Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby Update: Part 2

Monday, April 24th

She finally confronted her friend!...ish?

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And young star and 841. She won't be a penny like it very privilege escalation years. What does that mean explain that. It's it's nothing affects her. Machines and they'll all tell all she has to be right about everything and had to back to how receptive jeans and trade actually work. I have strange to her mom and her dad. For Burnett brown eyes. And her little brother was born blonde hair blue light. And it turned up as you look just like his great grandfather how loud it was that's Eugene that's how they work either way it's still. Not her business not her child not her family not her light. I only wish her or she was not trying to hear that. Like her sprint handling and others Italian in the family tree and she's like oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Is she just. Didn't care candidates her agenda though she needs to do whereas my need to play an MYOB. I drowned at. Isn't that the most crushing thing when you present people with like solid a 100% I'd. I'm sick evidence to them access to make and added that can't be dispute like here's Dan right and there's our family tree comes from right there are roots in Italy I can't remember which side's bit them. I got it got us that they both have. That is kind of the trees so okay that's. That's should be enough right there if you're really her friend that's enough right there to explain gene being gains bell you actually thinks there is being a good to friends really. I don't know how much fun Q percent I'm an amateur a quick I grabbed. OK I think there's been a good friend but I think you wanna about a early and I think she was great to confront her about it because this isn't what and number. She's trying to help you want your public and Everett story battered credit putting out I don't think you need to do it groups held. So that yes big rock and roll it up there without posse makes a little bit different act. If you can kind of turn by hurt so Q&A gotten a little more of the truth that he wanted to. Her friend could have told her. That that this story can you help independent adult to other people. See you probably know. Other people are talking about it because there's no other people talk about it about like you know sort. While you're definitely in the minority I mean now a lot of people ranked teams errors a year one of the few right. I think it just shows that Sarah's maybe not as good of a friends with this woman as she thinks she is that can be a tea does is it just she is a peripheral friends but she sees herself as the Bessie right. Then it. Momma momma say is not going to confess it's Sarah. I JD thanks for spending too. I. Don't think that's. Out there and that I think he wants to bigots aren't I think he wants to be a good friend of late but she did not know how. I would thank you for spending. Thanks for spending your last 2% on us we appreciate it yes. And for the variable herself if she ends up get like a flat tire and he's a call AAA and she's like I spent last 2% to finish brings in this era. And I can't make a call Qaeda flags are made out of high with a monster. Meg did and can't and you can be the last golfer today and that's. Carrie I did area that. You irrigate hey do this come without a stick up her diet consists those that Sara this is the yanks okay. I have executed outside their old wedge and one red jet black hair and brown eyes and another summon my old. Pageant red hair and green. And like she yeah does she doesn't understand genetics but guys are gonna lookalike. You got like a little baby mark d'antoni knew Gallo baby and Sharon but I thought I guess some. So fast and what are you daddy and do you and daddy match those at all. Am I have data dark hair and leave brown eyes because I'm tired Hispanic gap diet my husband has. Blond hair and they range but nobody no doubt when you were born he had ready we are 20. But I don't say it changed. Out of. I don't know may do we need to investigate you may be. Not making it different events and maybe I might wanna know why and I've been good liar yeah yeah they do it here did you see your face. It. I had a 100. Cannot be like I know he even has kids and I agree you're actually been to get a burst sending your a year ago Oregon at a batter and let. So this crazy so back cops I thanks dragon up. Paints us. Star in 941.