Say Hello, Liam Payne!

Friday, May 19th

Jeff & Jenn sat down with former member of One Direction, Liam Payne, for an interview and to hear his new song "Strip That Down"


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All right now before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the net. Now really am pain you know early jump from one direction it's. Wonder actually have gone their own direction and the campaign. Is adolescent take on a solo project the last of the guys to do he's at a few things going on his life like becoming a new father who's. And he came to the jet's engine shows studios to visit us. Almond Saddam studio with us I have to tell a young is the coolest was a just super fashionable. And him up vehicle hair. And he was so laid back he was one of those personalities that you immediately feel comfortable around. Because he's so comfortable in his own skin. Don't just he was just cool and chill. And they really an accent jazz and really really personable. He also had just gotten off of a flight when he got here so diesel jet lag Harlem and actually took a nap in our conference room here really are and if Carolina you got. That back converts and taken that would like. You could come and CEO Rick nice to. I'm but I think literally took a nap on the floor and it came in and hung out with Jeff and I was really really cool to meet him. And he's a new dads of course you know as the mom and room and ask him what what did you learn. And becoming a father said check this out here's an exact. So tell what do you know now that your father. They didn't know before. Docking carry everything by I can carry a baby but everything else is possible in the world like us to get some men. I can see on a shelf like this some form of why Al will find to carry it. Some circus so waste IO SU Matthew Knight particularly at Jose you learn if you can just like. You're heading heading in this did you speak you know be too big you know when you don't wake easy maybe just rounding out look. And even in this I was it was one of the hottest issue issue my heels and show she wouldn't let me pick him up because he was as they. But I had to give little kiss in the full had nugget sees ice float like he knew that voices I could lose his guy and this guy. Like a college Gelman see him he give ease us smiled is today which is nice I was you know Q or he had guess. I don't. Steve we've seen I've seen no I've seen oaks and thousand guests mostly like he foot view that I really to a wild berries at the age now last night. He can smile so it was like. My mug of films like it was mega Janice I got a small com at the movies is a meeting with ethnic communities since. He's two months right. He had to yes USO has. I Janet ward advice then would you have is somebody used on this twice. And she is. You know I don't love to give parenting advice is I think it's just so different for daddy is different especially with the upon as vice different anyway you lay out yet. I will stay on the straight guy like god I knock yeah Eric disciplining them the airline well I know not the ice is site. I not compared well when we have like say I'd say properties for example that cute is still roll to Maine I could Kennedy couldn't be cute guy doesn't roll I know. You've been bad so yeah I met bill I know you know I mean I'm straight to restrict guy you he's going to be a disciplinarian and yeah kids. Like steady. Diet where clearly an eye out here. And he's gonna run right over our fans especially little kids and accents that's even cuter so somebody you please let please. We don't Exxon outcomes strip that down we're gonna play the first let's send a four year deal here the whole song here and just a second. We of course had to ask him about going out on his own and do in the solo thing that does a great question from Jeff. You started the last of your band mates to venturing into the solo land I on the Telesis. And do you think that's an advantage you know crap. I'd advantage or disadvantage to be last and. You know all I think. It has say in a way it's a sign of an inch I've got to everyone's doing well at the same time I did CD's is competition because none of out of lanes of the same. I knew denial is gonna do what Nile didn't wreck. You know Harry's doing what he wanted to do. Do we go to see your photo with that would dead the DJs Steve a Nokia which is grace all of and yet he's editor of goal is well which it really difficult for him book and Chile's okay. Yes and then Zain putted one off and did put out so just. Wandered off into the distance which is great so. So Roy and different lanes so I don't really see is competition but it's been nice to watch how everybody has done. Best thing differently and it's also very funny about those is the way that we did it. So how do you pick your lane. Well I mean is some reason you like that the reason for the breaking isn't some wish that would biopsy do you all wanna get reduce soda thing it's more a case of like. I wanna do something in different in music that I haven't a missile. As I can just listening. His accent maintain it and I realized my life and I know he's saying I'm not sign an action and a I get as our eight. What last little part of the interview and is Sarah Q is it him struggling over eating a big old thing of was hobby. It's that he just flown in from overseas. And was trying to dig you know gives wits about him. And he seemed a little bit groggy. And I thought it was jetlag but I think it was actually was up. Those people that wakes up in a good man or do you weigh on the ground actually I don't grouchy guy go like I'll Waco and I'll bounds. But do these Arab world could have been a steady village that I say and local Saudi peace big is a bad. I think in pictures now from the sushi today I was this issue is because it was good guy was good but it was bigot like. So she need Judy quite like thin it's pieces this was like. Eat I thought a cozy hole finish. Welcome to America now portions of her here just if you get it's going to help Riley than I needed. That's her off fat right now in Europe either like here's a taste of this and America the right. Here's an entire us now he totaled appetizer. So that was saudis that was Saudi laws play guys. I'd post him up journalism he was playing games here and I agreed to comfort it is and it's us as Fuzzy. You know she needs some waters and on good off Honda okay. Professional world will carry on. IdeaPad. Are you the guy who takes every there. Easier to do when you're touring the real thing is I gave it dead in India and US that was the city that was stupid thing about it lawlessness. So you and now this hey who cares meaty this and tired no a day easily this if you we got this much yeah Zogby. Yeah they resemble how much photos I will not how much fold W Reid is with the saudis dead. Is I don't know would you like on down I'll do it. There's so many innuendo agents out of may right now and I'm just gonna hold off go all right Rick Powell does it nice to eye on. Not that bad that that was Saudi realists and what's Abby actually just go would you promise I feel tires pretty much threw a Pakistan today. Right here is that they worldwide premiere your very first listen and late campaign. Strip that down and start and blow away. I'm Nancy pistons nominee Benji didn't you must also. Hours of trying to curb rising connection anybody he doesn't mean he's that hit me. Any that. God this happened. Do you feel the same as Illinois and meanwhile. Three people coming along. 10% of Barack ACC. Yeah I almost just. Welcoming. And this means. John. Okay Omniture. Swept me off. It's certainly not being too long. Hey do you. Mountains sue and Altria. I was just that tells me. Maybe that's. That's totally you didn't answer me so let's go ahead. It's down to me day. Word around housing and it must now. Plus us. No news. Used to look. In June. Lee campaign strip that down I'll. Love. So hey that's in large intelligent change. It may they all. Or examine any and Sears yeah brand New Orleans famed strip that down here on Sinai Peninsula was. Star in 941.