Sarah and the Maybe-Namaste Baby Update: Part 1

Monday, April 24th

She finally confronted her friend!...ish?

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. I here's our thrown armor I'm guessing you're gonna wanna. 40436309. At four wind if you have any thoughts about and Sarah who's. Five to join us here. I can't wait to heal enough. I for a 4630941. If you went away in but let a cigarette now. Chapter when she's three quarters of the fifth. Tees they went I think senators today that he's there Wednesday Friday. And chapter four. Sarah. Welcome back to the jet engine show I was your weekend. He looks fine let's find Howard Kurtz. And China. And Illinois are now. I just wanna know how that played it went down there and I just out. We have to first thought as did the late day happened yesterday. Have an okay I'll listen to that town in your boy days so well. All right well. I guess just started the beginning. Oh. Luckily it went OK I know that united Ehrlich. Forget how did that ever wanted like when am I doubt it but it went OK I like it that's what I'm saying like I kept saying like I know my friend and light. You know I wasn't common in hot would hurt like it was a web front ain't. Despite the fact that basically. Had. All of my other friends who were there are it just like that they're silent they didn't say anything I had you look at our which is crying you know it's my idea. How did you know how did you. Starts this conversation. What's the first sentence that comes out of your house. Just like Ali you know I like where you yet you Wiki dark I'd rather like his theory at double. Rip it at that dark hair problem. Now you know what he did an unknown. Isn't. It's so far. He's did you say the same you did after the sentence you sell all of V. I didn't say all of the exhibit well maybe they get that are now on our. It's a victory at the white Billick who can elect add black. But I was like no but seriously. I. Wanted to ask you because it there's been a lot of rumor claimed around and it made me. Really angry your people talk about my friend. And I wanted Q. I just wanted to let you know abundantly noted people. You know I'm not the only one we're not the only one who noticed that you know the complexion and it's a little sprint broad. From the rich kids and and shoot like our he had out of she she's part of the planning acute like laughed at rock. Did you bring up out mammoth stay the yoga instructor. RA. I did not bring him up buying came like I opened up the comfort station to Wear it like. She eat it could have volunteered. Immigration uniting mean. But she basically kind of shut it down and would sit like. We I you know. Different then my attitude kid. But I yet and I that aren't in town and a candle like laughed it off. Did she even think you're. Did she even regular seriously. Suggesting that it was not. Her husband's baby. I can't tell who it was kind wanna know. We're not seeing where she'd like little lake. It was hard and I shoot over compensating a little bit she just like to think she had an answer prepared. You know. So maybe she's answered it before did you tell her hey people are talking about you because that was when he hears things your like IA want her to know. That people are spreading rumors about her and numbness and. Yes well yeah I did everything Pete there have been rumors going around and she does like jump and excited just like. And it cut me off and shut it down and I have so. I it was weird episode kind of broke this story about it. All her great great great grandmother and grandfather. You know herbs from this early uncle Lee go and Bob her husband. I'm addicted Kellyanne on their side it click play well again and help. I don't how old I never know like you're a battalion at all of our united in meg sure he isn't time. She didn't totally weird like. I get I mean that's possible you know let. AP. That you can't say how would I never know that but I don't know where large the only reason I know that. Jen had a grandmother from Great Britain is because she had a silly accent. But like I ain't I don't know work Kelly Jesus dram parents are from merger means or JP is there any of my friends wryly but why would you know. Now. I mean it's like we that are out of like talking about genetic. Leg. I don't know it just seemed. We heard it seemed weird and convenient. And just the way heard demeanor kind of shifted. I don't you know like you know but you can't talent someone. That'd CL. Does she ask you because you are with a group and now Europe is squad confront terror threat is she say Michael have you guys been talking about this was she. Defensive is that what you mean she got asking the everybody Ares is kind of the point of contact and. I look I was and what a prospect ever announcement that dare not let anything. Yeah and she didn't seem too worried about the fact that people are hockey better which surprised me because it. It's like. Like I belonged I had no energy but sort of concerned with like. Appearances. You know and like. But it's there it's Sara Davidson blatantly not true then it becomes amusing yeah exactly. Yeah I mean. I guess that's true. I don't know but there is just something about it. Like watch this why. What watch this person did not defensive about an accusation. Page and yeah people are saying that you're making out with her boss corporate speak Tony. I'm totally alt a and okay that you're you're just laugh it up because there's a 0% chance of being true. I mean I got so. My I don't know she knows her brand the redo and you're saying you felt like she hadn't lie body language. She totally dead and it was leg. But she leg look quickly laughing Q hard at you know. And it went like she had her purse. Her answer. At. So you your lawyer or do you just your hunch after this. Played a conversation do you think that this has been something she and her husband have discussed and they have come up with a story they're gonna top. And that's it. Yeah I think did that you know like I'd get a leg. Again OK so I feel like here is why it is a lot like I is that the kid is that. Hurt like I don't think there are dedicated his I don't think dedicated blogs and that's what it's true goal is that like. She I think she may be she Internet and Cox. But did you see it decided that this is the traditional. Story. Like that way that we are going to tell people that are about all I'm right where it secretly Italian and and Mike did it in total. We got a laptop. Was not a big deal you know and Blake it added a birdie ten. That she wanted help people and cool like I am here to back that story out. I will support that we keep she says that that but it's true that is what the next time. I hear someone. You know albeit Mike Lowell did you see her and you know I'm gonna be like no that is heard she's banned Italian all along because Stabenow. Do you I believe her now but she's my friend and what did she goes through the hadn't you know I'll roll. All right hey thank you Sarah. Don't. Leah is that right in Alpharetta. Yes I do here. I am angry little tribute hater that you have on the line early at eight ninths okay yeah I. Hate an art to congratulate you. Everybody know did you get around I don't like the baby to be quality. Yeah. I hate. Yeah no free and I bet didn't I didn't I appreciate Jiabao haters you know like she don't got that Hornish debate let me get over it. Made a I can't Intel and he later didn't make in her garden. He's got ahead but I. I. I I know this is off color dramas of the three fantastic things and command and that's. You gotta say kindergarten to maintain your lane and all of me. I'm glad I like it like I have sort of that's my goal when I go on vacation is that a pasty Fella I'm like if how might that casting director Camille played louder yes I'm so yeah. Something. People. A little bit and I. Alternate site because I didn't anything did genetic DNA in general. I'm probably a guy. How might you getting in the economy. C. And I'm a guy get out the loudly. I actually had negative comments about her and her baby is lights and even year pays a big Ole miss a game ladies. Is a sure amount. Hey listening in Smyrna thank you. I'm gonna hurt. I'm not are by and let it sit there and as. I'd worked well and she didn't hurt it. Should it truly don't think you all are did it. Even bat. But say. Remind me of going to be I eighty here though I'll be out the window at her neighbor and and it's so hot you know. Still learn odd. She had neighbor now. Right. Yeah word I think it why did it anyway. They admit. Getting it now I. Bet they don't all think that failed about art Bhopal Brett. And I'm listening to art I wanna pull out every strand of hair. Big. Yourself fired up I imagine that your chief serenity. Might partly. Do you like the other. Well I like to meet with curly hair and don't get me. That. Good jet engines show ruining grammar solid run you're better at Greg Sherman I. Don't I thank you. And she I'll still are for our.