Scott Trask: The Jeff and Jenn Show Bachelorette Reviewer

Monday, May 23rd


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Do you or making this switch today Jesse James shall always saw that he or why we've got to talk about the bachelorette its jokes here. And your new seasons or some nights you and you watch and I'm totally I'm a stay of late on the new tire damage at an attack just warning you now got it. Our our program rector of the Basra and I hear Tony had a fantastic idea. If you gotta talk about. Bachelorette. By. Everybody just talks about it yeah. Tony's right we should find somebody. Who could talk about it. And who could really give us some insight. On filtered inside somebody's mad jaded by bachelor and bachelorette from the pass somebody you. Thinks that the roses being handed out really do represent. Love and Natchez. Somebody's got a fresh perspective. So let's first let's get to know this is GO GO she is the bachelorette who will be starting tonight for bachelor fairy tales. Right press to reach the round. I looks and feels more. So those are getting back on the unit core. And you backed the yeah. And seems until. And that's tonight's. She gets to choose from 25 bodies and here's Wayne example of one of the hobbies that I shall meet tonight in this state has detonate it. Well anyway. I didn't see you listen to look like it's nothing on race. But playing field. Skittishness. In the dirt down where it is Sunday night we can't close them off the triple. Not Abdullah says yeah underwear anyway it's we can anyways he's he's absolutely and what's your old. I've got a pretty good shot gave me the size of a sudden you go ahead. My god he's been doing. 5050. Yeah that assessment there's always that I got two guy. There's always back guy. So we decided to go their chief engineer. The lovely and endearing Scott tracks who if you think of the chief engineer of a radio station where bag islands should look like. But that visual in your head hit it exactly what's got transcripts he has amassed around. He takes care of business some broken he fixes it he doesn't have time for nonsense and don't really watch a lot of reality TV which makes the perfect candidate to review our bachelorette season. That is a manly man he's got so where you frown Austin Hahn and how long have you been in Atlanta. Since 1983. Says I tell us your favorite things from Boston you'd die hard. Clam chowder Han lobsters. Fried clams. Red Sox patriots. And Celtics. Here hardcore sports and correct the total time in your in your time on earth. How many minutes you spent watching. The bachelor and or the bachelorette. You perfectly okay that makes you qualified. Her best do you watch any reality television. No I live in reality I don't need to watch. And I thought you never her. Cheer for someone to get rose or to get voted out on the island or not to say this I tried watching survivor the very first episode yeah I lasts. I'm not that. They're like and season thirty something that was forever ago and the I have watched one minute of reality show since then know. What he typically do on Monday night. Like to go smoke a cigar and play poker. Well now it's sort of messages. And usually the Red Sox Soledad that in my year off my iPhone so Steve pretty everybody in one here yeah. As they are smokers smoke my cigar play poker. Cigar smoke environment is now I have to give this up on Monday and those guys are gonna make fun of me I. You call them yet thought god told them work they find out they find out I'm not seen it work so you're just gonna say editing a couple Mondays off. And I get a bag of Monday's off actually too good thing because ahead of the game cards lately so. Yeah of the most yeah Alamo Joseph. Maybe it's better cards we're saving you were saving you money. Little bit of cash. Yes and Wayne so I'm just trying to build over. I'm just trying to Buchanan detailed the the character here on the person who's going to be explain in the the bachelorette this season to us your military guys use our gave me how many in the army. Ten and look at thank you for your service and where did you serve every station's. I was stationed in Germany twice. So who lived for four and a half years a station at West Point Odyssey today but he hasn't and you know stationed at fort. A case you're an empty at West Point is an MP it was please don't touch them near military bodies all again tell them that your reviewing the bad news. Do again if they find out they find out and not put this out all right so apparently we got Scott tracks. Veteran. From Boston military police veteran right at wet and West Point keep it. Associated not a lot of hedge there keep a lot of those kids in line and I had a tough guy from Boston. Putting a player given up his cigar and poker night. Yeah to hang out with Joseph Joseph and them and and the suitors of Jim Jim to watch the bachelorette for a house one of those suitors titles is. Hipster. Eleanor. Which it. Which you consider yourself a hipster. It you know what a man bun and yes I noted nimble and is it appears losers. Is going to be and just so we can plan accordingly aha. Scott how many steak dinners are we going to owe you'd end of this season of the bachelor. SC state dinners. Predictable. Cases of the year I think it's the dollar's OK my permanently on them do it for me I've perfect all right Jack thank you opt for your service I'd vote. That the country can expand it to the jet engine championship. Shall.