne you know lowered. And decide what to do but then you know park the problem on me. It is. In the back Vermont she still doesn't really trust toward. It depends on now let's go right exactly and enter. Thinking that means all around us really want to stealing their lifestyle. There's a lot of movement and a lot and being dying is a lot out of now I think this is scary because I am down on business relationship before where I was heat that person every couple weeks and I did you work for me. I think they get thing about it is I don't I don't know how nor do I need like home base right now I think it's great right now that. I think enemy wherever and wherever you need to be yeah I can be. I now remember you say right now. Right now made me feel like heat and six runs in a phone calling saying well he's a well. And if it's a phone call about being next bachelor he's gonna he found out. Exactly I think they always it's gonna be one of the final it's usually one of the top three I would look at probably chase maybe Luke may be lemons out. In the rose in the next one bullet. You know it's. Doesn't trust them that this week old and seeds. And I'm like. Isolate the the fact that he just basically admitted. That he be equal being homeless for the next six months a year is a new home. In a real beating world you say that dual image around like. Any image out and bashed house couch Sarah yeah federal cooking isn't your yeah. Suck up some money in order it's like you know then that later on of course chase puts out the big taxable all. And their guests tonight. Reach. I'm just for not scared enough to say that I'm 100% wrong with it. When he said that to me. I you. Don't think I felt what I thought I was gonna feel. Well. Tactful handling means it's time to donors through a sofa. And so the blue Eagles do. Who won't. I'm trying to me there and hanging on. I'm trying to not let what happen to me twenty points and eight are not being fair or not being. Just as well. So now remember now he. This happened in the fantasy suite rights issue are pretty finicky that I'm lucky it was gonna go together and hey Heather and Iraq here now so widely she is mad one Irish temper why would she invited them to that her last year. If she's home now I have no clue because I guess maybe she will hear the words to see you at the fireworks went off and I fireworks did not. Now it's the last one says she had been in the NC suite with Robby already and then with Jordan already both of those guys have said I love yet. And she hits and not to their faces off camera. She's falling in love with both of them that we we get at the those relationships around parts still deciding on chase and and so he said the W. Jobs of mock the ball how much I don't. How much time between like. Embassy suites they change the sheets. I'm sure there are a couple object okay it's different days different rooms but still. Get the key to the world. And ago in nevermind it. Yes he was really mad and reaction it's like an uncle and it showed this weird. Angered tempers out of him but don't think. Well for this year beat new. Luckily probably as I'm watching my little patch dinner. I'd like everything you say is ruining your chances and could be a bad idea are you doing your body when somebody told. And I hope you don't have a yet the course after everything else you know it happens with what does Joseph you have to do. Trees and down. It's buzzing and think about what you. Rumors of elderly. The home. It immediately after lake. We'll have yeah can break your heart. That notes he's Dolan ally in view if we were not doing Scots out they rate now. I would think that was like in general hospitals. I've read music in the background yeah that's. We. I'm over yeah. I don't. Italy and might give so much more awkward at this stage of the game and it's not because. At the end he got Robby and George need to roses last night they did mention I don't know what happens before it oh yeah yes you showed. Chase yet chase comes back and apologize for the way he handles things that they adjust to that becoming a bachelor's and I think the course you got Robbie towards Agilent. The yeah so who's right who's left we got wrapped up in Jordan problem and it went down. But tonight is this special opposite which is the men's towel as a get to see roared region yet yeah. After. Chad right Chad writes me back yet. And I apparently there's like them fight this and supposedly this kind of fight we're gonna see who wins and loses. It's big news. Apps that make you happy yeah. So that next week will be the last week yeah. Yeah. It takes them home to meet her feet again. So is it to sit next week there's going to be two episodes gladly yeah. Well I laugh because he's got they got to go see her family are and then she has. The final and I haven't even regardless yeah. Now it's really. Sets. Itself.