Savage Grandma

Thursday, December 7th

Jeff watched as an elderly woman got some serious revenge on a parked car. What other savage grandparents are out there?


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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. Jeff dollar on his and see Graham lied yesterday. Said that the is it it was a freak outs you're gonna tell this story here and just the second now JB is on all the audience together a mile he gives back together. You know we're gonna explain exactly what what made Jeff do that yesterday. Which and we need yet it involves a savage grandma. So you know it's average old person. You can share your story with us also over the sound defense and cannot wait to hear the entire. I. Cannot. Yeah it's. I want I set the scene for you. As I do as. I get to the point in the story when I made these he's us. But Barack Obama. She. I'm running. I'm running errands yesterday. And I have to go to the pharmacy. By its gay needs fifteen more minutes to finish the prescription I was picking up so I'm just sitting in the aren't allowed to turn around MI found and I start. A bespoke live video. Because there's a very funny scene unfolding in front of me wearing an older woman. Is trying to get into her car because the car next to our part really really close to. So she's already and her. SE Bonnie yeah once I have and is inside the store. Yep and then another car pulls an interest arts at an angle in this world lady can't get in her car. About how old of a lady. CNN I would say she's about. 8080 fat 8080 definitely. I grandmother time frame and it. Old white head of hair and just because it's gonna add a little something to this story on this CVS and I stopped at. Borders from probably one of the more on. Loaded with some Brimelow fluid that's remote afar neighborhood so. The car that she's in a BMW the offending car was elect says. I believe this woman was wearing a fur coats. And I started the NC Graham alive just kind of talking with anybody having to launch. About how funny it is that this woman keeps walking around her car trying to get in just amusing to me. Seriously she stuck what is she doing. Their foot on the ground. And she really can't get. Why did I. Did you guys see that. Our group. I. Look at rich and she did sit. I eye up top I'd. She and no one main key to the Conner could affect life and she you oh. Opened her door. Reached in what I at the beginning when I'm talking about her reaching into her purse and all that other stuff right. I she's digging and but like I I couldn't tell which used it would just trying to get and she's digging into her purse she found her keys she turned around she blocked the view from the front of the store with her open door. And twice during. And perky now. On this item a flag flag pass. And well I thought I. Hannah Hannah savage. Current or not. It's rare and it's. Okay. That car parked so close on the I'll open her door she went to the passenger side and you could tell she kind of considered may be climbing over the seas she. Any amount wounds. She is barely able to get inside. To try to get in the car and she'd twist it any portion and broke her head she's clearly struggling to get into the car she can barely hoist yourself up in the air you can tell she usually may be needs. To hold on the door to push herself and she can't push herself and she's like so frustration night. Ayman teach you a lesson keying a. A car is what happens when your money that we are ninety. Well apparently not our 401463094. Line. If you gotta savage. Graham aren't savage Graham I think you could brag about. We'll take your phone pals for a 4263094. Lines also I'll tell you what I game we dis information and and shall star. Yesterday I weighed news and older ones bring gas saying 89 years. Keating's. I know they're one means Carr who parts you close to where I was I'm into the Graham live when it happened everybody who is watching with me. Side all go down. I. It was literally the last thing nights ago I was just laughing at the fact Islamic bought circling her car the way can't circles a new litter box well and I. You may agree anymore and format to race. Oh yeah and John Savage I'd so what we're gonna do ventured down a road there is savage grandparent. On yeah laurels or 630941. And number. Olivia hack and marry dad dad retired and grandmother or grandfather. Grandmother. My brother battery just upgrade in the girls are. And I had great theater how. Old family. Meaning there and the surging he said impress the whole rarely is she sure did prettier than the last one. So old adage is follow. A danger drops these skits MA she just don't care is sales tell like it is in Nicky and I had an old I've aren't mean orders from Clinton thought I. 100% didn't care. Walk frame by audible crop does savaged or. I Nikki N Atlanta. Target amount grand world grandma or grandpa. Grandma my great grandmother and great savage great drama go ahead it is. Though she knew what about eighty I a year ago. Went over to hurt but I channel where they shot there and it's clear out the free loaders isn't it. Yes. Craig grandma's on how to not enable us. Melissa in LAJ. Grandma or grandma. Savage grandma's all right. She's got everything here so did did I. We went to the Hershey store together and Alex helped her get immigrants raised. We come walking out and she can't get her card out and now neither tried it with her heart might need to get her entry so she'll have to get like RED backs out. Executive for without a backup car and chief AM back at a distance and she why am with the idea into their car. I'm. Well. I don't know well on it only has the first album cause we need to start asking what what is your buddies your grandfather's first name and good students. Lol yeah. Each year at. All of the color bogey. Actress in in Smyrna. I my grandmother literally beat somebody asks with a cane in a ball mark this week. I think that's. Mind. It is like I went. With her baby. Love it now plans to some of the main thing we can take these are they may get in Marietta. I had. My grandfather loved at all rules. And he thought his triangulate the cost of the times at a gas stations. Alleyway and Jack they're car us and a watermelon task and lenders are higher. And when they came out he set off incredible they would try to pull over and they couldn't do. I'm confused on what happened he'd read to you because the drink yeah. Condit eat like split the watermelon that under the tires can go anywhere you just been. Oh I didn't know it yet granulated. VA Tommy can't print out public. So reexamine your trunk full watermelons hunt and yeah Casey and it does embody. Kate let him McDonna. I out of my grandmother looked at a picture or is it O. You're pretty there that must have been when you're skinny. Hmm yeah savage. Done OK and what's grandma's name. I don't get along Wilma while savage savage and I thanks Galen let's say in near it and. Paying down my grandma found my Graham pirates appear to get back at it pick up truck. And I got the hair locker are back the house. Prior well patent Eric now. Drunk dialed all of their elder Aetna. Listen to his name. Is Pauline hall on. Need head. Bonuses. Probably you know mis les on our program I'd not. Sunglasses trees and saw Brian Savage. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.