Scott Trask Reviews the Bachelorette Finale

Tuesday, August 2nd


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And now it's gone. There's not your ass from Boston. Like treating called BS smoky C gas it is and Jana yeah I have been doing actually Nextel when Jeffords and no let's start on it. As an area is this zone. I'm glad this is over I'm currently. And I think it's you know ahead in laws in right now. Yeah and made them sign paperwork last night in the they had a waste 180 minutes of dateline. That they would not hold me accountable for that they're on their deathbed the darkness at bullion you know three hours left but what's the thought. I'm not gonna take away okay not doing it. So I had them sign paperwork last night so. Are you excited that his bachelor Saturday starts and wrong. Trashy jot it all made us and now we're. The watch list of fruit loops again. I say I mean bachelorette days. Over it ended last night and Scott France. Was volunteered. Him free he was drafted. He was drafted by our program director arm twisting. Who's that create. About the bad. Well it's not reviews that we all voted in said that the great idea and we had Al's got asked if I am glad I was in on that. Thank you for giving up cigar night thank you for giving up poker night we appreciate all of your dedication to shell out there before we we get into the details you said it. Minutes in the last night's episode you solved. So that. If Chris they're actually one to look at. The TV news. Schedule yeah and you go when you went by and the info. They gave it away there what are we started this Taylor Joseph Joseph choose no doubt now on why he. Are we gonna worry about Aaron Rodgers Stanley problem. If you would. Ousted they were T seen it isn't -- and talking break out and we're gonna have the big thing afterwards we're gonna talk about Aaron Rodgers family issues right. And it. If she picks me. I don't even care and nobody cares and it's. And then what Chris Aris and you'd be adding. That he said it would go later on parked it will be out here are these are both Soviet TV guide to TV guide and Chris says O pay and he's plugging and every time. About one I Aaron Rodgers has a problem there's. If you pick Robbie. And I don't worry Aaron Rodgers they airing at. The issue I gave way I could tell she was not gonna pick Robbie after she sat down with her parents. I don't know I've first because you know Aaron and mean towards you so rights was by not asking his or her parents for one. Rodney does plan to propose to you here in Thailand because he did ask mom passed now and hope. Well now not quite the same manner that I am joining us by asking. Or is it means and he should have asked me to me he did it's okay. If you're and his mom's. All of us so it's been quite apart idol. Yet the areas yet they are complain about them on asking but we will open we'd welcome him with open arms they just harsher about robberies love for her yeah it kind of torn. This is arguing back and forth with her parents and with her siblings and going back and I was like something else that is Jordan saying. That she's not fully a 100% onboard with rock are just so Anderson is a non watchers I understand there's so even though she picks. She brings it down big guys still proposes. Though. Well she as a final rose ceremony with both elements and different on different sort of guy could propose an Dorfman. Dismissed the other guy before. She had. OK so he was the only one McCain. Sometimes they both show. And they both show up with rings they sit down with new and ultimately who he's. Well of course he'd as I know name and I just named him by name and I everybody who watched that show knows. Who Brian white diamonds. In the branded content you have to give it back now. And he told me that she gave Josh his ring back when it. I was if you get married to keep gas but he got it I get back. So of course we had the issues with. Giorgio in Jordan writes on top again so in Georgia parks in Jordan about that problem. All I really wanted to do it is asking me again. You know when you. But again. Okay grew out. In my whole life I imagine what that conversation will look like grip. He moved out of the when I was in love win. Can be so. Sure. That is what you want. Imagine what it would look like used as me and her. On a beach. The studio lights if you Cameron. Producer is kind guys abroad you doubt he's another duty and you can mean. You know now when I heard the whole time while he strikes when it was like from Charlie Brown why why are. I want all call out what are you talking about. Asked that question yeah. To talk to the parents regardless. I think he's trying to say they're allowed to say is that I wanted to have that conversation knowing I was in and the only line. Giving the yes OK I want to assure under normal hours is okay were were OK okay but this is. It's stupid reality TV. Okay which which. To me at Celtic producers are still pushing things in this direction and course Ali added you know than Joseph Joseph of course pass to reject. So my feeling torsion. My future longs board. My hard. Years for you and I I'm done. Crazy. It's love that sent people racing between. This is so that you only hear about and very tales and stories. But now pitcher when I saw. Then went take them home. Yeah but you know. Look for some reason I heard it took well. Mix and how soon are. In retrospect yeah they're Jordan. She's like you're watching this knowing that an hour before. You get accepted by her she's saying you know they want it to work well yeah. How do you do out there. All right you watch this show it's indicative price. So you owe me big time act by the way leases expect something that's all I. Somebody go to fulfill the Christmas party is going to be one Big Bang them. But then again that Joseph Joseph goes ahead and and accepts Jordan. You mean you believe that. Love doesn't need to have scripts there's not one way to drown out the moments like this where ammonia and within your eyes and I know. I'm so unbelievably well but you you're my best friend. In my soul mate might keep you safe and protect you from a wake up every morning and choose you. Thanks. So. I mean Elaine yeah. Tell him. Suddenly that the. All these shots of. But the finds that over I. I ought not he got almost a good thing is don't we could really call this like fifty shades of marriage because. So all Robby who thinks he's gonna end up asking her to marry here it's. His legs basically cut off yeah day and the what do you do to torment the guy you bring him back on the live show to sit down with our ball more time now all. It. Now who's supposed to be at the live show isn't supposed to be just are and that you guys. Yeah. I don't know let's come back was they had some people for the national course and of course we had to meet mr. cuckoo for cocoa. Agencies. What your. If things eighth and. You know. Oh guys who loses out obviously there's not. It's a probably a lot of people out there probably think I'm a Baghdad is because you know on the way out was on the show. And you know when you watch bachelor paradise obviously you're probably get even amplified think the same thing or AdWords. Hundreds of mistakes. I've been through a lot this last year and you know lost by mom and one thing that is on the show is that I'm also marine. And in a sob I've had a long life and you on Wednesday that I think that a lot of people you know they deserve love and you know I think that. I as well as other people deserve love and so I think. Maybe there will be the next bachelor. All want walk off on a plot that's all mayor for you Chad thanks summits facials their last glance at somebody in his basement. It's just a week after I. They are able thank you so much for your time it's. As I am free to ask this question for you would you accept these roses from. Yeah. I. Digested during his last match every girl all time. At me and him. Starring 941.