Sarah's Awkward Thanksgiving Story

Monday, November 28th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping it. Now back to shell on stunning before blind. Eye real quick guards in a jam tickets had had a branch at 11 o'clock today there's going to be. Front row and humidity guaranteed seats that go I'm rate now 941. And it. We're about to take out Sarah have a conversation with Sarah. Who may not be welcome. In her boyfriend's parents' house and I'm excited if I'm nervous I'm also very excited and always he did it isn't now here's what we need to know going. In this number everybody needs it now this conversation has to do. We've helped punish. Bank how much you know about elephant. Not a lot and it. Parents he is only kids on Santa's watching them on a get well wish gen is here to she can give the holes is that as I understand it. On and Alf is thanked. To a home where there's Shia. By saint. The North Pole he and I I'm looking at home and every night. I'd act that will report on why. And that's that's what I'll real name real cool. In the temple when they compact it house. They're always getting in these various situations always these weird but it wakes up. All of this whose. That's reveals the eighties. Until it falls asleep and plowed all you have seen some really clever pictures that you love them they're Newton yeah yeah. The road win the elf it's in a precarious situation may be the flower canister Williams narrowed and her. You can't clean it up because he can't touch the LP is that an army line. I think that's pretty via. That's doctor Sara and now we've. That knowledge about alpha on the pace there. And I am a man. We are better you are easy at this yeah any week day at at an outline of light and they need. At all. Public there at about out on the. OK so you didn't know much about Al on the shelf like I didn't know much either. Never heard anything about it I'm in Connecticut me it. At Connecticut and Connecticut the north all those even acknowledge it. I'm in the Atlantic. And since Ted Barrett era in. Any money. I'd bring. Now I know that my weight. And getting big yeah. Admitted it on I government house I'd never meant like holiday. And really what I'm expecting a critical time. I look at where everybody out on Sunday morning. Commitment and it cost key island Dan I'll eat my boyfriend Atlantic that we were speaking earlier. And it kind of old rural. Probably are only running anyway. I mean I'd lie on the green and an icon in the little dog eat you'll need the port and the house. It does everybody you're in it like that context yeah. And now I look at it I can't get a bag I'm. Saying I don't laugh at Atlantic said and having. I agree that anything you don't want to play. And neglect and little brother look he's their tune out. And I'll he'd get there at. Screaming bloody murder and they might in control and China common down employment now late this huge ordeal. That I say I was playing like they're out on the apparently his name is going to be how the eve. Ideally in the dog now and I'm yanking on leg and they eat it freaked out. Sarah. You know it only not only I don't think I don't know may not we asked Sarah let's go. In. The mind of this young six year old man. Who. Knows that he needs to be nice not naughty. Because every night this being fly zones in the North Pole is useful. Tiny being flies around the north all the report indicts him today Gotti Gotti yeah. And he comes around the corner. And big dog had sky the and it mild while you're yanking it I know mark buying power is. I mean I think it went pretty dramatic that the team is saying he noted. All you would. Like banging it on the ground. I. In how any how and mean banging. On our. Aid. And meet. Annie did beat the amount I mean. I get a million and a like really really believed me but I don't know I didn't I didn't go out like. I don't indicated it would like in the like somebody that you'd like me. And how hard he Iowa. That. It. In. Very bad like I know at the very dramatic. And I think it the daily hears in in you heard of hands on you didn't know. You can't know well on this we don't demand them. On notches this young man when V bashing. I'm thinking time and the same time I think that their health. Ever play then of an Al on the shelves and if you're gonna put it and it doggie door her. Didn't you just automatically assume that maybe the dog already had a and then you can just blame it on convinced I'll. I didn't know Ella Ella and I would now like they acted the hole and get a better than. There were leaving I wanna light in the late. In their head and blank. I'm really sorry. They get home I will buy you need it now. And then back again and then my arm back like really had that. Apparently she dirty like edit writing a letter that in net quite. I. Elliott and his. Straight in the case that you are complete moron. A whole. What she's saved back to that. I get said. I'm sorry I can't or aren't they likely to land on the card if you get in the end ruins Gotti. Then you can at least be company I work at a cost. You. Yeah NRA can edit and. Is literature and well closure boyfriends three times during that isn't all. We can get a year. And that you know we've gotten pretty eerie at and it's pretty rapidly that we did not talk alright back there. Along the Zacharias. Our dad that I'm and then. We and basically he was like. You know I love you back you know how my mom says. And I don't think hammer elaborately wrapped the band so. How well. Over an Al honest shell. Over Scotty Scott Smith conveniently it's just. An outlet they you'll I don't think you guys are appreciating what does look like from the the six did you have any you know what that side of your family okay giving pats on yes that guy. Maybe we're done playing cat okay imagine coming downstairs and seeing a friend of yours. Rowing kitten. A all of yeah. It. Rocks and I guarantee you I would that I can't do that just banks era I am since I've thank you for the beautiful story. Great job making this picture of he kept it. Brief. Yeah Atlantic at a moment I'm happy Thanksgiving. My it's. I would that. We need some parents 40474194. All in just explain. Quickly that Kelly she the warts. An Alpine their shelves means to a normally if I inning in it's it's a I cannot airport body it's got your name Amir cells are they come with a name. That I'm actually happy happy. I think you name them I think you name. 404741. And four at at that number and it should be a dad's Dick Dick aid kid might be there for tennis at its essence. On starting out before I want.