Scott Trask's Bachelorette Recap - Hometown Visits

Tuesday, July 19th


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And now it's gone. There's not your ass from Boston. You like to regain called BS smoking C gas it is and Jana yeah they are doing actually messed up when Jeff and Jeff and I know. Let's start I'm jaded. On November 26 19416. Years sykora line one does not just. A half. Latin that I want and out his here's what I heard as asthma management. The chance that app and watch the bachelor. And tie in products to achieve ballots early lunch apparently. That's I'm guilty pleasure missive she says something he has he's got to at least made at this department this week an ally here is. I can't wait now's got. Military you served in weapons. In the army. So you'd have respect for one of the men competing for judges art yes. Okay. Yes that is true. Writes yes and he served as a marine I knocked his military service that's great respected by. You don't put the war. But don't you war. I. I mean marine navy Coast Guard air force were. The producers to not do that eyes it is it is the producers put war veteran as the description as part of page as title. OK so he would be okay. Yeah can he IC I can see that yeah and it didn't mean it measure with me I says you know on US army like Alex US marine Brett. Mall that's. OK but don't put war that's to me. I didn't have how many years you served in the ten we every week when you'd show up in here I'm surprised you re enlisted man to be deployed somewhere really far away there's no ABC. My wife. Well I was gonna say one of my thought was sweet was when Luke brought Joseph to go home to meet his family and he in his Patterson on the porch in Texas. Does happen a chat and debt choked up about how proud he is of his son or saudis and service to our country and I think he is it heats homes safely. That to me was it really sweet. It was her helmet so let's bring everybody up to date to remember this is the home town writer is going home yep. They start off a chase that seemed to go good. Chase. Becomes a little vulnerable explain about the divorce between his parents and that's all all and so she's finally happy about that she's east now letting go a little bit. On them we go to Jordan. And all morning John drama trauma of serious drama always heard and so far she got Joseph Joseph Joseph trying to talk to Jordan about Aaron. OK so I know your back. Not Mimi and red light in. We don't talk about what I mean yeah welcome love not. Oh in the. Yes that does need to be AM there's an Indian topic comes town we talked about it. It isn't isn't the only drama there because Jeff union understands Aaron Rodgers aid big time and tough and that we found out that. Before the estranged. Want quote and and the other Brothers estranged from fairness well. I think that whole thing and the whole family illustrate from an aunt from winners stand. To research it. They're blaming the growth. Here Aaron France. The one. I amounts of loans so OK. That's Aaron Crow that's. I. Anymore. He's out it was really interesting and I to force my husband to watch with me last night and that was the party was interested and Hughes and beef. And yet I mean I I don't understand you what's what's the deal but it has ones or. So let me also say it's he houses that Jordan wears skinny jeans and that his brother he would talk to a meter. But you know. We've had some loose wanted to show people doing this the natural course Joseph Joseph is still run scared. Do you approve those here at fifteen and the European event. You want me to leave for a better. They may nannies they actually affect things here at the moment change it's only. Can. So much stronger every time. There's so many moments when I tell CNN. And he loves me that I won I just say island beach hill nice stop myself because I know how badly and it hurt me. Charles. She still old. She watched you on toward you at right now right and I think she's. Could take it or leave it and that's what you want because this is going to be forever yeah you know one particularly well number oh. I think the front runner well we all think it yeah but the problem is too you know. She goes visits Romney's view. Which seems to go good until of course Robbie mom don't mean. The rumor that he. Dropped his girlfriend right before the bachelorette. Just to go on the bachelorette. So then of course they talk about it. Your axes. To remake. Has been made it look like you broke up take on the show it's it's how. We're. All minor incursion that's why would she say that. Mean no it captured me. Know. The background of that. OK you know what just. Has concerns about this and that okay. Maker questioned my honesty. If that is not that was mom it's that Tom and Joseph just said to Bobby's mom. I'm falling in love with Robby and that's the percent she said that out loud on the shadow but now all of a sudden have that are now so she's like we adamant. Rates can one tell me if this topic or won't be honest you know and in which she said that he kind of look at his eyes what. Good thing we train and then yeah. People walk away with telling you something right it trying to think they're trying to come up with a story and grab something or there or they're trying to grow or they're trying to remember. What the party line. Yes and I trying to figure out what's going on. Censure but that does something. So then they go to loops house. Did the big Texas barbecue. That's a surprise and I've seen it go well he does nothing at that little thing looking and way you know it's got the candles and his Meyer wrote in my heart yet you know and and of course she drives away and he forgets. Shouldn't hold. Now your opportunity to play again away that way you know what are the award map you know me so but now we bulletin rose ceremony. You know what is it an angry plain outside we go some place where we have court. She's debating what to do what to do and then all of a sudden. Is it all out before we could play this clip is that how the rose ceremony where a some of them will get on the plane had learning get a rose would have went to the roses going home but is just standing at the air or watching that private planes they. Well so hope and mr. and mrs. that is Luke. But this is like Lou making sure. Last. And you know. I always do that at. Our users. And you lasts. And how life can. Not only that I wanna tell you that. I needed to tell you. I can okay. Now wait a minute. Funny. When she stepped out what did she says. Forget written. Yet she now all of a sudden out of the middle of the ceremony he gets pushed out. He think the producers had anything to do event. You stand out. I started it and yeah. Let's talk to them for a I. Think it's. Armani campaign next week you're gonna win. She went back out. Tarmac. You know he's lost life saying no and yet. Did. You know. And next week it's night. And Monday. I only committed to want to. More than ignite act Ben Ali and and here's how these tablets are here at least Wednesday next week. Jesse James Giles. And starting now before we want them.