Scott Trask Reviews the Bachelorette - July 12, 2016

Tuesday, July 12th


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One. Did you envision shall. And now it's done. There's not your ass from Boston. Like to regain called DN smoking again as it is and Jana yeah they're doing actually arrest now when Jeffords and what stored on kids. I got a text message from Scotland sciences I don't know who it is. Which somebody shows me fourteen hours. And let the record shows got it this is originally Tony's idea. You know we're gonna have to talk to moral. Now he's at a town so if you wanted to activate its card cheats and while we're gonna have a whole bunch of presets passed around his computer and I'll. I'm thinking about wrapping his office and tin foil the how did you first thing this morning because I did not sit up and watched last night and was feeling it with missing and I don't know he would not miss our domicile. You are my TV arts. I was laughing Sampson terrible but it. Pixels just says yes yet 31. On one dates okay. Won. Its first. The first one is Alex. Who's been. When nothing but complain he's never won one real good one on ones uses shock okay. And the guys all the other guys in Boston being moved to a hotel OK and of course it can't open and make phone. It's. All right it's been so don't cry. Thank you forget anything. I think I ask Alex this shirt guy in the sciences announces the short dollars he tries to show off his skills to jail jail. I can resolve. Survey says I. And now he's out and I think courtesy that was just missing just awful and I don't know I hate it I hate cats and I like his feet. And gold this. Usage and that try to teach him to be 020 which in Argentina's cowboy OK and I don't discount was to own something with a horse I have no well. I what are well Ochoa was the guy vomited out. Have created a morally and I don't knowledge. He's start doing this stuff with the war Saddam light. OK time out this is. No clue no clue whatsoever. And then. Joseph just seeing oldest first we've got an active but then of course Alex lets out to be. L word Elaine on his first what I went on his first one on one date and and guess what happens. You know. That I don't know how to say I think I think I'm falling mostly unknown phone numbers you yeah. I don't know if you think my songs and you know him and that's what's made all this really hard and easy and hard and he's. Yeah I. When you tell me if only. Kills me. Because it. My age. One and he. Ought to say so badly that just fine morality tales. I just couldn't. So in my heart he. And that I would get about forty. It's hard for me tonight knowing anything and I feel like it was just a mess this situation. And I respect you. And right now I'm making week. I love you and she says get out and she spikes him harder than Rob Gronkowski on the touch now I'm. Hi I may just slams of that core I kind of feel sorry for you open up at about the big O word NGOs. Yeah I don't I get to a 100% why she did that it's business. The same time leading up to this and remember he's in the car with her by themselves. Seems to drive a couple of hours. You can see. No connection and dwindled years each. Goal there. Yeah I think I am now it's my time so I don't record highs and don't want it last week did we get to draw home all of I don't know we kick off. Because they had just a couple weeks don't think it was production. I don't drama drama now. It I need to be honest with the the most excitement we have last night watching the show was when my wife sneezed. And we got a call from massacre she woke up the astronauts then. So you know that's the most except we had the old two hours. Away so. There we go the other one on one date which is Jordan always felt Jordan. Was one being led him but he department will probably. I know brother won't get there. It's dead end home while. Aaron. I guess that I am a great relationship with my brother Luke. I mean there and don't really have a much relationship it's just kind of the way he's chosen to. To do life I chose to to stay closed my family and my parents and my brother and jazz is it's not ideal but I love them then I can imagine. What it's like to be in his shoes and the pressure hasn't. Been demands from people he has don't have hard feelings against them assist how things go right now. And buster. Donnelly your eye on us he put it in reverse yeah. And back to apple. I mean that's that's what I think this to sound I closed. Area. He decent thing he would even be on the show brother. Q. Do. You think the names. Are so so what's next. One on one. Okay when she can dance because he was quick. And yet it is. Our romance there sky is dead if he's like fifteenth when you see Jordan fifteenth when he medics. And the group the OK with change teams out. Which is to be physically truth here rog and it was skewed on the way. Why chase Keolalai trap me if I thought. Robby. Yeah so and now they find out does our. So no more time would more right in to rule and some of the rose case and Domino's. You know one. Got to get written down before so far in Vietnam War when persons one person ago and that person. This. By the way if she doesn't say goodnight Baby James which users listed that. Fans of the sport. You know gave me at all. You intact slim burns them anyway that I am so lucky that they've got to meet somebody you can you make me a better person. There really why can't find it. The perfect songs and many other things change the way he treats all any. It's always fun that's. And honestly and sensor design here that terrible lot like oh you deserve your grown for some reason everything you announced this fall ill and. He is the consummate guy. He's the good guy your guy get thicker try to cause little problems and try to console problem in the in the group thing might throw Robin's in laws that things like that it. So we're down before yeah Robbie blue. Jordan chase. They get that a girl says she's meeting all of their fame all of their next week next okay. Yeah and I can just hit the mileage is God's going on strike next week passing an IQ. Thank god I will witness lied in every Tuesday morning's transcript that's the matter music chief engineer who's never watched a minute of reality. And it all of us. One. And she doesn't change well.