The Sarah Saga Finale

Wednesday, April 26th


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They shot they blow. And drink brand. Delivering Avon. Wednesday morning. Each full line. We thought we were so downwind Sarah. Who is staging a friend intervention. Trying to. Give her friend who admit who the real baby daddy. We thought we were finished rittner. But she called back yesterday. Very important he's an information that we need now. We get a chance to talk to her because she caught in the middle of the shall we and others have gone we tried Q and you work on some in this mat whatever this didn't happen yeah but it. We did talk to where. We're about to share we view her big update and I will tell you there. Somebody. On the shallow is now teams there. It's hard to believe that somebody has swapped from a team maintain your own lane two teams there yeah so that is coming up and thirty seconds here on the end. Don't Ford get coming up in twenty minutes from right now we've got your shot at. At a 100000. Dollars it's jet engines 100000 dollar birthday bucks. And I you have to have is a birthday. Number thank you listen 820 instantly turn that into 500 maybe a thousand and maybe even a 100000 dollars in your banking. Ice Tehran jet engine sheriff and the last time. Please tell us why super vital information. You have this. Okay. I get saint and that. I you know I am upbeat that creep like every one is. The I was doing it a little deep diet and huge economic aid of IL. And I are. There he no longer. With her. Eight due to be French and they're not friends. Anymore. It island double checked that and leg their epic but no Trace of. Her on that profile and by earth like there would be illegal little lake. They share means Bakken awards every now and again you know. Chart of finance at doing yoga and team so yeah exactly all of that has been wiped downward facing kitten. Out. So well so what does that say media. I mean that it sounds. And it looked at Netflix. If you do have anything. Q hi there then why did you guys and like delete all evidence. You know. You're relationship online. I don't mean so you think that after L talks. Over the weekend. That they then had a conversation maybe and that may be she can run an MIK people are stern talk about this and they say yeah. Can't cure a big like I ain't never got him I won't but I ain't never was like all. Let he looked a lot play like Abbott I never set. You know so why would she then. Go and why today and Freddie you noting mean. So you think hey I'm branding happened after the played it conversation and not. Years ago. Oh yeah no doubt it happened really great. Our share. So could you maybe ask her if she's going to like almost and buy yourself to her next yoga classes if she's going. But she could just say that oh I started with a new person and I found this new flights at Dallas love bloc that would give more hands like Natalie and friends are going to the other classic unity that. I think I you can call me like. I'm not just saying that's because this is great radio but I do I think at this point you can confront her about him. And yeah like I think you can say. But that's a way to do it. And by yourself to yoga class and she says no you kind of break it up like oh are you not going. You use that as the gateway. Yoga that's. Yoga is the gateway to the truth and promised. And it didn't. Exactly. That's exactly what. That we are like I'll let out like. It ridiculous like all the co Burton on that. And. You're the one doing the Colbert nonsense like another solid all and they. Are now. I I think yeah yeah yeah I. For a week it up a bus to liberate her I wanna hear from her again I know I mean hurting and that happened. We're at opposite brotherly live and I'm. I just I'm that. I don't know area okay so. I don't have anything and now we're getting into a level of I know how females get with like detective were now and that they re kind and who like to exit ramp. I don't think about it you got to think about though. Her and her friends get together and they're talking about it and I like we're gonna confront so they confront her over the weekend and other immigrants chicken out on it different chicken out. And then she laughs about it and and she's even saying to a slightly in this series like this is my friend and knows his lines something's fishy. And then of course damp basement in your eye on is Tennessee like what what pictures that they have together. And then you don't have any mutual friends anymore and it's like wait you guys we were mutual friends our friends used to share means and that you're not right after I had this conversation. Suddenly. It's a building and there's a climax here so are hitting it hard right now I'd. Sarah. I you called other advisors Jose yet is measured and she's like I'll actually deciding on this new high you know wherever wherever they like will. What happened in arms saying he's so cute grunt have a baby with them yeah. I dropping out. Do it. I think she kind to everybody may including her husband. And everybody young classes gonna make her crack back. What. What happened to Sarah. Ain't free easy and maintain your lane. Well but remember our friend and a Whitney. Haiti flew out there are no blames the and I'll hang it up at eight that I. Again again. Ullman okay. Well if this moves along any front there you've got our number on speed dial. IRA. And if you have any editors especially if she confirms that you guys that. Yeah. I'd say it's Barack. I can't believe Kelly Cheney's that you have changed died. I wanna have a glass of wine and watch this gonna see like not mustang and the drop. That kinda lightly of economic status and then now now now. She's now mistake as Kermit the gun club we welcome that show. Any need. He never. Oh yeah. And I bet I did I read. The important thing on what to do. NB. You let them all. I would beat. A leash in bouquet to. I can weekly. And I do. I want on the. You even thought of that cheese. Okay I don't even know you anymore okay. I look. I have thought of this okay but now I'm hooked. It's like when Watson when you watch that show that are at my own my gosh did you watch that show and everybody's like did you hear about Sarah from the jet engine show and you're like yeah outlook is episode three and I just can't count on why this girl so crazy. And then episode for now. And it's like oh my god I kind of click with the crazy and it's a cycle I went crazy. It's you know what it is it's like every net flicks share of the people played it in Iceland where and when is you about. Orange and black are you gotta watch Obama are you got to watch I've heard a get allegedly yards it. You watched the first episode you know and yeah yeah I just keep you half. Catholic league which you can't. I'm in Washington air right now whole football team there's no reason for average on the chair again and now she's like. Now she's just thirsty she's got a little bit and look at it and I got a little bit of attention by a couple friends could you me this morning. And I suggest that she's thirsty for the spotlight. It Leann welcome to the Asia. There are. Clicking on. It and there. Now. Eighty gap right over in. Her first law lets yesterday. Whenever she was at Torrey inquiring. Every DL so labor and even leading. In the end. And here we. Knew. Age. And on yesterday it was either or and Avery. Get on it you can see the day it. Every eat. It right. The. Let's ignore her for a week and that we get a message with this subject line is all abstinent I have five where god. I had my friend's baby plot to list cloud. Actually it. Instead I have a ha ha ha ha yeah. OK Amy me you might be the last colleague take ever and that's their situation. I'm. Not a good easily I believe that man I've added to my husband my heart and you probably are getting along time ago. It is that. So her husband may have heard that she can have gone. Home from the played today instead of her husband yet regularly votes crap its and as well just tell yourself out of it how closely with the that he's now I need. They kind of enemy. They don't move back. Or can they get a guy mad about. Newton and yet there were a little flirting on social media which takes an axis airs point that this some might be his baby. I hang. Am I ever look at ams and and. It is fun to watch a guy like Hermanson in the city. And that is an. Heinz. I think we're gonna act they weren't gonna let it go I think we're Denver's. I mean we're for a she now I'm kind of low key hang an outlet that on the side and on the Canadian that he August Latin. All you need as well as Yankee hat and and everything like America. We get a had chance that a 100000 dollars coming up here and just a few minutes. Hi JP what are your plans for lunch today. And public. And. At the briar cliff shopping senators so eight year round Canada and north through hills area brook haven come say hi. Herbert. I'm crave army republics. Why they holes and is the meets gets in the breads. And sausage. I was so hungry and he said meets that creed you can. Goalies they meet next that meets on the meat snacks on April. More leads and I 100000 dollars could be yours but you have to have a birthday and you have to be listening. Yeah if you've got to pay check yes OK that listen in about. And so giving a month on an unfiltered and in 500 bucks just like back. Will be the next.