Scott Trask's Bachelorette Recap - June 28, 2016

Tuesday, June 28th


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See Jesse James shall start. Despite your ass from Boston. Like drinking cold beer and smoking again as eight and Jana yeah. Joined actually Nextel when Jeff and Jeff and know what story I'm Jim. Listen he left office and and Jesse Helms. We're talking about I was going back to my accounts are. I NT airs god says. CN with a bit of a plot twists are the guys at the end of last night's episode with Joseph Jobe and they're all on big journey to find love and a boy in house and. The should they take the guys before they take on these travel needs option and make them find the places on them. All. We've eliminated at least at. That are now the only ones I would trust department to military guys Luke and Alex. Does it we should be of the freedom. And lost. Mega hot. It's gonna happen but you know for the first time. Our friend again we've been keeping my own EG well yes you know radio DJ I know about them ends up Jiten. His first day 1010. Also now. He's got to Kuester. Untallied I'll be frank with you guys on the long guys that I think you as a Caster. Wells has not just Joseph here. Nobody knew. Yeah and all different spin on things. Go on this. He hasn't just yet I'm using my doctor websites and you. Most parks. I'm just saying. He has a history yeah it blows my mind that your job right ED card essentially telling him that today's the day you're gonna finally kissed me it. So there's a fast. So. He doesn't make. At all they get the first yes there in this wouldn't want to roll it whatever. And the first kisses there even moms they're gone dude you. And I did pat give bad or ugly it's looked like a seventh grade kids some as we years ago in my mouth open mind. Yeah just a little lightly tightlipped or something it's not comfortable gas. These guys out he's Acura in the united on that day she had an in com site is that he's he's the back on the ballot at least you're a name radio station which and that's the comfort nobody there will be. Out not at all. And backed up. So now here we go wit yo we talked about Chad we're agreed Chan heading imam to show because it seemed like everybody. To simply want to talk about him up. And it hasn't stopped the roll instead of saying so like you need to be with me because. I can do this for you it's none you don't wanna be with him because of this so again and Jordan ants to defend themselves which which. Can ma. I don't. I don't know what happens in title and act and someone has argued for me and I'm like that's not. I don't know it just didn't I didn't need to defend myself. I'm not entitled united and oh yeah. I know that you know that by now as anybody that has come in contact with the impact. Everybody at one point and others talked about how they thought I was only one person Communists and I've been exactly not that. Now remember now. He's argument accuse them you know part two by Georgia. That's girl. He's got this issue that's come to find out just don't agree being in things like that. That supposedly during the show he's on that eating for celebrity's. While on the show. That bachelor re arm yet. This is too much because Bob. Lot of my mind put in play and we saw this guy he's he's the winner had a lot of could be we mean an ivory slate. Chad you feeling toward Internet cross that it was him and Alex. And we kills me is consistent these guys talk about themselves they keep talking about each other than Luke. Right outlook is the only one that I don't think I've heard him actually say something bad about somebody else it's always been this good news for you which is good. I Tillman damn we have the tension back in the house when Jordan comes out from that little one on one with jeans. And since it dominated my. One on one time mr. muzzle talk for the amount of dollars norm. Well yeah I agree on the same reaction. Did you use the word entitlement. And his exact process and store that I use the end all be else president. So use the word entitlement Amy and maybe I don't know possibly color and when disaster is one question how is how does one act entitled. When that stating that the rules of the game or stuff that's what well how does my character me and called into question. Went out and playing poker game. I think you need is very different than a cause the clubhouse that's that is rubio live it should be called the sorority house. I would agree with that I would agree and it. Victory yet fixed every night being. At the end of this mission I'll let you review one Sox something. I would start a book club. But that yen we have Derek and chase. Oh right that it. I want one day and one day while they are not at tangle. Tango it's it's a little awkward does a lot of attention even before they left. In the room by themselves you can see any thought it was going one direction you really did but we definitely got surprise. Well it's neat pain. And that there is some breaking heat from what I can see China do that for me. It was and how can. And it's. Opened up my and I. So it takes place except this. When when you play that back again here he is gonna get the rose listened to closely atlas that is response. Chase who do well for me it's neat paint. There's some pretty neat I think she trying to do that for me sporting a hard act to. It was and how can. Opened up my. So it takes place except this. Lady. Yeah. Yeah. I can. Help out at eight. Mysterious. Cities like he's got the bad boy mysterious thing. She yeah I'll. Okay now the very end no one more thing. Garrett is at two folks we've got to build in the mean crying while this thing in them honest. I don't cry for me Argentina. Shoot me shoot me now. Exhibit bought outcry cry uncle. Died. Hi we are. Got a lucky break and actually got me is the backside is off for a week at the line on there today you can. Is. It to actually vote that apple maybe. We can share. Four. And yet. Six. It's. There were about a month away for unions that at times tonight. It by the way my wife now says you guys once the bones. When Jeff and Jim yeah. And selling 94 law and.